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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on March 12, 2013    

He was the famous child actor who was featured in multiple shows on both the Suria Channel and Channel 5. He attained the heart throb status when he was casted in the show called ' Police and Thief ', whereby he acted as a son to fellow Mediacorp artist; Suhaimi Yusof. He became a poster boy following the success of this show in which he was seen across several magazines and even on the banners that greets Singaporeans into a residential area. He enrolled into Temasek Polytechnic and had some sort of a slight hiatus period in which he concentrated academically and socially. Recently, he returned onscreen as a regular cast of a children's show called 'Mat Yoyo Season 2' alongside a fresh faced Suria actress, Azzah Fariha.


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Young Danial was amazing

With those facial features of his, he could definitely be a model. With his sharp nose, his eyes, his well-chiselled jaw... yet another teen celebrity.

Those were the days of Kids Central. He was a hot teen actor that was always called to star in many of the local children production, and with his good looks, he seemed to be quite popular back then. Even so, as the years went by and he grew up, his appearances in mediacorp seemed to have dwindled - I barely see him anymore. Rather, I don't see him acting at all.

I still remember that he used to speak with a malay accent which really gave the local production a different sense of flavour and originality.

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