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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 28, 2013    

Najib Ali was first spotted hosting a talent show. His fame and ability expanded further as he began exploring different avenues in the media industry.


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The original mad-hatter

In the 90s, there was Asia Bagus. That was also when TV viewers were introduced to Najip and Tomoko. Najip was the crazy, over-the-top madhatter with outrageous spectacles of varying colours, shape and sizes. He was also perpetually taking pot-shots at his kawaii co-host. That image lasted till today.

He also appeared on many programmes on Malay TV often with the same portrayal of himself but what I heard that in real-life, he is a very serious person. Serious as in stern, morose kind of serious. He is also serious of his art and craft being multi-talented across genres.

What I am thinking is, why isn't he on the judging panel of some of our reality shows?

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He was a hilarious character. I am tickled just by glancing at his mere face several years ago. However, I am impressed by how he faithfully retained his iconic feature; the spectacles. I recalled witnessing a show that he hosted several years back. Najib Ali abandoned his spectacles. Everyone wondered who he was. He was beyond recognition. I noticed that he didn't seem keen to remove his spectacles on air any longer after his attempt to abandon his iconic spectacles failed.

I didn't know that he was artistically inclined till I chanced upon him on a show shown on Okto. It was certainly a pleasant surprise. He even had a strong command in English. Frankly, I didn't know that he could even communicate in English. He always seemed to be speaking in Malay language!

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