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A YouTuber who shot to fame starring as a sacastic army sergeant in Jack Neo's latest movie, Ah Boys to Men. Tosh Rock, as he is know online, has a large following on YouTube where he vlogs about various local issues.

By the way, he will probably read your review, how awesome! 



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Charismatic and Well-rounded

I guess his first appearance in Neo's hit film "Ah Boys to Men" sure did capture the hearts of the masses (especially young teenage girls). Admittedly, with his lanky stature and typical face, he isn't the masculine hunk like Ryan Gosling or Zac Efron but he sure did exude charisma and confidence in playing his role. He played the sarcastic sergeant well enough to leave an impression on the audience. (and to prepare the future army boys of the types of officers they'll meet in camps)

Out of the movie industry, he is also a rapper and is (rather) active on Youtube which is great because not only does it prove that he is well-rounded and multi-talented, it provides a platform for him to connect with his fans and to keep his online profile active. His collaboration with Shigga Shay (another local rapper) featuring raps such as "Lion City Kia" and "Wa Si LimPeh" sure did bring out much Singaporean flavour and culture.

I'm sure most are looking forward to seeing him on-screen again!

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I have to say Tosh appears to b a pretty down-to-earth man, which is probably what appeals to his current audience; which I think consists mostly of teenage girls. His image is that of a cool and calm guy with popularity, yet remains grounded and matured. His vlogs are usually pretty hilarious, consisting of him commenting on everyday problems we Singaporeans face but do not really spend time thinking about.

I have to confess that he certainly is not the best looking vlogger, but he does exude charm and charisma that I think is very attractive! He is certainly talented (he raps) - combining his talen and excellent social skills, I'm sure Tosh will rise up to be a superstar soon enough.

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There more to him than his appearance

Best known for his appearance in the recent local film Ah Boys to men, Tosh has become a familiar face in the local scene and has gone on to shoot commercials and songs with the cast of Ah Boys to Men.

However, even before that big appearance, Tosh had a following from his youtube channel which mainly features hilarious vlogs about certain experiences. Although he may seem to look a little intimidatin on first glance, his videos shed an insight into his funny personality which may say a little more about him than first impression based on appearance.

I must also say, part of the reason why I remembered him was because my school's drinks store uncle told a few of my friends that Tosh was his son after the release of Ah Boys to Men. It was a legitimate claim.

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Fun Fact: Tosh Zhang is the son of the uncle that sells bubble tea in my school. I never heard of him before the screenings of the popular Ah Boys to Men film series. Granted, he was quite an eminent Singaporean YouTuber but I still never heard much about him. Tosh is not the best-looking guy around and he may look like a punk or a bad-ass but after following him for a while, my impressions of him are beginning to change for the better.

I like that he is not at all caught up by all his new-found fame and that he is still very much down to earth. He is genuine in his opinions, not afraid to air his views, and communicates often with his fans and followers on his social media sites. While watching some of his older videos on YouTube, I initially got the impression that he was just any other Singaporean trying to act cool and talk in that gangster style. However, he has proved me wrong and this is indeed his style and he has stayed true to it.

One of my more admired Singaporean celebrities. Looking forward to seeing more of him in the future, he doesn't seem to be fizzing out any time soon!

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A chameleon in acting circles

My first impression of Tosh Zhang came from watching Ah Boys to Men. 'Man, this guy is exactly like my own platoon sergeant!'. My platoon sergeant was exactly like Sergeant Ong during my BMT days: Sarcastic, angsty, gets into mood swings easily but at the end of the day, has a good heart and puts the welfare of his men before his own.

However, this whole impression was obliterated when I found out that he is actually an amicable guy cum joker, a startling contrast to the characters he portrays in his films. In his advertisement with the NEA about saving the environment, his punkish nature depicts another person entirely.

I admire him for his ease in wearing different pairs of shoes (in the acting sense), literally like a chameleon, changing from character to character so smoothly. In my opinion, this is genuinely good acting! Next, his music, while widely popular, is still amateurish and still has a long way to reach the levels of JJ Lin and Stephanie Sun. However, I don't deny he has good vocals and makes good videos complementing the mood of the music with his actions perfectly.

Overall, a fantastic acting chameleon!

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Funny and talented

Like most Singaporeans I suppose, I never heard of Tosh until Ah Boys to Men. He was my favourite character in the movie which is why I went on to check out his vlogs.

His vlogs are really amusing and some really got me cracking. I like the way he can so naturally discuss random topics. While they may be the most inane topics, he nevertheless manages to offer humour, often with a dose of good sense. Watching his videos, I get the sense of someone with a quick wit and I can understand why Jack Neo asked if he could write the theme song to the movie. I also really appreciate the fact that he speaks proper English.

He mayn't have the typical good looks but he definitely has plenty of wit, charm and talent and I hope he goes far in the future!

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Likeable guy

I came to know about him through Jack Neo's movie Ah Boys To Men and I subsequently realised that he was a youtuber too. Initially I didn't really like him, but after checking out his vlogs and his twitter account, I found him to be a very amiable person who doesn't put on airs like some others would do.

Even though I would say he's quite famous now, with ABTM hitting the foreign shores like Taiwan, he still remains to be that friendly, happy guy who appreciates his fans and thankful for all that he haves right now.

I hope he'll star in more movies in the future!

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Like many others, Tosh’s good looks caught my eye first, before anything else. Playing a stern sergeant in Ah Boys To Men, paradoxically an important calefare, created a good distance for girls to drool from a far (during his few scenes I mean).

With the explosion of popularity from the movies, tons of media interviews and fan meet-ups followed. They have indeed been “re-packaged” to suit the sudden media attention with wild hairstyles, every single one of them! (It might possibly be due to Chinese New Year too) Tosh’s actions were a little too exaggerated in the boys’ theme song performance, much like a typical show-off. *TEHHHHHHHH* (reject button sound)

Some time later, I chanced upon Tosh’s vlogs and soon found myself engrossed video after video. He is not only charismatic, he is frank and is not afraid of sharing his strong views about various issues. On the other hand, during media interviews, Tosh rarely spoke and only did when the mike came over. (Unlike some who were too eager to talk and just went yakking on)

Later on when I saw their official Ah Boys To Men “MV” and their behind-the-scenes videos, I couldn’t stop laughing because they were trying so hard to contain their laughter as they “acted cool”. Instead of a show-off, they seemed more like a bunch of close friends doing ridiculous stuff and just having fun without caring what the world thinks.

In many of his vlogs, his girlfriend was in them and he made a deep impression in me during one of the interview questions directed to him:

Interviewer: Do you guys get a lot of females chasing you since the movie?

Tosh: Yeah, we have quite a lot of female fans. And some of them…. But it doesn’t matter, I’m attached.

Honestly speaking, half the guys I know wouldn’t even take the initiative to tell their suitors that they are attached, but Tosh did it…. to the public. Shuai! (Suave in Chinese) Lucky you, girlfriend!

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Fresh natural talent.

In reality, if you follow his Twitter or watch his YouTube videos, Tosh appears to be a pretty friendly, honest, and down-to-earth dude. I will admit that my first impression of him was not very good, but I am glad that impression changed. Not only that, he is also quite witty and gives pretty good advice and opinions on relationships and local controversies.

I must really commend Tosh Zhang for giving such a brilliant and convincing performance as Sergeant Ong in Ah Boys To Men. Through this single character, he managed to portray emotions of fierceness, friendliness, kindness, and many other emotions throughout the two films. He makes me believe that when it's my turn to serve NS, there's a good chance my sergeant would be like that. I guess what I am trying to say is that he was very natural in his acting. To me, his acting was probably one of the best amongst the main cast of ABTM, I am sure I will see his career soar in the future!

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Eye catching

He isn't exactly a totally typical heart throb. However, there's something seeded within him that sparked the screens ablaze every time he appears somewhere.

Bubbling with an energy like no other. Owning a memorably unique name. Mohawk standing upright. Tosh seems to be edging closer towards being labelled a fashion icon. His broad smile bedazzled onlookers. Tosh certainly has the elements that'll rocket him to fame and success.

I chanced upon a music video featuring the Ah Boys to Men cast. They were dancing and singing along to a song of their own involving the Lunar New Year. Is that Sumerset 313 I see? My eyes instantly laid upon Tosh. He was the focal point no matter where he stood in the music video. His presence is a total force to be reckoned.

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