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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 26, 2012    

Ming Bridges, a teenage girl who acted as "Roxy" on the show REM, can also model, sing and host.


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She hasn't been very popular since the days of REM - but I do remember her as the girl that has a eurasian look. I've always loved the original cast of REM because of Ming Bridges, and if there were a chance I would love to watch a remake of it - or even a reassembly of REM.

Those were the days when the young teen girls decided on embarking on a detective adventure, figuring out crimes and solving cases - I really miss those days. And also those days when I would walk downstairs my house and see them filming at the nearby HDB blocks - I never dared to approach though, I was so young then and they looked intimidating. I still remember the feeling of how I looked up to them as role models in my young age as a primary school girl.

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Jambu beb!

Ming is definitely one hell of a looker. Even when she was of jail-bait age, you knew that she would grow up to be a heart breaker. Now, she's no longer of rotan-able age, so I think I can speak more freely (yeah, I wish).

I think if she wishes to make it big in music, she has to move overseas and go to where she can learn from the best. Well, all the best. If that fails, take care of that pretty face. You can still profit from it.

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Chinese music?

I first found Ming Bridges to have a soothing, gentle voice that's very easy on the ears. Her Christmas covers were very simplistic, yet somehow not boring at all. I did have a temporary hype about her during that short period of time as I had no clue who she was and wasn't even aware that she was an actress initially.

The problem about Ming's artistry, and I mean this as a personal opinion, is that her original music is extremely hit-or-miss. Some songs are fine, while others are just unappealing or dead boring.

Then she moved to Chinese music. Yes. This girl, whom some (or most?) might not even be aware that she's Singaporean, decided to make the jump to singing in mandarin. I'm not saying that it was wrong. She's definitely more known now within the country, and I admire that she's taking on a language which isn't easy for her, but when you hear her speak in Chinese, you just can't help but feel uncomfortable for her. I would know, when I try to speak in Chinese, it's the exact same case, heh...! The difference here though is that she is speaking on LIVE TV, and everyone who is tuning to whatever show she is on will hear her articulation of Chinese words, and I believe that almost everyone will give awkward frowning faces...

Oh, but what the heck. Ming Bridges is young, pretty, and talented, no doubt. She can definitely make a safe career out of acting and singing. I just hope that she will one day create music that I can really like, just like the Christmas covers I first heard that were performed by her...

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A Pretty Face

I will first disclaim that I probably don’t know enough about her to be writing something, since I never knew her when she was in REM. I have never seen her act, host or model. I’m pretty sure she’d make a good model from her look alone though.

Either way, she did enough to make an impression on me while she was guesting on one of the superstar shows. (Was it Campus Superstar?)

My family debated for the first 20 seconds if she was actually singing in Chinese or not, because her pronunciation is nothing close to perfect. After we concluded that she was indeed, singing in Chinese, we struggled to make out what she was singing without the subtitles. Then we wondered if she was a contestant or a guest—in which we arrived at the accurate conclusion.

Suffice to say that her singing or her Chinese didn’t impress any of us.

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Gorgeous young talent

I recall being astounded by Ming Bridges' acting in REM when I was younger. For someone who used to diss Kids Central's choice of actors and actresses, I was particularly taken by Ming Bridges' performance, as her acting was both fluid and real, and I was certainly pleasantly surprised to discover that Ming Bridges had sung the ending theme song of REM, and the fact that she couldn't have been more than 15 at that point of time definitely impressed me.

Fast forward a few years, Ming Bridges' has been staying relatively under the radar until recently, when she came up with an album and started going for interviews with various local magazines. I took a listen at some of her latest songs, and they were definitely pretty good by local standards as well.

She definitely hits the high scores in the looks department as well. An Eurasian, her features are extremely well defined, and she definitely has the looks that most girls would kill to have.

And while it's a stereotype that Eurasians suck at Chinese, Ming Bridges overcomes that generalisation by coming up with Chinese songs!

An actress who can sing well - in both English and Chinese, can anyone say double threat?

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Girl crush.

Ever since finding out about her not too long ago, i think im having a girl crush on her. When i discovered her, i then realised that "Oh! So she was the one who acted on REM and now she is so different now, such an accomplished and talented at such a young age!"

She is only 20 this year but unlike the average 20 yr old, she has accomplished alot and has since came up with her own album. A mixed blood with both eurasian and chinese blood, she can speak great english and kudos to her for putting her heart and soul to learning chinese and even singing chinese songs. Not only does she have english fans, she also has chinese fans which is impressive. I hope she goes further and accomplishes more.

She's also gorgeous, which just makes her into a great package of looks, personality and talent.

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