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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 04, 2012    

A malaysian born singaporean singer, actor and host. Married to loca artiste Fann Wong.


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Perfect match with Fann

While he has been in the acting Industry for a long time, there will always be a stain on his reputation because of the Drink-driving hit and run incident that he was involved in. Although "to err is human", it is not something that one would easily forget if the news was plastered on almost every newspapers' front during that period of time.

Despite that, he seems to have proven himself worthy as an actor with his long record of awards and his strong acting career - but of course, even then the law doesn't change for him. His looks are average, but I must say that He and Fann make a gorgeous couple. Maybe another thing that makes him memorable would be his perfect other match, Fann Wong. Both being veterans in the field of acting make them both unforgettable and also respected.

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Already famous for his handsome looks, Christopher Lee was shot even higher to fame through his relationship status with Fann Wong, their wedding big enough of an event to be broadcasted on local television.

Besides his romantic life, I enjoy watching the 'bromance' between him and Mark Lee. The conversation between the two of them never cease to be hilarious, and the most memorable one was during one of the Star Awards when they were jokingly fighting over Fann Wong.

He has had so many roles -both major and minor- in many Mediacorp dramas, and it is impressive how he has been able to grasp all those different characters. However, he recently seemed to have taken a preference to being off-screen; hopefully this is not the last of him in the entertainment industry.

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(Updated: February 14, 2013)

Captivated by Christopher.

I remembered crooning over his youthful and fresh appearance several years ago. However, age seemed to have caught up with him, fast. He now owns a face that is rather worn with age equipped with wrinkles.

The show he did with Fann Wong on Channel 8 was one of the memorable shows of his. I recalled Christopher Lee donning a supremely lengthy wig. It was a traditional drama that involved super powers blasting from one end of my screen to another. Christopher was clad in long, ancient robes that produced a majestic aura. He flew here. He flew there. He flew everywhere. It was one of those 7pm channel 8 drama shows that could probably be called 'legendary'.

Despite the reduced amount of appearances on television these days and the increased amount of wrinkles present on him, Christopher Lee's charm when he acts is still engraved in all the viewers who've watched at least one of his shows. Personally, I hope that he will open his heart to an anti-aging cream or facial mask, then make a booming return back into the media realm that'll enables us to see him across our television screens!

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)


Personally, I don't have a good impression of him. I learnt of him via the hit and run incident which happened quite a while ago back in 2006/2007. However, my impression of him became positive after his starring in game plan alongside Jessica Liu.

In addition, I found his relationship between Fann Wong very sweet. I remember watching one of the star awards. Fann Wong was wearing a dress that revealed half her chest. When the MC asked for Christopher's comment, he said 'She liked it, I have no choice.'. This shows that he respects his wife's decision. Despite being a pro-singaporean, I ought to say, malaysia boleh.

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He had improved a lot

When he started acting after winning the Star Search, I did not like his acting. His Mandarin also had the Malaysian accent. It was like a constant reminder that a Malaysian beat all the Singaporeans to come out as runner-up.

Over the years, he had worked hard and his acting became more natural. His last few series with Jesseca Liu were so natural that if I had not known he was married to Fann Wong, I would have thought they were a couple.

I guessed he won me over with his maturity. As the years progressed, he had shown more maturity and he had become more humble. The way he paused before he said something also meant he think before he speaks, at least that is how I see him. Others may just feel he is not quick witted.

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Hot stuff!

His abs. His physique. Oh my gosh.

Not only does he have a handsome face and a strong, muscular frame to boot, his acting skills, in my opinion are also great. Every time he works with Jesseca Liu, i always can feel the emotions the character is supposed to show. His acting and chemistry with Jesseca ignites emotion in viewers which i really like. I hardly ever see his shows already, married to an "Ah Jie", he has a unique taste of fashion which i've witnessed from his appearance during the past few star events.

I don't know where he is gone to, or whether he has recontracted with mediacorp, but whatsoever, it would be great to really see him come back to TV, freelance or not.

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(Updated: December 10, 2012)

What a gorgeous hunk.

Just looking at this unbelievably gorgeous man makes me feel like I can melt completely.

Those perfectly defined features - the mesmerizing eyes, the sharp nose tilted at the most accurate angle and the sexy lips nobody can resist. Okay, I know, I shouldn't be fan-girling.

Looks aside, I'm sure many of us would nod our heads in agreement that Lee has brilliant acting skills and is now considered, a veteran actor. The shows he has starred in, where he is the male lead (Oh, since when was he not in the limelight?) never failed to score high in the popularity charts. Honestly, in my opinion, he could be on par with Ah Ge, Li Nan Xing in terms of acting.

I always find him perfectly matched with Jessica Liu. They seem to have the couple face and they look so cute together! (Yes I know, he is Fann Wong's husband. I'm just saying!)
The charisma he emanates from the person himself is deeply captivating. My friends and I always catches his shows on television no matter how busy we are with our schoolwork.

He has also played a host in one of Mediacorp's variety shows that goes to individual's houses to help them in their difficulties and clean their houses for them. Through that variety show, Christopher Lee has really proven himself to be a man of bona fide and altruistic intentions of lending a helping hand to others. Despite himself being a megastar that ladies swoon over, he humbles himself and willingly help those in need without a condescending attitude.

In some of the Star Awards held a couple of years back, however, Lee was dressed rather casually (That is a mild way to put it. To be frank, he looked shabby beside his glamorous wife) and even wore short pants to attend the solemn ceremony. I know I shouldn't be judging a person by his apparel, but his dressing makes it seem as though he doesn't regard the event with much importance and such levity is shocking to me. His breezy insouciance towards the Star Awards is rather... uncommon I guess.

That does not discount the fact that he is an amazing actor after all!

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Mr Fann Wong!

Okay, that title was sexist (kinda). Even though he has not achieved Hollywood popularity like his wife and shares the same name of a famed Hollywood actor (who acted as Count Dracula and a Sith Lord for those who are lazy to google him), Christopher Lee is not a failure by any means.

In fact, he is quite possibly one of my top three favourite male artistes in Mediacorp. I find that he is versatile in his acting and plays the role of the boy/man-next door very well. The fact that he is a rather good looking man does not take away from his appeal. My personal favourite role of his so far has to be Yang Guo all those years ago - you can really see his talent shine.

Though he may be getting a tad older, he is still a capable worker. Hope to see more roles from this man in the near future.

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