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Chua En Lai is a Singaporean stage and television actor, best known for acting in The Noose as B.B. See and Jacques Ooi.


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(Updated: January 05, 2015)

Natural entertainer, Born performer

While we admire the impersonation skills of his counterparts Alaric Tay and Michelle Chong, let us not forget about their best team-mate Chua En Lai. While he may not put up such perfect mimicry of real life characters, I think he is still comedic in his own unique ways. I think his face is already rather entertaining and hilarious!

Ironically, while he is screened mostly on English variety shows that plays on Channel 5, my favourite show with him is 'Say It!' that is a Chinese variety show that airs on Channel 8. It features En Lai learning Chinese and Vivian Lai learning English since they are both relatively poor in these languages. I think his natural behaviour there is so hilarious I was actually convinced that he is a born entertainer and performer. Even when he doesn't try to be funny, he is!

On a more serious note, his dedication to his work has also propelled him to buy Primary 1 Chinese textbooks just to prepare for the show. I think that itself is rather worthy of commendation.

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Needs more room to showcase his talent

While his most memorable appearance was in The Noose, I felt that his acting skills were not realised in The Noose as he was stuck as most of the boring characters that were not really funny and somewhat even boringly monotonous.

Despite that, as an actor, he seems to be well-liked because of his appearances in other cameos that showcase his true ability in being a local actor/ comedian. Other than that, his looks not too bad as well, he seems to be always well-dressed for the occassion.

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(Updated: February 25, 2013)


Probably one of my favourite local actors, Chua En Lai seems to ace whatever role he plays. His potential can clearly be seen from The Noose, a local comedy series that reflects the Singapore’s society in humourous (and mocking) tones.

From the English news reporter, to the Thai worker Jipjip and lastly Pornsak, his superb acting can make anyone’s day! I think this is the first time I ever laughed so hard at an actor. He is one of those who have true talent so being his loyal fan, I will always be keeping an eye on his performances.

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En Lai - Ponsak

En Lai is my favourite comedian from The Noose. I always look forward to his segment in the show. He is good in his mimicry, and never fails to make me laugh with his hilarious antics.

En Lai acts mostly as a British news presenter, with the accent of course, which makes it even more hilarious. He also acts in other small bit parts, mostly those with specific accents. But my favourite character would be when he mimics a thai, his name is something like Ponsak, and his actions hilarious. It never fails to give my family and me a good laugh. En Lai also used to host a kids show called 'Jobs for Juniors'. My younger brother participated in that show and he only had praises for En Lai.

Overall, he is a talented host and a creative comedian. His gift I believe is his mimicry. He is just so darn good.

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