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Pierre Png is a Singaporean actor and comedian who is contracted to MediaCorp and is known for appearing in English and Chinese dramas such as Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd. and The Little Nyonya.


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Black Horse

When I first saw Pierre Png, I didn't think he was good looking at all. I thought he was just some average dude with a conspicuous mole on his face. Things weren't helped by the fact that he always played characters that I didn't like.

But over the years (gosh I sound so old), I have changed to find him to be wonderfully charming, in his own way. He is not flashy or outspoken, but he has a quiet demeanour that screams of suaveness. In short, quietly classy. Pierre Png is the kind of guy that you don't find hunky at firs glance, but upon repeated second and third glances, possesses a handsomeness that is hard to be immune to.

I'm no professional behavioural analyst, but he seems to be a down-to-earth guy who is deeply rooted in traditional values. I appreciate that a lot, especially in an industry that thrives best off headline-grabbing scandals and juicy gossips.

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Handsome, Charming, Talented

I thought he was a hottie when he was featured on the local serial production about Singapore's past days, The Little Nonya. Despite his charming appearance, he has a certain poignancy in his eyes throughout the drama series - well acted, I must say. Even then, Pierre Png seemed to be able to portray the ideal quintessence of a fallen hero - the in-role Pierre Png was dedicated to the role and the pain seemed to be able to pierce through the hearts of the viewers. Maybe that was why many of my friends kept coming back to watch The Little Nonya for more.

In reality, he seems like a nice person - when he smiles on stage, his joy in his smile seems to reach his eyes. Friends who have met him describe him as someone approachable and amiable - seems like he isn't so different from his in-show role as a gentleman after all.

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Cool-looking yet approachable off-screen

Pierre Png is someone who somehow portrays himself as someone cool-looking yet approachable off-screen. The sense of friendliness and not the very least atas.

Enjoyed watching his shows on Channel 5, where he acted as Phua Chu Kang's brother, Phua Chu Beng. And wouldn't you say that he may us all laugh out loud watching him as well?

One of his earlier shows in Channel 8 were Holland V, where he acted as Mo Yangyang and Portrait of Home, where he acted as Dayang. It was definitely quite a huge jump from his roles in Channel 5! His other shows which I followed through included The Little Nyonya (Chen Sheng), Your Hand In Mine (Fang Kai), Rescue 995 (Shi Zeming), Pillow Talk (He Tingkai) and C.L.I.F. 2 (Chen Yanjun).

Through his shows, I can see the passion for acting and it touches me to see how he continuously strives hard to improve his Mandarin, and his efforts are definitely paying off well as his Mandarin has improved almost drastically I would say, over the years.

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Charismatic actor

I really like Pierre Png as he seems really friendly on screen and doesn’t come across as an arrogant actor. Despite him having the western look and accent, he seems to be able to fit well in Channel 8 and can always portray the character perfectly.

In all his characters, he never fails to come across as charismatic and charming. After his move away from Phua Chu Kang, I think he had improved a lot in terms of acting and his mandarin. Most importantly, he seems really humble and willing to learn. And yes, his noble act of donating his kidney to his wife is definitely commendable and touching to me.

I always love watching every show that he acted in and hope to see more of his works!

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Great Character

For a guy that started acting in Channel 5, Pierre is one of the very few that had successfully moved over to Channel 8. Although his command of Mandarin is still not that good but he has definitely shown great improvement. He needed extra effort in his acting because other than acting out the character, he needed to speak in a language he did not normally speak in.

My wife also liked this guy a lot. I think it is mainly due to the fact that he donated his kidney to his wife after she suffered a kidney failure due to some slimming pills. This type of sacrifice will always touch the hearts of women.

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'美人鱼! 美人鱼!'

I first knew Pierre Png from Holland V, eternally shouting '美人鱼!' after the cute Felicia. That, sadly, became my lasting impression of the guy. Maybe it's a credit to him for acting the retarded character in the show too well, but it's always awkward to watch him speak Chinese hereafter. Like many English-speaking actors, he should've just stayed on Channel 5.

Acting aside, he's a great guy off screen, as shown by his gift of life to Andrea de Cruz. I also came across him while trying out uni-cycling with my friends last year. He's a friendly guy who's pretty game to try new stunts. I don't know if he's uni-cycled before or he's just a fast learner, but he came in later than me and was riding with the pros long before I could even freemount my bike!

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(Updated: February 17, 2013)

Nice guy on and off screen, not only a pretty face.

Always strike me as a Mr Nice guy since his first sitcom role in Phua Chu Kang and what he did for his wife was brave and commendable. I always try to follow his drama whenever possible and so many times the characters he played always bring tears to my eyes. I was sceptical when he first appeared in Chinese drama but his acting skills is much better than most of the current artists.

Or maybe he is really just that nice! I have friends who are in the same Aikido Club as him who confirmed my guess that he is really a down to earth guy. Then I questioned his Aikido skill but my first Dan grade father-in-law who just practised with him in a recent seminar said that he is not just a pretty face, he really know his stuff! I just made him my idol in drama, life and Aikido.

Definitely a good role model for our Singaporean boys and a benchmark for my future son-in-law.

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(Updated: February 11, 2013)

Blooming Star

When I first saw him, he was playing the nerdy brother of the infamous Phua Chu Kang, and even though he was still considered amateur in the acting industry, I felt that his apparent skill in acting was already somewhat established.

While he may not be the most handsome actor around, he does have a good ability to emit an aura of character in his shows, be it as a cast member or host. His level of English and Chinese are quite good, and he does not fumble on what to say when he is a host or guest of a variety show.

I feel that his acting has always been fairly good and realistic, but it was not until the recent Channel 8 drama X-Beyond that I felt he had increasing potential, as he had played the role of an evil rock guitarist really well and I felt he was really into his role. I also like the fact that he has a true close relationship for his wife such that he even made an organ donation for her, as I dislike media personalities who go for marriage to gain attention. With a growing popularity count and improvement of skills, I believe that he is en route to becoming a better artiste than he is now.

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Peer into Pierre Png's success!

Pierre Png didn't really catch my eyes when he was featured in the show that featured yellow boots which reigned Asia.

However, he totally caught my pair of eyes in his recent show. Beyond!

He acted alongside Jeanette Aw as a doctor for mental patients.

His boomingly jaw dropping gorgeous, sweet, amazing appearance blasted across the nation's screen when he had to portray his inner ego in this show; a rock star.

Clad in leather with nothing beneath. I repeat! Nothing beneath.

He strutted around the neighbourhood equipped with an electric guitar wrapped around his toned physique.

He had gothic eye makeup. Even a pair of bleeding red contact lenses. These two combination dangled treacherously near the word horrendous. Despite that, Pierre Png didn't plunge into the realm of mortifying image at all. He totally pulled it off! Yes, he did!

He even spoke and sang lines in flawless English within this Channel 8 drama.

All we viewers could do was release an explosive sigh with this thought crossed across our mind,

"Andrea De Cruz must have saved a life in the past life. So FORTUNATE!"

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Sincere and likable

I first saw Pierre Png act in Phua Chu Kang as PCK's younger goody two shoes brother. While not my favorite character, I must say he pulled off his role superbly. In fact, it is typical of his acting career. His acting has always been sincere and convincing. He sometimes has a little trouble with his chinese roles though it has improved over the years. I remember his early forays into Channel 8 dramas would be spotted with English dialogue halfway through.

He is also famous for donating a part of his liver to his wife, Andrea de Cruz, after she suffered from liver failure. It was a highly publicized affair which I felt did wonders for his public image. It was a fantastic gesture on his part as so many celebrity couples are really together for the publicity and do not last the distance.

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