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Alaric Tay is a Singaporean director, producer and actor, best known for his role in The Noose as Andre Chichak.


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His first appearance made a remarkable impression on me. Back then, Channel 5 was testing out the HD version of channel 5, and my dad was one of the few who were selected to be part of the testing. While my television was on, I would see Alarick Tay jump around in the hilarious advertisement promoting the new HD5 - up to now I can't forget how I laughed at the commercial despite multiple repeats of the commercial throughout the day.

He was dressed up as a well-dressed salesman trying to sell a new house, but ended up selling the television instead - which led him to try and sell high definition televisions. With his ability to control his face to many types of hilariously intense faces, he was suitable for the funny commercial. While I had thought that his appearance was a one-off thing, I was pleasantly surprised to see his appearance on The Noose. There he showed. once more, his ability to change his voice and use his face to create a hilarious impression of certain characters if needed.

He is an impressive actor in terms of being able to be rile up the audience in laughter.

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I am certainly no avid fan of The Noose. I did not Youtube it like how most of the Singaporean population did the moment YT was invented. Neither did I memorise The Noose's TV time slots. Despite lacking in The Noose department, I do watch advertisements. His segment was captured in certain advertisements. Not bad. I was actually amused!

His humorous trait was further enhanced when I caught him in a television show on Channel 5. It was a show involving a carrier which carries practically everything; ala Fed Ex. He was casted alongside Suhaimi Yusof, the one who reigned supreme in the comedy sector for decades. Oh the show was called " Anything goes". How apt.

Alaric certainly portrayed his flair involving hilarity to perfection in this show. His facial expressions. So natural! His hair slicked back like a typical geek. He even articulated his speech in such a prim and proper manner that we roared with laughter till stitches appeared.

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How Can Anyone Be So Funny?

I first came to know who Alaric Tay was when I happened to watch The Noose one day. Don't be mistaken though, I am not an avid fan of The Noose and I never bothered to catch every episode of it. But after watching Alaric Tay's imitation of various characters, I began to get addicted to The Noose.

In my perspective, I honestly feel that Alaric's Tay mimicking skills can be on par with Michelle. The various different figures he has taken on in the show have never failed to be portrayed in such realism that leaves me in wonder and amazement at how this man can be so good at mimicry. Whether is it a China national, or a typical Chinese Singapore or Malay citizen, he never fails to bring out the character to it's truest nature.

Alaric Tay, I would say is one of the most essential in creating that perfect comic effect for the variety show The Noose especially when the main theme of the show is satire. The characters are crucial in easing the tension that can possibly be created as a result of a certain discussion or imitation by the actors in the show.

I must really thank him for being so humourous! Every time I steal a short moment of respite from all that studying and watches him screened on The Noose on tv, I will always end up laughign off all my worries and frustrations.

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