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Andrew Seow is a former Singaporean actor, celebrity, model and media personality. He is best known for his role as the fiery tempered eldest son in the family drama series, Growing Up.


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Typical 'Bad Guy'

Before I watched the hit drama series 'Growing Up', Andrew Seow was etched in my memory as "the bad guy".

I wouldn't blame the production crew for picking him to play the role of the villian, for he does it really well and he has (unfortunately) a rather menacing look on his face. I guess it is not that bad after all; on the bright side - he has a flair in portraying evil characters well.

However, after I watched 'Growing Up', on rare leisurely afternoons at home, I actually realize Seow has a lot more potential than the typical abhorrent roles he is so often cast as. His role as the impulsive but protective eldest brother in the family was played out well, with emotions such as fury, despair and joy displayed convincing.

It is a pity he is no longer as active as he used to be in the acting industry. I would like to think that his presence on screen sure makes drama more dramatic.

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errrm....Gary Seow?

The only memory I have of Andrew was his portrayal of Gary on Growing Up. I feel that that an actor would have done his job well when everyone identifies you as the character that you played. In this instance, I always identified him with Gary.

I am not an actor nor did I receive any training or education as one so I will not be able to comment on his acting skills. He did his best to portray Gary and I think that both Andrew and Gary are one and the same.

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Where did he go?

Several thousand years ago, when the bricked wall library at Marine Parade hadn't been replaced by Fairprice, I could have sworn I saw him there!

Yes, the guy who had a prominent character in the legendary local television series! Gary.

I vividly remembered watching episodes of Growing Up religiously!

Gary was definitely one of the characters whom I'd bestow as interesting. With his collar frequently propped upwards, he portrayed himself as a rather notorious hooligan who intimidated many.

After that brick filled library morphed into Fairprice, he was sighted neither around that proximity nor onscreen!

Was the bricked wall library not the only thing that vanished? Where did he go?

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