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Joshua Ang Ser Kian was born on 1 March 1989 in Singapore. He began acting in year 2001 and was one of the four child actors alongside Shawn Lee who were cast by Jack Neo and his team in the box office hit 'I Not Stupid' and its sequel 'I Not Stupid Too'.


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Bad Boy Image

This boy had a lasting impression on me since the days when I was in primary school. I still remember when those were the days I was actually inspired to become involved in acting because I thought I had a chance to make it into Mediacorp just like he did - but those were just daydreams.

His lasting impression in the hit series "I not stupid" was a comic relief in the midst of the stressful education system - it was relatable to those who had graduated and those who were studying, and Joshua always managed to portray the bad boy look very well. An EM3 Student, I still remember the hilarious line of a typical auntie mother used to describe his naughty and playful demeanour in the show, "Horrible, Terrible, Vegetable".

Still, he has moved on from those days as a student - he has also acted in other Television series, but not as often as he should be. While maintaining his bad boy images from the days of the past, I feel that he still has the potential to be further realised.

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Hopefully not a one trick pony

MediaCorp seems to have gone for actors with good looks rather than actual acting chops so often that when an actor of quality appears, he immediately shines out from the rest. Such was the case with Joshua Ang. Playing his bad boy vibe to the hilt in I Not Stupid, Joshua Ang was touted as a rising star. Indeed, I thought the accolades to be accurate too.

However, he seems to have dropped off the acting scene since I Not Stupid. With the influx of new talents in Jack Neo's latest offering, I wondered where Joshua Ang had disappeared to and dug up some shows he acted in after I Not Stupid. Most of those shows were not widely distributed or were local drama productions. However, his acting was not up to the same mark as it was in I Not Stupid. Whether it was because not all of his later roles did not call for a rebellious teenager brimming with "I am bad" aura or because they were not as well directed as I Not Stupid is open for debate, but I hope that Joshua Ang's rising star does not fade so quickly.

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The baddest bad boy

MediaCorp's been promoting teen actors very frequently as of late, and names like Edwin Goh are bound to surface. However, the new breed of teen actors can hardly be compared to MediaCorp's resident bad boy, Joshua Ang. He is the undisputed rebel in the block, having acted as one ever since he was just a mere child actor in 'I Not Stupid', and the rebellious side of them definitely shines through better than any other teen actor.

Joshua Ang does the perfect smirk, a facial expression that is pretty much characterized by typical bad boys. He's also one of the best looking actors in the industry - just ask any other teenager on the street.

Although in terms of acting skills, I would say that his 'I Not Stupid' co-star, Shawn Lee has better acting chops, but Joshua Ang's acting skills have been fine-toned with every single role.

An actor to look out for in the future! He definitely has potential.

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Excels in the right roles.

Definitely one of the more good looking actors in Singapore, and I suppose that makes up a little for his lackluster acting.

Joshua Ang is kind of a one-trick pony. He can only play bad boys, and when forced into a good person role, he doesn't deliver as well. Maybe it's the face.

That being said though, no one can deny that the actor's talented when in the right roles. He makes you love him and hate him and then hate yourself for loving him all at the same time. Very confusing, but yes.

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Charismatic and Natural in his acting

Maybe it's me, or does anyone else agree with me that Joshua Ang gives a sort of "bad-boy" vibes the moment you set eyes on him?

But then again, it's this "bad-boy" vibes that makes him such an impressionable artiste nobody can resist. (I'm quite into bad-boys.)

When I witness his first appearance on Jack Neo's local film hits, I Not Stupid, I was still young but I remembered him instantly. The character he plays in the movie, WenFu is perfectly suited for him. I caught myself wondering then, was he a bad student in school as well?

He starred in other movies of the same director, such as Homerun and I Not Stupid 2, and boy, did Jack Neo make right choice.

Joshua's natural acting skills and fluency speaking Mandarin allows him to play the character to its fullest. It is as though he was the persona in the film itself, and maybe his flair for acting so naturally in the movies that always lead me to the perpetual confusion between who he is in reality, and the character he plays in the movies!

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Friendly and talented man

Similar to Shawn, I've known Joshua since I was in my secondary school days. Despite his bad boy and rugged exterior, do not be fooled into assuming that he is a ruffian. He is a gentleman and one of the friendliest people you will ever know.

Despite his fame and celebrity persona, Joshua is humble. I remembered when I lost my wallet, despite just meeting for the first time, and we weren't even friends yet, he readily lent me some cash for me to catch a ride home. He is also unlike many other public personas out there, always willing to pose for a picture or chat with a fan. His acting career may or may not be his main focus right now, but as a person, he is truly exemplary.

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A lot of potential!

If you've caught I Not Stupid and/or I Not Stupid Too, you'd definitely know who Joshua Ang is. Having a successful career after the release of the two films show how good his acting skills are at a tender, young age.

Although I thought that he was going to quit acting after serving his National Service, I still see him in a couple of Chinese dramas, taking on different roles, most prominently (for me) in Table of Glory, where he played a quiet boy with a passion for table tennis, as well as Unriddle 2, alongside Rui En and Chen Li Ping.

I see a lot of potential in Joshua Ang's career in the future, although considering the current rising stars like Ian Fang and Edwin Goh, I believe it will be a tough competition for him in the industry, regardless of whether Joshua Ang may be the better actor or not. Nevertheless, I am sure that, since he is a full-time Mediacorp artiste, he will be offered new roles frequently, and I hope to see him take on fresher roles, as well as roles that make audiences reminisce of his older characters.

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(Updated: October 23, 2012)

It is the season for truths

Let me define Joshua Ang for you: he is the original Singapore Teen Rebel.

Ian Fang and Edwin Goh have nothing on him. Not to diss their talents, but Joshua Ang is the undisputed king of Singapore bad boys. It was Joshua who took the country by storm with his hardworking, relentless, fearless, but of all, loyal character in I Not Stupid II. He played it to a T -- he showed the country that a rebel can have a future, not just in reality, but even as a role portrayal.

Without him, our movies and sitcoms will continue to stereotype rebels as weak villains. He single-handedly raised the bar for his future role successors. There is no one more worthy of the given title than him. He is a gifted actor, and his undeniable feats can be seen in the newest, darker movies he has taken on. Never a disappointing act.

Also I am writing and spazzing too much because he was my primary 5 crush. It is the season of truths and blushing.

I should stop here and go watch I Not Stupid.

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A very nice and friendly artiste.

I remember this happened near the end of 2010. One day, I went to a hypermarket near my place with my family to do some groceries shopping. When we were queuing up at the checkout counter waiting to pay, my mum suddenly whispered to me, “Don’t you think the guy in front of us looks a little bit familiar?”

Yea, I recognized him! He is the Singaporean actor, Joshua Ang. We approached him and asked for the permission to take a photo with him. He was with his girlfriend at that time, just done with their groceries shopping as well.

We took quite a few photos with him as we wanted some individual photos. Luckily he didn’t get angry or annoyed by us because now I feel bad for disturbing him that time. Then we got to know that he came to Malaysia for the filming of movie ‘We Not Naughty’.

Thank you for not being mad at us for invading your personal life. You are a really friendly person.

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