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He is a Singapore actor. He is well-known for acting in many Chinese-language dramas. He was born on 10 November 1970. He has also performed live show numerous times for major events, for examples, National Day and New Year's Day countdown.


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Tay Ping Hui is a man blessed with good looks and amazing features. Tall, hunky and acts, quite the complete package. I find that he always plays roles like policemen and detectives because of his seriousness. He manages to pull it off nicely but I think that he should go into different roles to explore once in a while. Can't really remember the last time I saw a real smile on his face!

Sad to see him not having many roles of late because of so much new talent in Mediacorp now. Leaves me wondering what he's been up to now but thankfully, his twitter updates allows me to stay in the loop. I appreciate that he manages his twitter personally and shares little snippets of his life. The occasional tweet about his views and opinions will also pop out once in a while and are good gauges of his character.

Hopefully in the long run, we will not see the 186cm gentle giant leave Mediacorp for greener pastures elsewhere. Should keep and treasure him, especially since he is bilingual as well, yet another plus point.

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Amazing Talent and Good Looks

The first time I saw him I really liked him. Not only does he have the looks of a star, he was also able to capture my attention when I saw him on television. I happened to see his show on television when I turned on the Television and ended up staying through to the end of the show to see what happened in the end.

Perhaps his face caught my attention at first glance because of his good looks, but his ability to show intense, real emotions during the scenes kept me gripping on to the edge of my seat during that nerve wrecking brawl with another guy. Although I didn't know if he was the good or the bad guy, I was rooting for him to win. I especially loved how the videographers managed to caputre a close up shot of his face where his emotion of slight anger was shown explicitly on his face.

Off screen, he is as charasmatic as his good looks.

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(Updated: December 23, 2013)

Forever on crime dramas?

I have not watched his recent shows such as CLIF, but I always see him as a really good actor in these crime dramas. My favourite was Crime Busters x 2 叮当神探 where he was really very humorous. He can be fierce, he can be funny and most of all he can be serious. He frowns, he rolls his eyes, he shouts.

However, I will never see him in the league of people like Li Nanxing or Fann Wong simply because he is always playing the same kinds of roles in crime dramas. And he is never really good in being romantic (LOL, just my opinion). But he is still one of the best and funniest (which Nanxing and Wong lack in). He's also a very effective bilingual, which helped him in Crime Busters x 2

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Tried too hard

When I watched him in C.L.I.F, I always felt that he acted too hard. He always had the deep frown on throughout the series. His character in the show was a no nonsense police officer but even that did not warrant someone that always had a deep frown and never laugh.

His most recent show currently showing on Channel 8 is much better. He acted as an ex-convict that was having some family problems. At least, in this show, I did not see him frowning all the time. His acting was more natural, he is able to laugh and joke with the other characters.

I believe nobody will be frowning all the time so he should relax and not just use the deep frown expression for all his characters.

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Great actor

Tay Ping Hui is charming, even at age 42. His charm refines itself seemingly with age, and although he may not be the spirited young man that he once was, his acting seems to have gotten much better.

Tay Ping Hui plays the brooding good guy to a tee - though I attribute that to the fact that he probably is a brooder, even in real life. And luckily for him, women, especially the older ones who are of a comparable age with him, eat the brooding act up like honey, which certainly does well for his career, not to mention star awards nominations.

As charming as he may be, his acting seems to have reached a certain stale mate, as the roles he play are always pretty typical. Though he has dabbled a few times at being the bad guy, it's all mere shallow villainy, and I would certainly like to see him as a psychopath someday.

That said, he's been engaging in more diversified roles of late, which is probably a good move. He's acted as an 'ah beng', and even a run-of-the-mill uncle which doesn't really help his image as the silent brooder, but has definitely helped in expanding his portfolio.

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A handsome face, with awesome acting skills. But sadly, losing it's appeal.

Already in his forties, Tay Ping Hui is indeed still a handsome man that seems not to be worn down by age. The charisma, good looks and figure is still is excellent condition.

Tay Ping Hui is one of my favourite actors, and I regard him with the same admiration as I have for other superstars in Mediacorp - Zoe Tay, Chew Chor Meng and Li Nan Xing. Just like the rest of these mega stars, Tay Ping Hui has become a veteran actor and has superb acting skills.

I started watching his shows since I was young, and all I could remember was how handsome he looked in every one of his shows. The spectrum of characters and roles he has taken on before are hallmarks of how volatile he is - having the ability to take on different types of persona in different shows.

However, in the recent years, probably due to the overly repetition starring of this handsome man, I'm starting to lose interest and appeal for an actor that was once my favourite. That is probably the flipside of the over-consumption of good stuff - it sickens and confounds the appetite.

I don't see much of him in Mediacorp films though. Maybe he got tired of acting in the same old shows, with the same old cast and saying the same old lines over and over again?

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Talented and effortless!

I kind of find Tay Ping Hui to be a very natural actor. I always look forward to the dramas that he acts in, because I know I am going to be assured an excellent performance from him. His ability to speak fluent Chinese and English benefit him in having more opportunities to act in both language dramas, and his physique enables him to act in more serious and risky action roles.

Off-screen, Tay Ping Hui is an honest man, one who isn't afraid of expressing himself and his opinions on situations, especially on his Twitter. He is very open and if he has something negative to comment about, he will say it, but at the same time he isn't being rude or anything, and that's what I really respect about Tay Ping Hui, that he does not try to act like a fake celebrity and all.

There is no doubt that Tay Ping Hui's career will only get better in the long run. Hopefully his being bilingual will allow him to earn opportunities outside Singapore

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Channel 8 dramas always had an extra attractiveness with Tay Ping Hui in them. He would add such a manly twist to drama, and my, did I love watching him on TV. I would fairly admit that I had an idol crush on him because of the manly characters he used to portray and with his childish bad boy good looks it really difficult not to like him. His occasional appearances on television now and then are far from the days when he used to be on almost every single drama, perhaps retiring from the media industry and switching to other lines.

Bias as it may seem, his acting is too not that all bad. Perhaps his charms give him an advantage over his peers but I would say that they are working fairly well given his large fan base around Singapore and his undying popularity despite dying down from the media scene in recent years. Blessed with good features it seems, that even with age, his youth never seems to die!

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Good-looking man

Yes, Tay Ping Hui, in my opinion, is one of the more pleasant looking actors out there. Even though I am a guy, I always felt that amongst the prior generation of local celebrities, he was the one who stood out in terms of appearance.

However, that's not to say that he's old and behind on the times. On the contrary, he's one of the more prominent Singaporeans on social media, with many youths retweeting or liking his updates. It's a pity as time passes, more focus falls upon the younger ones, such as Dai Yangtian or Edwin Goh, resulting in lesser publicity for him.

I believe that he can be a role model for those aspiring to be in the film and acting industry.

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Talented but not enough versatility

Tay Ping Hui is good, but not good enough.

This guy never had many challenging roles come his way. All that he's been doing so far isn't too hard. He's always playing the good game or a tragic man. He never had any insane roles or any bad guy ones to up himself with. It's always the same, old boring persona and It's a wearying act.

All that aside, he's a good looking chap and a good cook. I am in small doubt about his hosting abilities but I'd assume for a bilingual man, he'd still be choice material when it comes to inter-channel game or variety shows.

He's quite a humble man and I guess that's a saving grace too. Not too bad an actor but I highly doubt as future challenging roles.

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