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Qi Yu Wu (戚玉武)

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He is a Singapore-based Chinese actor. He was born on 28 November 1976. He is now a PR of Singapore and a contracted artist under MediaCorp.


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Hot. That's probably the first word that pops into your mind. One of the best looking male actors in Mediacorp, he has won many swooning hearts over. Looks aside, I feel that he has good acting skills and an ability to blend seamlessly into his onscreen character.

I don't seem to see him very much on TV now, perhaps due to the influx of new talent into Mediacorp of late. Fans shouldn't despair though, think I saw on Instagram a shot that involves him in the drama serial CLIF 3. Looks like we all have something to look forward to come April 2014.

On the personal side of things, rumours that he was gay began to circulate some time ago. Things weren't helped by the fact that he was silent about this and there was no public declaration of his sexuality. I don't know of his difficulties, but I feel that he could have saved himself from all the extra trouble by just issuing a statement or some sort of public answer.

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Shy Boy Look that hides his emotions

There were rumours going about for awhile about his sexual orientation - the rumour being that he was with a boyfriend but broke up after when his boyfriend decided to move to a village and rear chicken. If that were true, it would be such a pity because there have been many of my girlfriends who decided that he seemed to be one of the few rising stars considered as "cute" and even "handsome".

Putting that aside, he always seems to exude an image of calm and tranquillity. His facial expression seems to be constantly locked in that slight smile of his, which may be a little bit too collected for mediacorp. In fact, there seems to be complaints about his mediocre acting skills and his limited emotional range. Personally, I think certain roles like the boy he plays in 881 suits his 'lack of expression'. Maybe he just needs to work his facial muscles a little more and get out of the shy boy look he has.

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(Updated: July 15, 2013)

Silent Charm.

Renowned for his silent charm, Qi Yu Wu is a man of few words yet he tops popularity charts. He used to be acting in many of the local shows that I watched and now that back from my long break, previously ditching sub-standard local dramas for foreign films, my higher expectations made me critic local actors (very demandingly).

I used to think that Qi Yu Wu was good-looking but after scrutinizing his facial features I threw him in the “so-yesterday” category. The kind of reaction you get when you look back at your puppy love crushes going “what was I thinking?!” After watching more scenes of him, (playing as a lovey-dovey boyfriend) I regretted what I said. Up till today, he has the ability to melt ladies’ hearts with a smile, a wink or a flirty look.

Okay enough with the bimbo talk. Let’s get down to the main course, his acting skills. He has a natural flair for acting and his lines doesn’t come across as cheesy or awkward. Besides the ability to charm, which already requires much skill, he has the capability to live the character he plays e.g. sloppy, chauvinistic, rich, bad tempered. However, I believe he has the capability to play a much more ambitious role, if he is willing to cast his image aside, that is.

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(Updated: July 12, 2013)

Is he gay or not?

Sorry but I had to be straight with the question.

A lot of people have been discussing his sexual orientation and the general belief was that he was a gay. However, he recently hitched up with another female mediacorp artiste joanne peh who broke up with her ang moh hunk of a boyfriend bobby tonelli with his washboard abs. And this created a lot of waves in the media.

Well, as long as both of them are happy, I don't see why not.

On to his acting, I feel that he exudes the sort of charisma which would attract a lot of females. He seems like the type who doesn't talk much, but his eyes, facial expressions and actions speak volumes. That's what's interesting about him I feel. Let's hope he has chemistry with the other female artistes in the ongoing drama channel 8 9pm!

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Peppered by freckles

I have not seen him for what seemed to be like ages. I was no avid fan of his but I did release a sigh of relief the moment he plopped back onscreen via a channel 8 drama, C.L.I.F 2. Isn't it always a welcoming sight to behold whenever you are able to recognise a familiar face amongst an ocean of unfamiliarity?

I recalled watching him in another channel 8 drama before his disappearing act, several years ago. The television sets that day was a far cry from the ones I own now. Yes, it was flat-screened. Yes, theres colour. However, it lacked in terms of clarity or sharpness. Hence, Qi Yu Wu seemed flawless throughout his previous shows. Unfortunately, with the aid of High Definition television sets, flaws have been ultimately accentuated itself.

The flaws that were previously marred by low technology have now been magnified and highlighted upon due to an improved state of technology. One such flaw I witnessed that was casted upon him via HD TVs was freckles. I was rather intrigued by how much freckles peppered his face. Freckles are indeed a rare situation when it comes to Asians.

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Block of wood in CLIF 2

CLIF 2 was one of the few series that I followed through. But it was definitely not because of Qi Yu Wu. In the show, he was like a "block of wood", even being boyfriend to a character as lively as Joanne Peh, he still behaved like a zombie. In the last episode when Joanne Peh was required to choose her boyfriend, even my daughter said Joanne Peh should not choose Qi Yu Wu. Should this be considered he was successful in his character portrayal?

I think the best part was the advertisements of Gaincity between the shows. In the advertisements, he behaved just like the character in the show, a block of wood trying to promote a product. I don't know whether it was intentional because the advertisements would be shown in the show or it was just how he behaved after getting his divorce.

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Qi YuWu, fondly known as 715 is a Singaporean based chinese actor, and fortunately he shed off that Chinese Accent. He is a talented actor whom have took on diversified roles as a villian, a lawyer, a police officer, sunshine swimming instructor etc. He also has the looks and body!

However, he does not seem to have many roles in Channel 8 dramas these days. I am not too sure if hes being undervalued or he is just too busy trying to conquer the China market because i have seen him in some China Chinese dramas and movies occassionally. Nonetheless, i still have a very good impression of 715. Although he may look cold on the surface and has been criticized for being expression-less for filming, he is still a professional and respected gem in the Singapore entertainment industry.

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Good looking but oddly under rated

My mother absolutely adores this dude. She even went as far as to dial his number during Star Awards a few years back. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of Qi Yu Wu, but I do have to admit, this guy can act.

Qi Yu Wu's been in the media industry for an awfully long time; In fact I can remember him acting in a drama serial when I was but a mere primary school kid. Although he has aged significantly since then, his looks are relatively unchanging, and he is still as boyishly charming as ever.

Although he may not appeal to the teenage crowd unlike other male actors like Elvin Ng does, he definitely deserves more love! His acting is natural, and for a guy, he breaks into tears seamlessly and seemingly with amazing ease. His lines are delivered smoothly, and there is none of that awkward cringeworthy tension that comes along with poor actors.

A wonderful actor. A real pity that only the middle aged ladies seem to know how to appreciate him.

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Charismatic and sexy

Who can deny that Qi Yu Wu is gorgeously hot?
Okay fine, I admit. I am a superficial, shallow and judgmental teenager that have a sickly obsession towards the perfection of physical appearances and bodily image.

Qi Yu Wu has starred in two of my favourite shows! Little Nyonya and The Champion - maybe it's because he's in the show that makes it so good.

It's not just about the handsome face on screen that makes the drama serial so appealing. Qi Yu Wu's acting skills are likewise natural and he is fluent in delivering his lines, which makes his scenes smooth and pleasing.

The perfect body built with sexily toned muscles covered with a beautiful golden-bronze tan that gives him a healthy glow (okay great, I'm once again being superficial) that Qi Yu Wu has allow him to play the role of an active diver in "The Champion" to perfect. In Little Nyonya as well, he could play the role of the young master to a degree of surrealism that is admirable.

Oh don't even get started on his charisma. The charismatic that he wears like an armour is enough to charm any lady off her feet as she swoons over him. Especially when he smiles! Oh gosh, am I the only one that thinks that the smile he wears can simply melt away anything?

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