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Edmund Chen is a Singaporean film actor, singer, television actor and host. He is also one of the few Singaporeans to have successfully ventured into Hollywood.




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Edmund Chen Latest Work

I would think of Edmund Chen as someone who is an all-rounder talented person. Thinking about it, he was a mediacorp actor who ventured into Hollywood and was a singer at some point.

After leaving the entertainment industry, he wrote Children's book, participated and won the Guinness World Record for the Longest Drawing. His latest news was that he produced an SG50 Memory Project - Ah Cai La Kopi that features artistes and entrepreneurs who shares their life experiences. You can find the facebook link here:

To me, passion is vital in what I do but there are limited things I feel I can accomplish in this life. And Edmund Chen's achievements made me respect him, both as a person and as a fellow Singaporean. I do think leaving Mediacorp as a popular celebrity is something not anyone will have the courage to do so, which he did and was able to achieve success in other fields.

Two thumbs up!

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Capable both in and out of film industry

I think with Edmund Chen's veteran acting skills, he is on par with the other famous actors such as Li Nan Xing and Chew Chor Meng. He even has an advantage over them - he is effectively bilingual.

I've watched numerous drama serials starring Edmund Chen and has often discovered that he is very natural in his acting - he absorbs the characteristics of the role he plays to perfection sometimes I forget who he really is. In addition, his handsome features has always made him very likeable amongst the audience as it is indeed pleasing to the eye.

His successful venture into Hollywood films by the famous Warner Bros in 'Turn Left, Turn Right' is not surprising given his mastery of acting techniques. Not only that, Chen has proven his capability outside of the filming industry. He not only can host major charity galas, he is also a Guinness world record holder - the longest drawing by an individual - which has greatly increased his popularity and name.

I'd definitely love to see more of his television work on air!

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Where is he?

I remembered Edmund from his many dramas on Channel 8. I also remember him from that medical/Home Team drama on Channel 5 whose title I had forgotten. My biggest impression of him is that he is about the only Channel 8 actor who could speak decent English and could hold his own on an English language programme.

He'd usually play parts where he is a well-heeled professional, adding glamour to them. That makes me think that actors and actresses are perhaps even more talented than the actual professionals themselves for being able to make their roles seem so believable and for Edmund, even more so than many other actors locally.

I am wondering though what he is doing nowadays. He seems to have vanished.

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The father of my senior

That's the most I remember him to be. I have vague memories of Edmund Chen being on television shows, perhaps more of him being in commercials with his family in the recent few years. I didn't even know that he had ventured into the hollywood scene! That certainly came as a surprise to me.

When I was in secondary school, Edmund Chen and his wife, Xiang Yun, made a guest appearance at my school's CNY celebrations (their son was a student of the school). With a sore throat, he sang his heart out to a cheesy CNY song and had the school laughing and clapping along. That must have been the most interesting school CNY celebration I've ever experienced.

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Finally settled down

When Edmund first got married to Xiang Yun, there were always rumours that he was having affairs outside. I guessed that was unavoidable because he was younger than Xiang Yun and was not a bad looking guy.

But in recent years, he seemed to have settled down to be a family man and had even appeared with his family in a few advertisements. I respected man that can put aside temptations and put his family first.

I heard that recently, he had stopped acting and became an author for children books. I was not sure whether he was successful in that venture but he must know that anytime he wanted to go back to acting, Mediacorp would welcome him back.

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(Updated: February 14, 2013)

Edmund and the refrigerators.

I used to see him acting regularly on Channel 8 drama shows. His acting was rather humorous and his professionalism ethics are seen soaring alongside the viewers he raked. Now, however, he is commonly seen beside an eco-friendly refrigerator which he endorsed with his family. His wife, daughter and son. All of them are seen marvelling over new eco-friendly refrigerators. I frequently grabbed my remote and flicked my television on and are usually greeted by their commercial; the world's biggest fans of eco-friendly fridges. I recalled vaguely that they did an eco-friendly advertisement on a new batch of air conditioners too! Was that them?

Whatever happened to the actor in Edmund Chen. I can't seem to find him featured in any new local shows recently! Has he settled himself in the comfort of solely an environmentally friendly endorser?

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Talented, but could be more fan-friendly.

I've been seeing Edmund Chen on TV all my life, but I guess his best performance would be in "Double Happiness". great chemistry with Ivy aside, I think he played out his character well from start to end.

Although he's made recent inroads into Hollywood, I don't find his performances in "Street Fighter" were anything to rave about. rather, I found them devoid of emotion. And I've also personally seen him in real life when approached by young fans, and he just snubbed them leaving them crestfallen. The backbone of an actor's success and fame are his fans, I think Edmund should realise this simple fact.

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Notable for getting into the Hollywood scene

Edmund Chen has been an actor since the 1980s, before I was born, and he has been pursuing his career as far as possible, and still is. The show that I remember him best from is Double Happiness, the 'kuai le yu' show, where he was a doctor who went missing for a couple of episodes.

Of course, if one was to mention Edmund Chen to me, I'd describe him as 'the one who acted in The Legend of Chun Li", in which he acted as Chun Li's father. Although his acting in the show felt somewhat awkward to watch, and the show was pretty bad overall, I do praise him for being able to venture so far in his career, and bad or not, it's something worth speaking of in his job.

Other than acting, Edmund Chen has also ventured into directing (of which his film was screened at the 25th Singapore International Film Festival this year) as well as appearing in advertisements, most notably (for me) the fridge advertisement where he and his whole family starred in it together.

Being a hard worker, I am sure that we will see Edmund Chen hopefully hit a higher (and better) peak than acting as the Street Fighter girl's father.

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