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He was born on 23 July 1983. He is a Taiwan-based Singaporean singer and actor.


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Rather pleasant singing

I'm not surprised that he has decided to venture further into Taiwan to work on his singing career, and I think that's a great move.

His frequent appearances on Taiwan variety shows, I believe, is a great way to build up his portfolio and gain popularity in the country and elsewhere. However, I sometimes do feel indignant for him and upset at the treatment the Taiwanese hosts of those shows give to him. I see that sometimes he is unknowingly made as the 'joke' of those shows, and often he is quite embarrassed by their rude comments.

Well, but I guess these sacrifices are necessary before you make it big in the singing industry. I've heard him sing live before, and I found his voice rather pleasing to the ear, though I must say that it is not mind-blowing. I've not heard of his news for quite some time now, and I do hope he eventually make it someday!

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Lacking in ways but still decent

My first impression of this guy was that he is blur and lacks charisma. The first time I saw him was not during his singing performances or through his albums but in a Taiwanese drama, where he played as an innocent and blur younger brother who is being pushed around by his brothers in taking care of his sister.

I feel that that was a perfect role for him, for after seeing the variety shows he hosted and his way of talking on stage, I find him lacking in maturity and his voice makes him feel like a kid, which also makes him unable to emit a charisma that other male singers and actors can. No doubt he has a decent ability in performing, but his lack of maturity and charisma is a major down point for him.

While he does have a knack to make boring show topics more interesting, his ideas of humour tends to be more of childish comments compared to other show hosts. Overall, I feel he still has much to learn and improve.

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cute and genuine singer

The first i saw him was during the singing competition in taiwan and my first impression of him was cute and funny. I didn't really notice him until he opened his mouth and sang. I was completely blown away by his voice. It was not the usual guy voice from those r&b singers but a softer and soothing voice. And he was remembered by the host for his usage of proverbs and idioms which i found it really LOL for he could just say one on the spot. No doubt his singing is good!

He was also talent scouted to host a food variety show and i like the way he host the show. His blurness and funny chinese idiomssure made the show funny and light-hearted. The isn't any sense of "fakeness" in him and he seems so genuine in everything he does. I like the way he is just comfortable being himself.

I believe he would make it big in his music career for his versatile voice allows him to sing either female or male songs, which is pretty rare in the music industry. And he has this very unique voice that you would recognise it's him instantly after he sings. Trust me, you will. It's a very distinctive voice. :)

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)


I find him a little blur and cute. His passion for singing is shown in his hard work put in for a Taiwan show, One Million Star season 3. He came in six in that competition, an honourable position. He portrays a likeable character, and never fails to crack me up with his really lame jokes. He is also known as an 'idioms king' through his eloquence.

He starred in JUMP!, a recent 13-episode-long drama in May 2012. Overall, he's a talented artist who is always humble and willing to learn. Oh yes, you must watch his performances in one million star. He is just so cute!

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Representation of a generation

I find him to be too girly. He represented the new generation of male idols whom many I felt were too girly. The way he spoke and how his voice sounded, I could not stand him.

I had watched him during the singing competition, yes, his voice was good at singing and everyone could see his hard work in the competition. He definitely had more strength under his soft appearance and that was what enabled him to go so far in the competition.

The last time I saw him in a variety show, he was trying to be more manly. He had improved a bit in manliness but still a long way for me to accept him as a man. May be he is now a boy learning to be a man.

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likeable singer, actor and host

He started his search in Singapore talent show: Project SuperStar. He was a contestant in Taiwan talent show: One Million Star Season 3. He gotten 6th in One Million Season 3. He is well-known for his humorous character and speech, the host will always ask him to say some Chinese idioms related to the topic on that day or he will just blurt out some Chinese idioms while he speaks.

He is not only a singer, but also an actor. Involved in casting Taiwan drama and Singapore MediaCorp youth drama: Jump! (跳浪). His role is a passionate secondary school teacher.

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