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Li Nanxing is perhaps one of Singapore's most prolific veteran actors, and is widely regarded as the best actor in MediaCorp. Having consistently been voted as the 'Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste' throughout his distinguished career, Li Nanxing has certainly established himself as an actor of pure class and talent. 

In 1993, Li shot to fame for starring in The Unbeatables, an iconic Mandarin-language saga that aired on prime-time weekdays. The huge success of the drama quickly led to 2 more sequel seasons which lived up to the public's high expectations. Li's portrayal of the lead character Yan Fei led to widespread acclaim. 

Last seen in 2011's On The fringe, Li Nanxing has shown that he still has a long way to go before giving up his crown as 'king' of Singapore's MediaCorp Caldecott Hill.


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The undisputed King of Caldecott

Who would dare claim his throne when he's still here?

Li Nan Xing is a stunning actor. The easy way he plays his characters, the charm he exudes so easily, the intensity his characters are played with, everything. The roles he's taken on in the past were glamorous and high-flying, like in The Unbeatables. He played them to pristine, making the role look as if it's tailored especially for him.

Of late, he has taken darker roles and he plays them with as much fire. He still has his moves and his manly charm, and the way he exudes weariness and reform is superb. Age has not crept up on Li Nan Xing. Age has greeted him as an equal and left him only with little laugh lines and a sexier vibe.

Please give the king more roles.

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Li Nan Xing is one of my all times favourite actors. He has that really wonderful look on him that showed people that he has went through countless difficulties in life and it simply shows on his face. This make him really suitable to act in roles that requires such life experience or at least the look of it.

My deepest impression of him was his role in the gambling show (双天至尊). All the stunts and magic with the cards, and the sadness when he loses his family and everything. He may not be Chow Yun Fatt in the King of Gamblers, but Li has his own way of acting as a King himself. Although it was a great impression then, when I watched the replays now, well, it is pretty cheesy though.

He has also acted in a few dramas where he appeared like a gangster or gangster who turned over a new leaf. His portrayal of such roles was also fantastic as he was able to showcase the loyalty and toughness of a gangster, yet at the same time a gangster that will let tears roll down his face and show his soft side.

He has now gone from acting and moved on to directing and his movies are pretty decent as well.

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Oldie but still popular

Li Nanxing is one of Singapore’s oldest actors, being a graduate from the first batch of Mediacorp Actors. He used to be extremely famous back in the days and would often appear on TV dramas, variety TV and as a host for events.

Till today, Li Nanxing is still highly sought after in the Singapore Arts Scene. Having one of the most reputable acting careers, many TV directors desire to star him to draw attention to their dramas. For instance, Li Nanxing’s latest drama, The Dream Makers has gained much popularity partially because it stars big names such as Li himself.

While we usher in newer faces into Singapore’s filming scene, such as Romeo Tan and Edwin Goh, it is crucial we don’t forget the pioneer generation of actors as it is they, who were once at the forefront of Singapore’s arts scene.

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Nothing gold can stay

Of course, nobody would deny that this veteran actor has mastered prolific complicated acting techniques that has made his on-screen profile highly noticed by the masses. After his hit film 'The Unbeatables', Li rose to stardom and it was clear to all that he indeed has great affinity with the audience - an essential quality that many actors yearned for.

However, he has recently become more active in the media once more and this time when I viewed his acting, I felt something was amiss. His most recent film: "The Journey: A Voyage" seemed to portray a rather.... (if I have to put in harshly) lacklustre performance. I was only mildly intrigued. Either the character was not sufficiently developed on the part of the scriptwriter, or Li did not manage the explore this character in greater depth.

Of course, there were a multitude of other factors affecting an actor's performance on screen - the quality of the script as well as the acting standards of other actors and perhaps it was these other influences that made me feel as this way.

That said, I will always remember his heroic days where he was my god of idolatry.

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Dashing personality in addition to his physique

I've always been attracted to the rugged look of Li Nanxing. It seems that most of the sitcoms that he stars in portray him as a man of steel - both physically and mentally. That being said, he does play the role well - it suits his look and physique. While he may be portrayed as a man of little words with a strong persona, he has a look of a dashing hero.

Even in his real life portrayal, I never fail to look at him and think that he could be a hero of some sort in real life. His tanned skinned matches his nice smile - even when he is dressed in a suit, he looks smart and dashing.

Maybe its because my impression of him as a hero has marred my impression of him as a person in reality.

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Li Nanxing has been an actor for as long as I can remember. Although I was never a hardcore fan of him, I still enjoyed watching his acting greatly. I think that he has an ability to really connect with his onscreen character, which brings a lot of depth and personality to an otherwise dead and fictional being. The number of shows that he has acted in and the range of roles that he has played are also testimonies of how versatile he is as an actor.

However, he was missing from the scene for quite some time, which I thought was strange. Maybe Mediacorp was trying to bleed the younger actors and give them more air time while letting the veteran actors rest a bit. But now he's back in the 9pm Channel 8 show The Voyage which assures me that at least he is not completely gone from the Singapore acting scene!

Definitely a worthy actor to keep tabs on.

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Best actor in Singapore

Li Nanxing is undisputedly the best actor in Singapore. He is the best at playing bad personas, including a gambler in The Unbeatables series and a gangster in On The Fringe. He may be more inclined playing these types of characters, but he can be a caring dad in shows like 企鹅爸爸 (Daddy At Home). His competency in acting is very well shown.

The best of his acting is still in On The Fringe, where he breaks through as one who has turned over a new leaf. His portrayal of the emotions are very effective.

Even off screen, he still shows his vulnerabilities. He goes to my church and testified once about how his life went downhill, much like his characters on TV. He has since bounced back and is very resilient. Love how personal he can get and shows that his fame never gets to him.

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Can Get Pretty Personal

Li Nanxing is no doubt a powerful veteran actor on Channel 8, having played many different roles and played them well, winning much acclaim from his acting career.

Aside from his acting career, there was a certain concert/performance some time last year in the Indoor Stadium. Li Nanxing was not the only one speaking in the performance, there were other actors and actresses, some from Taiwan who appeared on stage. Li Nanxing appeared toward the end of the show, in which he got a little personal by sharing a bit about his life experiences and his faith.

The audience marveled at his life sharing and how authentic he was baring his heart to a large group of people he did not know. The audience consisted of people from all walks of life, spanning a diverse age range. He was very sincere and passionate about his convictions, which he came to hold after some dramatic life experiences. In a sense, he came across just like any other ordinary person, going through the ups and downs of life. What is extraordinary about him, however, is how he arose from those vicissitudes of life not irrevocably damaged, but profoundly changed. This, he credits in large part to his faith, which saw him through.

Li Nanxing is ordinarily extraordinary as he has shown to us through his life example that life may throw you curve balls, but what we do is to face them squarely, overcome them valiantly and ultimately emerge as better people. While some people in the limelight may choose to keep their private lives secret, Li Nanxing has set himself apart by opening up his life, being generous in loving the community through sharing his heart.

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Original Yandao?

You cannot deny that Li was the best looking male actor in his prime compared to the rest. For that he won a number of roles that portrayed him as a good looking cad, good looking gambler, good looking lover, good looking good guy. You get the drift?

Acting skills wise, I felt that there were more talented actors other than him, the late Huang Wenyong being one of the best. But you cannot begrudge the fact that he did provide some eye candy moments for female viewers back then.

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The charismatic vagrant

Li Nanxing has been my idol ever since the unbeatables sequels while I was still a kid. Aside from the unbeatables series, his starring in the Vagrant has also left a huge impression on me. He also won the best actor award by starring in the vagrant which I think he totally deserves. He is charismatic in his own ways and that doesn’t go away with age. In his more recent drama with Jeanette Aw, I feel that he can still carry off his character and role well and certainly does not lose out to the younger actors at all. Oh and come to think of it, in the drama, he also acted as a vagrant! Anyway, he is a rather low profile actor I would say, as usually there isn’t much news about him (or maybe because I seldom read the news) and I seldom see him on variety shows even in the past. I really miss his blockbuster dramas and would definitely hope to see more of his works in future.

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Applaudable veteran!

He is an ongoing onscreen veteran. He's acting skill has raised several notches up within each show he was featured in. I didn't know that was possible! He was already impressive before but his improvement was so apparent in the show he's currently in!

He seemed drab, haggard and demented when he was first featured in a show called was it 'Beyond'? He vividly immersed himself with the character he was supposed to portray; a vagabond. However, he appeared in C.L.I.F 2 recently and it was a far cry from his vagabond image. He was frequently clad in crisp shirts that were tucked in in a manner that didn't repulse the eyes. The attires he wore there even flaunted his physique! I was rather taken aback that his physique was rather lean and toned for an age that is approaching a grey haired era! He seemed to be injected by a vial of youthfulness for his character in this show made him appear to age backwards. He was much more radiant and jovial in comparison to the gloomy and mundane being he portrayed in the previous show.

Coupled with his myriad range of expressions and experiences, Li Nanxing is certainly reigning the veteran position of versatility!

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Cannot understand his success

I could not understand why Li Nanxing was such a successful actor. Yes, I agreed, when he was younger, he was quite a good looking guy but I had never remembered him to be a good actor.

Especially now that they do not use dubbed voice but use live recording, his shows become more difficult to watch. The way he speaks, it is not very clear and I guess his natural language is definitely not Mandarin. In the latest C.L.I.F.2, he acted as a forensic team leader and his acting was not convincing at all. The worst part was he was interested in Rui En in the show. They must have at least a ten years age difference.

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