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Dennis Chew is a Singaporean Dj, host, actor and singer.

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His laughs are so contagious!

I have liked Dennis Chew even in the earlier days as he was a DJ at yes933. Dennis Chew is an amusing entertainer who have great chemistry with his DJ partners on air, and i like how he is so at ease cracking jokes, laughing uncontrollabily on air that also influenced me to laugh foolishly at my desk when i hear the radio.

In recent years, he ventured into Mediacorp and he was moulded into a popular character Auntie Lucy. Though we are not new to these crossdressing characters, Dennis Chew plays Auntie Lucy perfectly and exudes the 'auntie' character very well. Because of this role, he has earned much revenue and endorsements in his career.

Be it the DJ at yess933 or Auntie Lucy in the screens, he brings laughter to all his audiences and i will always remember this artiste in my heart.

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A male or female entertainer?

He has played to such perfection, the female character Auntie Lucy, that sometimes, it slips my mind who he actually is in reality.

The child-like countenance of Dennis Chew certainly enhanced his bubbly, gregarious nature that everyone can't help but like. His contagious laughter and ridiculous jokes had regaled the audience and brought about heaps of laughter to us as I enjoy his shows on television.

I remember, when he was starring as "Auntie Lucy" in "Paris and Milan" that was played on Channel 8 a few years back, I would catch every episode faithfully - it was one of those variety shows that allowed some breather and fun after a hectic day in school.

However, a question has always lingered in my mind as the Auntie Lucy role he plays boost the fame and he instantaneously became a household name.

How did he feel about being more commonly recognized as Auntie Lucy, rather than Dennis Chew? It seems to me as if the real him was hiding behind the big shadow cast by his successful character.

While everyone loved the appearance of the feisty, racy and somewhat garrulous lady he plays, I have always wondered whether he had any negative emotions about having to dress up like a woman - the woman that was probably more well-known than him.

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Best known for being the iconic Aunty Lucy

The only thing I know about this guy is that he plays the popular local character Aunty Lucy. Aunty Lucy shot to fame because of the witty comments and actions 'she' made, such as turning her head everytime 'she' said, "So embarassing!"

It was really funny watching Dennis Chew play Aunty Lucy, and I find it a very bold move for any guy to cross dress and be completely what they are not, and he made his own character extremely convincing. I would say that Aunty Lucy is the reason why Dennis shot to fame. To be honest, I don't listen to Chinese radio, so I had no idea who he was before I saw Aunty Lucy.

However, being so used to seeing him as Aunty Lucy, it sometimes does feel weird seeing him as himself on reality shows (although sometimes he even appears as he female persona on such shows!!!) and being normal, HAHA. Guess I got too used to seeing Aunty Lucy during 'her' time of fame and frequent television appearance.

I only wonder if Dennis Chew will be able to expand his career further, given that the Aunty Lucy rave is definitely dying down. Hardly see or hear of 'her' anymore, and other than reality shows, I don't exactly see this guy anymore... Hopefully, soon, he will reappear on the television again, acting in dramas, and taking on new risks, perhaps!

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Mr Flamboyant

Dennis Chew is much more than just Auntie Lucy. For those of you who aren't aware of his 'behind-the-scenes-kinda' career, he is also a popular DJ at YES 93.3, and a former entrepreneur.

Personally, I have always felt that he was always over-the-top. Perhaps this is a case of his popularity being too much to handle? The role of Aunty Lucy has become his trademark, with TV commercials and newspaper advertisements preferring him to don that image rather than his true self. I feel that this is a little sad - he can never truly be himself.

I feel that if he is able to standout a little more, he can achieve so much more. After all, you don't see famous actors being associated with just one role. They play multiple personalities, and make them work. I don't see why the talented Chew can't follow suit as well.

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I am slightly disturbed by this dude

I am not even kidding.

At this point, I would have trouble believing it if someone told me that Dennis Chew can still completely dissociate himself from Auntie Lucy. I am quite convinced that Auntie Lucy has became an alter for him and I am disgusted that our local tv is still abusing him as said role despite it being old news.

Dennis Chew himself is an alright deejay. I would listen to his podcasts if there was nothing else on the radio, but I'd switch over anytime to hear reports about a car crash or sorts. But the man is a comedic genius though. I loved his role as a foreigner, mentioning the phrase "I love Singapore" at least twice in a sentence. It was one of the shows that catapulted him to further fame and he deserved every last ounce of it.

I really think he should be Dennis the Chew and not Lucy the Auntie anymore.

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Good entertainer, but could be better.

Dennis Chew is one of the more popular deejays in Singapore's Chinese-speaking scene at the moment due in part of his jokes, on-air charisma and youthful energy.

I'm more familiar with his middle-aged cross-dressing female persona, Auntie Lucy. "Aiyoh, so embarrassing!" quickly became his catchphrase, and boy did he pull it off! I inevitable compared Auntie Lucy with Jack Neo's Liang Po Po, and I feel that we finally have found this generation's answer to that iconic old woman.

However, I feel that he shouldn't rest on his laurels and should expose himself more internationally to gain that extra finishing required to make him into a household name.

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hilarious and talented

I have came to know of Dennis Chew from his radio program on Yes93.3 since my secondary school days. Every time when I am doing homework and feeling stressed, I will tuned in to his radio program to listen to his jokes. He is a guy who is very good at telling jokes and after laughing at his jokes, it provided some form of de-stress effect.

He also hosted a lot of variety shows to find popular food stores and also in a sitcom where he act as Aunty Lucy! With his character as Aunty Lucy, many aunties love him so much that he has gained lots of endorsement for products! And children love to imitate his Aunty Lucy actions such as his famous pet phrase "Aiyo, So Embarrassing~"

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Auntie Lucy

I did not really know much about Dennis Chew, until he started acting as Auntie Lucy on various variety shows and movie. I only know that he is DJ. I find that he is really funny and came to like Auntie Lucy this character a lot. He can really be into that character that he is acting in really well without people who are watching feeling awkward, and also wearing the clothing that he may not feel comfortable in since they are female clothes. The characters that he played in the show 'Paris and Milan' are rather funny as well. My friends and I will imitate them sometimes.

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Cheerful guy!

Dennis Chew is by far, the most cheerful actor in my eyes. He not only has that all-smiles face, he also has a character that is childish yet loveable. I used to love him even more, but ever since he played the role of Auntie Lucy, I started to get sick of him.

Sure, Auntie Lucy is a very funny character, but if it goes on too long, it starts to get boring and even annoying. Sadly, Dennis decided to portray Auntie Lucy for too long.

Besides putting him down, I also have to give credit to him. His acting in "Love me, love me not (真爱无敌)" really made me laugh a lot, when he plays a 'rogue' angel who spoils everything for the main characters. I also totally love his laugh, which is extremely child-like.

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