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Bryan Wong is a Singaporean host and actor.

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Full of wonders

Bryan Wong's more than just a face on the screen I have to say. Born with a flair for design and cooking, I really admire him for his creativity touch in almost everything he does. For those who have watched him in the "Home Decor Survivor", wouldn't you agree?

I probably wouldn't really like him for his acting skills, but instead for what his artistic talent!

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Whenever I saw Bryan Wong on the TV, I would have different feelings of him. Sometimes I would feel he was too cocky but sometimes I would feel he was humble.

I guessed even Bryan Wong himself was not very sure which side of him he wanted to portray on TV. He would appear serious and artistic in certain programmes while in others he would be the act cute guy. People may see that as he was versatile but I just think he lacked character.

Deep down, I believed he was a clever guy, it's just how much he wanted to show off. Sometimes, by purposely trying to hide your intelligence, it made you fake. Sometimes, crying too easily also made you fake. I cannot decide whether he was real or fake so this at least mean that he is a good actor.

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Not a great fan of him.

I'm not exactly a great fan of Bryan Wong, to be honest.

Well, it is undeniable that he has a offbeat sense of humour, a quirky hosting style and a congenial smile that is appealing and inviting. Of course, in my perspective, he does not carry a strong sense of masculinity or even maturity, and sometimes, I feel that he casts himself as a small child inclined to childish behaviour.

In one of the variety that I subscribed to previously, I noticed that he could be rather careless with his remarks about others that can appear to be insensitive, sardonic and even slightly denigrating. Probably it's simply being honest and open about his comments, but I do believe that host should be have dexterity with their words, making the appropriate comments at the right time.

As much as some of these negative points of him tars the image of him in my mind, I certainly admire him for being so talented. He has such creativity that is indeed commendable! The variety shows that involves designing of houses certain gave him a good platform to showcase his art in designing. In the show, his flair for interior decorations and designs certainly stood out and the way he could conceptualize his designs is superlative.

Not to forget, he is even a fabulous chef!

One comment that a close friend of mine made about him goes like this:
"You don't have to be likeable, popular or well-received. You simply have to be very good at what you're doing. Bryan Wong is one example."

Oh, how true.

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well liked multi talented star.

He is a very well known figure in the mediacorp and television industry. Not only among teenagers but also among the older generation. He is a multi talented person and through all his shows i've watched, i've discovered many of his talents besides, acting, hosting and entertaining. From the home decor show, i've realised that he has great art skills.

In the show he drew many murals on the walls of the houses and managed to make the houses look 10x better than before, what with the beautiful color coordination and the addition of all of his personal artwork. He is also humble and has a friendly disposition, which is what makes him well liked by all his viewers.

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Jack of all trades...

Master of none.

Bryan Wong is talented and clearly an all-rounder. He seems to be able to do absolutely everything - act, host, cook, decorate, everything! However, I think he does lack focus in his career.

His talent in acting is limited, and as for hosting, he tends to make bad jokes and doesn't have much comedic timing. As with many other hosts in Singapore, he thinks himself comical and absolutely hilarious, yet his jokes are crass, crude and in bad taste.

I do think he should venture into interior decorating as a possible option for a future career. He seems to be particularly talented in that field.

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Ever since Bryan Wong first appeared on TV, I already liked him. There is just some kind of connection between us, probably because of our same surname!

I must say he is really the most talented man in Mediacorp. Why? He is a variety show veteran, he has amazing cooking skills, great fashion taste and he could even be a home interior designer! I love watching 'Home Decor' where Bryan and Mark Lee are each assigned to design the interior of a household living room. They will then compete against one another. You can randomly google photos of what Bryan Wong have designed and you will be amused by how much artistic talent he has!

However, a flaw that I must point out is that Bryan is rather sarcastic on the shows that he hosts! I mean there is some humour in it but sometimes when it is overboard, it may get a little unpleasant to watch!

Still, Bryan Wong is one real talent out there!

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He belongs to an older generation

Bryan Wong fits ill into today's generation.

As if everyone hasn't already realized, Bryan Wong is a very classy man with a tinge of good humor. He is a superb home designer and an artist. He can be in any other industry of his choice after his works were so well showcased and broadcast-ed on national tv but the humble man stuck through Mediacorp like a loyal soldier.

But that's not what won me over.

What won me over was his charm. The man has an insatiable need to be fun. He asks the cutest questions and replies the quirkest things. He has no temper to speak of. But of all, his jokes are always polite and funny. There was a time in the '80s where people were funny without being crass or disrespectful. Bryan Wong fits snugly into that category.

He is our pride.

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Arty Arty Arty

Talk about Bryan Wong and I will think of "Home Decor Survivor". I started noticing him through this reality show displaying his artistic talent and charisma.

As someone who loves visual art, I love how he always think out of the box and try on new style of paintings and DIY items. His love for art can been seen in every single episode. No sloppy work is done as he put in his very best at every second. All that hard work, is something a person who has never tried DIY or visual art can imagine. Really salute him.

I think it's great that he can venture into reality shows that unleash his arty potential at the same time. How many mediacorp artise are able to do that? His witty jokes also never fail to bring up the atmosphere although I thought that his jokes sometimes are a little on the hurtful side to the person he is making fun of. Nonetheless, it's good that he still know his limits.

I hope he will be given the opportunity to show his visual arts and designing skills once again with reality shows for fans who wanted to watch him in action. Let's cheer for him!

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Talented but could be better.

Another City Beat alumnus who has endeared himself to the general television-watching household in Singapore. although I personally think that it was Bryan's co-hosting skills on Channel U that made him a more all-round television personality. Still, it is difficult to think of him as an A-lister in today's MediaCorp acting scene.

I prefer him hosting than acting as I feel that he does not quite have the charisma and stamina to carry a role for the entirety of a movies or a season. besides, his hyper personality and witty jokes are what made him popular in the first place.

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(Updated: October 15, 2012)

Popular and talented

Another famous actor that made his name known in other countries. He is bilingual, and he also knows dialects such as Teochew, Hainanese and Cantonese. He was actually a model first, and had filmed a lot of commercial advertisements. Then he proceeded to being an actor and host. He has a smile which looks like Mickey Mouse and that was cute.

He has also taken part in casting A Chinese Ghost Story in 2003 and New Liao Zhai Zhi Yi in 2005. He has always made it to the top 10 most popular actors every year and he is worth that title.

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