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Siloso Beach Resort is the only Eco resort residing on the beautiful island of Sentosa. Enjoy the only natural spring water landscape pool in Singapore, complete with a waterfall feature, while relaxing amongst the balmy shades of flora to the soothing sounds of cascading waters. There are rooftop garden suites complete with rooftop bath, the only kinds in Singapore.

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Convenient and Cosy place.

My stay here was a pleasant one. Although the rooms were slightly small, the convenience it provided to the beach was valuable and worth the price the rooms were for.

The rooms, although small, were cosy and well made. I remember stepping into a room which was furnished with a beautiful, classy wooden bay window. Having a room that happened to overlook the pool and the garden, the view was beautiful.

Not only is this place close to the beach, the facilities are not too shabby as well. In fact, the garden that is within the hotel is rather like a nature trail in the midst of the blocks of the resort. The morning breakfast was not to shabby as well.

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Relaxing and Green

There are few places in Singapore that really gives you that outdoorsy laidback feel. Sentosa is probably the only beach-feel location and Siloso Beach Resort is therefore pretty unique. I love having that much greenery around. City hotels have a better location but Siloso is great for a getaway feel, esp for locals looking for a staycation. I would recommend visitors to break up their stay in Singapore to spend at least 2 nights here just for a different feel and less hustle and bustle.

Amenities are good, you're close to the beach and Sentosa has so many attractions and beach bars now that you will definitely have lots to do - if you can get off the lounge chairs and actually do something that is.

If you're planning to visit the S.E.A Aquarium or Universal Studios, definitely worth staying here to maximize your time and minimize effort.

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Great local staycation away from the city

Booked two nights for my birthday and it was a memorable and pleasant stay. Easily accessible from the monorail station, just a short five minutes walk. Check-in was oddly located at one of the top floors and staff were friendly and efficient. Given a lovely room overlooking the South China Sea so no complaints there. Facilities were excellent too; have to say their outdoor pool is the prettiest I've ever seen and swam in, it was pure bliss and very picturesque.

Breakfast was included in my package and while it was nothing mind-blowing, still above average and a delightful start to the day. From the hotel, it's a short walk to Siloso Beach where you can engage in a myriad of activities to keep you occupied. Visited Wavehouse and surfed for a couple of hours while having a few drinks at the bar. All in all, this is the perfect hotel for a local staycation and I'm certainly coming back again.

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(Updated: February 21, 2013)

It's a mini jungle resort!

I reluctantly booked this resort when all the hotels at RWS were all fully booked and i'm glad i made that decision! I love everything about this resort (except the pesky mosquitoes)

The reception was strangely located at the highest level and we had to walk across a small bridge/ walkway. This was when I started getting really excited, I expected the resort to be a clean, white-washed concrete building but no, there were plants and vines all around the place it made me feel like I was in some sort of jungle/ forest and I love it!

The room however had nothing special, just a regular square room with bed, television and bathroom. Went out for a swim as the pool was just located right outside our room, they have a waterfall, some slides and a relatively large pool. We ordered room service and gosh, we were served one of the yummiest burgers ever! (Or maybe I was just really hungry after the swim)

We explored the resort the next morning before checking out and was surprised to find the outdoor gym (literally, outdoor), some hammock by the pool (which we didn't notice the previous day) and an area whereby they had a mini garden which was quite educational as well!

I recommend all you people to give RWS a miss and try this mini jungle resort instead!

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Value for money

I love this hotel because of its location which is right next to the beach. Although the hotel is not all that glitters and hip, I had fun staying here. The pool is nice. With green plants hovering all around, I found it so in nature.

The breakfast was adequate and filling. But I just wish they had more than that for everything that we paid for. The staffs are great and very accommodating. We feel like being at home staying here.

The room was nice with simple decoration and amenities. We took the family room which is spacious and huge, perfect for a big family.

For the price we paid, I never regretted staying at this hotel. Love its location and it short distance to anything fun on Sentosa.

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A lovely place

I had my Christmas party here and god I love this place.

I booked it really last minute, just 2 days before and they managed to find a room for me. Not only so, I managed to get it on the 6th floor which meant a pretty good view of the beach (I'm easily content) and a bathtube (I am really easily content) and it's pretty roomy so I was happy!

They left a supplies cart outside my room and I am not too sure if it's a sign from God but it meant plenty of stocking up so thank you for the generosity you wonderful hotel. My friends came and the room could fit about 23 of us, so I'd say this place is great for gatherings.

We were all in the limbo between drunk and tipsy and needless to say we were all noisy but the management not only did not scream at me and demand to hold my mum ransom till I made the noise die down, they even helped me out of a particularly sticky situation I was going through.

Great place, would definitely come back for their rooftop garden suite.

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Romantic staycation!

I’ve been to this resort umpteen times and I loved it there! In Singapore, it’s always about buildings so I’ve been searching for resorts staycation and this one fits the bill perfectly! With their spring water landscape pool and close-to-nature design and environment, it’s like a dream come true!

Their roof garden suite is superb! Located along the top floor of the resort with beautiful sea view is the perfect romantic getaway for couples near home! Imagine how romantic is it to enjoy couple Jacuzzi under a starry night with a bottle of champagne? Talking about privacy? No worries! Each suite has their private stairway that lead to an open air private roof top! And the next morning when you rise and shine, the open roof terrace becomes a perfect sun tanning spot with 2 deck chairs.

Had breakfast together with squirrels running around, babes in bikini sun-tanning on Siloso beach, always smiley service staffs, what else can you ask for?

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Family Suite

This is my second hotel stay in Singapore. I booked a family suite to celebrate the birthday of my second child. When we first reached the hotel, my children were so excited, it was like we are entering a forest and our rooms were hidden in the forest. When we reached our room, my children went wild. The room was so spacious and there was a lot of running space even for my three children.

My parents and my brother and his wife also came to our room. Including my maid, there were ten people in the room and we still did not find that the room was too crowded. I imagined a lot of other hotel rooms, you would start to feel squeezy when there were more than six people in the room. But not this hotel room.

The only thing we felt a bit awkward was the toilet. The toilet does not come with a lock. With young children around, it becomes "stressful" using the toilet because children may just barge in and caught you in an embarrassing moment. My thought was this was a family suite and not a couple suite so a little privacy would be recommended.

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The pool's great

Stayed here for one night to explore Sentosa - and thus the location was good. If you're intending to shop at Orchard, it's really far away.

The room didn't meet my expectations. It felt very much like a chalet and the 'rustic charms' as shown at the reception seemed like an excuse to hide the quality of the place. The room was small but we had a view of the beach.

However, I have to say that the pool is one of the best that I have been to in Singapore. They had slides and even floats! It gelled in well with the whole "outdoor-rustic" feel to the resort.

Service wise, it was alright, nothing extraoordinary. Overall a 3.5 for this resort as it was quite affordable as compared to the other hotels at Sentosa and for its location (near underwater world, Siloso Beach, IFly etc).

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Improvements needed to the room

Sentosa is a well known local attraction and a place where you have a nice sea view, ideal for a romantic getaway, especially for an anniversary or so i thought. Over the past weekend, i stayed over at siloso beach resort, a 4 star hotel known for its green efforts, which is a great thing to do in my opinion but as a hotel stayer, green effort is not a necessity for me. I think the hotel should probably put more efforts in maintaining the rooms. Imagine yellowish hot water coming out from the taps, and the only solution offered was to run the water for 15 minutes, which did not help. The chrome platings on the shower head was already in pieces and i almost got cut as it was sharp. The mini fridge was not cleaned properly and smelled of ice cream soda. The tv was a 20 inch monitor, something that i did not expected from a 4 star hotel as budget hotels are using bigger ones than this. To add on, even my midnight snack of siloso burger was burnt. I guessed there are a lot of improvements needed for this hotel; otherwise i definitely will not go back again.

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