Tokutokuya - Hidden "Daiso" In AMK With $2 Japanese Snacks And Hello Kitty Merch

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Tokutokuya’s the place for your next Japanese spree


Update 2017: Tokutokuya AMK and Kallang Leisure Park now operate under Mijyi

We’re all for special finds where they’re least expected, so when we heard of Tokutokuya, a $2 Japanese store, we dropped everything but our wallets for a mandatory shopping trip. They have outlets located at 51@ AMK, Changi City Point and Kallang Leisure Park, and we headed to their spanking new AMK outlet.



Household items


They’re huge; and not your regular Daiso. There’s an immense variety of things ranging from Japanese food and snacks, traditional crockery, Japanese themed stationery, and kitchen tools to make your bentos and sushi. 



Our favourite section was the crockery area. Other than the usual $2 plates, they had premium ones that cost about $9 each. If you’ve been on the hunt for high quality, Instagram-worthy plates and bowls, you’ll find them here. They’ve also got mason jar look-a-likes! 


Japanese snacks




Every true Singaporean knows that food is what fuels us, and the nom section here is seriously legit. The number of lanes had us wondering if we’d stepped into a Jap mart combined with Muji, and you’ll need to grab a basket or two. 

Source Japanese instant noodles you won't find in NTUC Fairprice! 



Super cute stationery




Not forgetting the stationery lineup, where the girls will spend the bulk of their time at. Armed with a gorgeous array of Japanese designed cards, notebooks, post-its and stationery, you’ll be tempted to grab of all them for school, or just because they’re pretty. 


Other quirky products


And of course no Japanese shop is complete without its quirky products. Think toy cockroaches, nose hair cutters, ear caps and Kracie Poppin’ Cookin’ Sets. 



More than your basic $2 offerings


To cater to a wider audience, Tokutokuya has a premium range that start from $3 and up that sells higher quality products.


Sanrio, Anpanman, Kumamon and anime fans can rejoice as we drowned in the overwhelming number of products each character had to offer. Hello Kitty phone covers, lunch boxes, utensils, vegetable peelers, chocolates; you name it, they have it. The bulk of Anpanman can be found at the food section, while Kumamon at the crockery, stationery and food. 

Source Hello Kitty crockery that might just convince you to get cooking for the first time.


Tokutokuya Calpis

The real star of the day was the tower of Calpis drinks. Priced at $3 each, it took every ounce of self control in us to not buy out the shelves. But with the different flavours available, it proved to be a real challenge. 


An enclave for hidden gems



If you’ve been bored out by the selection or the vibes at the other $2 Japanese places, give Tokutokuya a try! You’re bound to find something you like, and you won’t be burning a hole in your pocket. 

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