Live Great TV - Popular Singapore influencers go on dates with each other

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About Live Great TV


Live Great TV is a new reality YouTube channel featuring YouTubers and influencers who go on budget dates together. Each person is invited to go on a blind date with another and they have a budget of $50 to spend on their date. In the dating process, they are encouraged to take part in healthy activities as well!

It shows that you don't really have to spend a fortune to have a good time in Singapore.


A Date with the Stars - Elliot & KayKay



They have a total of 3 episodes on their channel so far and my favourite episode has to be their pilot episode which featured popular Tree Potatoes YouTube actor Elliot and celebrity blogger Kay Kay. Their date started out in a hilarious manner with Elliot showing up late and having no idea who Kay Kay was.

A replica of his on-screen persona, Elliot's shy but sweet personality more than made up for his initial shortcomings. Cycling and building sand castles summed up the interesting afternoon by the beach. The date even ended with Elliot's romantic acoustic rendition of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" after dinner!


Our Verdict


Think that all your dates in Singapore have to be expensive and exquisite? Think again. Entertaining and heart-warming, the series serves to remind us about how genuine romantic moments can be affordable and healthy.

While not entirely perfect dates, these videos do paint an honest picture on how dates can be both a challenging and an interesting experience. Just skip Episode 3 because that has a super creepy guy in it. Poor Jade Seah!

You can check out the latest episode below featuring Tree Potatoes YouTube star, Janice aka Foxy along with Malaysia's top Hip Hop Dancer, Dennis Yin.

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