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Saigon Man Turns Dilapidated 9-Square-Meter Rental Apartment Into Dream Home, Wowing Netizens

Saigon man renovated tiny rental apartment into dream home

We all have our own ideas of a dream home, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent hours drifting off and fantasizing about what your future apartment would look like.

One man living in Saigon, however, has decided to act upon his dreams. With a modest budget but ample creativity, he turned a dilapidated, tiny rental apartment into an ideal living space. Understandably, pictures he shared online left thousands of netizens drooling.

He rented the place for only USD65 a month

Last Saturday, Trần Đặng Hoài Trung, who currently lives in Saigon, took to Facebook to share pictures of the stunning makeover he’d done to his rented space.

From what Trung disclosed, the place costs him only VND1,500,000 (~USD65) a month, which is basically at the lowest end of rental apartments in a big city such as Saigon. It comes as no surprise, then, that the apartment was very small and in bad shape.

“I wanted to cry when I first saw this,” Trung wrote

Image credit: Trần Đặng Hoài Trung

That didn’t stop Trung from using his creativity to transform the apartment into a much more comfortable living space. “I live alone in Saigon away from my family, so even though it’s only a rental apartment, I still want it to be a place I could call home to return to after a long day at work,” the young man said.

The apartment has an area of only 9 square meters, but Trung has made the most out of every inch of space to equip it with all the amenities he needs.

Everything a single person would want in a small space

From having a cozy reading corner with a comfy sofa…

Image credit: Trần Đặng Hoài Trung

… to a working space boasting a fish tank to make it more lively…

Image credit: Trần Đặng Hoài Trung

….to a mini-bar for whenever the renter wants a fancy drink, the apartment now packs a lot in a small space.

Image credit: Trần Đặng Hoài Trung

The loft floor is reserved for the bedroom. It is amazing how wallpapers, LED lights, and green plants combined can create such a wonderful ambience.

Image credit: Trần Đặng Hoài Trung

Trung also revealed that the framed pictures on the walls were cut from old magazines. Talk about being resourceful.

Image credit: Trần Đặng Hoài Trung

Meanwhile, the bathroom has been decorated with plastic plants to give it a tropical theme.

Image credit: Trần Đặng Hoài Trung

It took him two months to finish renovating the apartment

Trung did not disclose how much the entire renovation cost him, but did say that he bought most of the furniture from second-hand shops and online trade groups.

Image credit: Trần Đặng Hoài Trung

“If you are willing to spend time browsing the internet, you can come across some pretty good deals. However, the downside is that it’s very hard to find stuff in the colors you want, which is why the overall color design of my apartment leaves more to be desired,” Trung said in his post.

Image credit: Trần Đặng Hoài Trung

The project reportedly took him 2 months to finish.

The amazing transformation Trung did to his apartment impressed thousands of netizens who shared it widely for all to see. Within just a few days, the post garnered 46,000 shares, 48,000 reactions, and 47,000 comments.

Praise such as “đỉnh” (top-notch), “xuất sắc” (incredible), or “xịn” (high-quality) are frequently seen in the comment section, while countless others are tagging their friends and saying they should do the same.

Netizens are commenting to praise Trung’s efforts and tagging their friends in the post

Image credit: Trần Đặng Hoài Trung

Dilapidated rental apartment turned into a dream home by Saigon man

After a long day at work, going home to a lovely, welcoming environment can do wonders to recharge our energy and prepare us for more challenges ahead. Stories like Trung’s prove that you don’t need a spacious apartment with expensive furniture to be comfortable. With some creativity, even budget items can go a long way in improving the atmosphere of your living quarters.

So don’t let your dreams be just dreams. Check out these 7 interior design tips to freshen up your own space, and start working toward your dream apartment too.

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Cover image adapted from Trần Đặng Hoài Trung

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