Woman Posts Cute Pictures Of Her Kids Growing Up With Her Dogs, Shares Tips On Caring For Both

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Woman shares cute pictures of her kids & dogs

Perhaps more than one pet owner can relate to having to give their furkids away when they have an actual kid. As much as it pains us, taking care of an infant is pretty much a full-time job that leaves us with little time for our pets. Moreover, many fear that having dogs and cats can create sanitary issues that threaten a baby’s under developed immune system.

That’s not the case for this woman. Sharing a gallery of pictures on social media of her kids growing up with her dogs over several years, she proves to us that as long as we know how, it’s perfectly safe to have both kids and pets.

Check out some of her adorable pictures below, and prepare to have your heart melted.

The woman shared pictures of her kids growing up with her dogs

Image adapted from Hoa Mai Pham

Earlier this month, an Internet user named Hoa Mai Pham took to Ở Nhà Vui Thấy Bà – a Facebook group where people post home-related stories – to share some cute pictures of her kids, both human and canine.

According to Hoa Mai Pham, she’d had her dogs – a couple of poodles – for several years before she had her first child in 2017. And when she brought the baby home for the first time, the dogs warmed up to the little girl immediately.

kids dogs pictures 2
Image credit: Hoa Mai Pham

Indeed, a picture of them curiously peeking into the baby’s cradle is enough to make anybody exclaim “aww”.

kids dogs pictures 3
Image credit: Hoa Mai Pham

The original poster shared that the dogs like to climb up to the bed to watch over the sleeping baby.

kids dogs pictures 4
Image credit: Hoa Mai Pham

Sometimes, they’d fall asleep themselves.

kids dogs pictures 5
Image credit: Hoa Mai Pham

However, Hoa Mai Pham says they never jump on or lick the baby.

Image credit: Hoa Mai Pham

As the girl grows up, they are practically inseparable, always seen sleeping together…

Image credit: Hoa Mai Pham

… or cuddling.

Image credit: Hoa Mai Pham

When the OP had her second child earlier this year, the same thing repeated. The dogs were always there for their new brother.

She shares tips on how to care for both dogs and kids

Image credit: Hoa Mai Pham

Addressing comments raising concerns over sanitary issues, Hoa Mai Pham claims that her kids never encountered any health problems from their interaction with their canine siblings.

Of course, she has to put in the work to make sure her dogs stay clean. The woman says she bathes them once every few days and grooms them daily.

Image credit: Hoa Mai Pham

She also changes the bedsheets regularly, and takes the dogs to the vet according to schedule to have them dewormed.

“Whether or not your pets are clean is up to you to decide,” she wrote.

Take good care of your pets and your children

There’s a saying that there are no bad pets, only bad owners. When properly trained and taken care of, cats and dogs are always full of love that they’re all too ready to give to you and yours.

So if you want to raise a pet together with your baby and feel that you’re up for the task, don’t hesitate. No doubt it’ll give your kid many fond memories with their four-legged friend growing up.

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Cover image adapted from Hoa Mai Pham

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