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NEO-, Saigon: Newtro-Style Cafe With Nachos, Craft Beer, And Vibrant Decor

NEO- Cafe in Saigon – a hidden art cafe with a contemporary retro feel

Inside an alleyway that passers-by wouldn’t typically see, NEO- is a stylish establishment where you can go for a weekend hangout with friends, accompanied by saucy grub and a fancy-looking drinks menu.

If you’re interested in taking pictures with a colorful backdrop, or just want a fun environment to enjoy your drinks, this cafe might be for you.

A contemporary-style cafe hidden inside an alleyway


Located inside an alley on Hai Bà Trưng Street, NEO- is easily recognizable by its bright entrance. Going up the stairs and into the cafe, you’ll find an explosion of colors welcoming you inside. This stylish space feels more like a modern art museum, with many angles for some gorgeous photos. 


From smooth-looking plastic chairs that come in primary colors to abstract paintings that brighten up the space, Neo-’s carefully curated choice of color-blocked decor has turned the cafe into a chic-looking space that is perfect for photo-taking. 


If you’re looking for fresh air, the balcony is accessible to all and offers a great view of the surrounding roofs. We recommend going up there during the late afternoon for a fantastic view of the sunset. It’s also around this time that NEO- offers some great craft beers to enjoy.

NEO-_BalconyThe upstairs balcony is often the place for beer during the evening.

Share some nachos and drinks with friends


Being both a cafe and a bar space, NEO- offers some tasty bar bites that is perfect for sharing, such as fries, nachos, and sausages. 

NEO-_NachosA crunchy Nachos Chợ Lớn to share.

We highly recommend the Nachos Chợ Lớn (VND99,999, ~USD4.24) – a simple dish of fried nachos with juicy, aromatic bits of ground meat, onions, and tomatoes, great as a dish to share with friends, and even better when paired with their craft beer.

While we didn’t have the chance to try out their beer, the cafe concocts tasty non-alcoholic options if you want to enjoy your hangout sober, featuring some very tropical tastes. 

NEO-_Sữa HuếSữa Huế, a non-alcoholic drink with tropical flavors.

A refreshing, yet full-bodied drink that we recommend is the Sữa Huế (VND39,000, ~USD1.65), a flavorful concoction made from yogurt, condensed milk, and lime juice that leaves a fantastic sour note. 

NEO- Cafe in Saigon – a retro art cafe with great food and drinks

NEO- is a terrific new addition to Saigon’s cafe landscape and a great refreshing place to hang out if you want something different from Saigon’s quaint and green-looking cafes. Check out this cafe next time you’re in Saigon!

Address: 393/7 Hai Bà Trưng Street, Ward 8, District 3, Hồ Chí Minh City
Opening hours: 8am-11.45pm, Daily
Contact: 070 728 5069 | NEO-’s Facebook page

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