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Trênboong Concept Saigon: A One Piece-Themed Cafe With Bimonthly Markets For Anime Fans

Trênboong Concept – a new pirate-themed cafe

In District 10 of Saigon, pirate-themed Trênboong Concept cafe aims to steal and plunder the hearts of anime fans by combining a cafe, bar, and gathering space.

Having just opened in May 2022, it’s inspired by One Piece, a famous franchise beloved by fans around the world.

Taking pictures with iconic characters and pirate decorations

Trênboong Concept - Entrance

At the entrance, you will see the life-sized figure of Luffy, the iconic protagonist of One Piece, smiling and greeting everyone walking in.

Trênboong Concept - Luffy statue

While the Luffy statue is the most popular sight of the cafe, there are also a variety of spots with many One Piece-themed decorations, perfect for the ‘gram.

Trênboong Concept - One Piece decoration

One example of this can be found on the second floor, with its outdoor section stylized into a ship’s helm with a proper mast and boarding net – perfect for a semi-authentic seafaring experience. 

Trênboong Concept - ship decor
Image credit: Trênboong Concept

Walking into the door on the second floor, you will find a life-sized statue of Zoro, another character from One Piece, standing right next to the bar section of the cafe.

This area is also the only indoor area of the cafe, ideal for those who want to stay away from the outdoor heat. 

Trênboong Concept - Zoro statue

One Piece-themed drinks and bars at night

The drinks here are affordable and plenty, ranging from VND30,000 to VND60,000 (~USD1.22,~USD2.45), with typical drinks such as coffee, tea, and fruit juice, as well as colorful signature drinks inspired by One Piece characters.

Trênboong Concept - signature drink

One such drink that we had the pleasure of enjoying on our visit was the Zoro Marimo (VND55,000, ~USD2.25), a strikingly blue fruit concoction, bearing a sweet, slightly tart apple taste.

Trênboong Concept - bar

Every day, after 6pm, the 2nd floor is converted into a bar space serving unique cocktails for guests who want to relax at the end of the day.

Trênboong Concept - Bar's menu

Fun events and markets to visit

Trênboong Concept - anime merchandise

Besides being a cafe and bar, Trênboong Concept also hosts regular events such as music nights, movie nights, and painting workshops. Anime fans can also look forward to the bimonthly market selling merchandise from various anime franchises.

These markets usually occur over multiple days, turning the cafe’s ground floor into a lively space where guests can buy figures, stickers, and keychains of their favorite characters, or take pictures next to iconic resin figures.

Trênboong Concept - market stall
Image credit: Trênboong Concept

Trênboong Concept – a memorable hangout spot

Trênboong Concept is perfect for anime fans who want to see what it feels like to be in a themed cafe – something that is still rare in Vietnam. If you want to visit the market here, be sure to check out their Facebook page to know when an event is coming to maximise your visit. 

Trênboong Concept Saigon: 

Address: 343/5 Tô Hiến Thành Street, Ward 12, District 10, Hồ Chí Minh City
Opening hours: 7am-11.45pm, Daily
Contact: 077 777 3113 | Trênboong Concept’s Facebook page

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