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Hanoi Man Gives Old Lady A Lift To Her Son’s House, As City Buses Cease Operation Due To COVID-19

Hanoi driver offers ride to a stranger

Recently, Hanoi city buses have ceased operations until 15th April 2020 due to the need for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. But on March 29, Hanoi resident Chung Pham was driving his car in the city when he spotted an elderly lady waiting for a bus near an intersection in Phuc Tho Ward, Hanoi.

Chung Pham shared on Facebook that he was making a delivery with his car when he spotted the lady, who looked at least 90 years old, standing alone by the street. Sensing that she had no idea that buses in Hanoi had ceased operations, he pulled over immediately and offered to give her a ride.

The lady was waiting for a bus so she could visit her 70-year-old son

Hanoi driver give free ride to a 90 year old lady
Image credit: Chung Pham

The lady refused to get into his car at first, saying that the bus would arrive soon, even though she had already been waiting for an hour.

After Chung Pham insisted earnestly, and the lady finally agreed to hop on and revealed to him that she was on her way to visit her 70-year-old son in Phuc Tho, Hanoi. She added that she usually takes a bus there to visit her son every month.

As he safely arrived at the lady’s destination, he persuaded her to take a couple of face masks from him before leaving. He also shared on Facebook that he did not get the chance to ask her for her name, but wished her good health.

Hanoi driver give free ride to a 90 year old lady 2
Image credit: Chung Pham

This act melted Vietnamese netizens’ hearts

In the comment section of his post, netizens expressed admiration for Chung Pham’s act of kindness in a troubled time in Vietnam. Fearing COVID-19, most people now shy away from being in close proximity with one another, let alone reaching out to a stranger.

comment 1
Image credit: Chung Pham

Luan Giap commented on the post, “Good samaritans like you are not many. Wishing you a lot of health and more good deeds to come.”

comment 2
Image credit: Chung Pham

A parent’s love towards their child is boundless. No matter how old their child is, they will always be seen as a child in their parents’ eyes,” wrote Nguyen Nhan, touched by the relationship of the lady with her son.

People like him are a reason to keep faith in humanity

It’s understandable to be worried about the coronavirus – information about new confirmed cases, self-isolation, empty streets, and new warnings from the government have affected our lives.

Despite the tough period we’re going through, stories about generosity and the resourcefulness of Vietnamese people are continuing to inspire us and brighten up our days.

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Cover image adapted from: Chung Pham

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