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Vietnamese High School Wows Netizens With Its Luxurious Vibe That Looks Straight Out Of A Korean Drama

Luxurious high school campus in Vietnam

Our high school with all the memories of friends and first loves will always hold a special place in our hearts. Be it the most renowned school in town, or the humble one just up the street from our childhood home, we would never trade it for anything else.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t feel a touch of jealousy when we see others share how modern and beautiful their schools are. Case in point: pictures of a high school in Vĩnh Phúc Province have recently left Vietnamese netizens drooling for one simple reason – it looks like the set of a Korean drama series.

The school has just undergone renovation

The school in question is the Vĩnh Phúc Specialist High School, located 70KM from Hanoi in the province of Vĩnh Phúc. It has recently gone through a renovation and is ready to open its doors to students later this month, just in time for the new school year.

Image credit: Vĩnh Phúc Specialist High School

Now boasting a spacious campus, it comes equipped with cutting-edge amenities, promising students a beautiful studying environment. The schoolyard, for instance, looks like a public park with its multi-layered design adorned by plenty of trees and a pond in the middle.

Image credit: Vĩnh Phúc Specialist High School

At one side of the yard are a football pitch and a running track reserved for sporting activities.

Image credit: Vĩnh Phúc Specialist High School

Speaking of sports, there is also a gym featuring an indoor swimming pool and a basketball field. Rain isn’t going to stop these students from busting out their best slam dunk moves during P.E. class.

Image credit: Vĩnh Phúc’s Department of Education

Classrooms can accommodate 35-40 students and have 2 air conditioners each for hot summer days, as well as a computer for the teacher to use during class.

Image credit: Vĩnh Phúc’s Department of Education

The conference room, meanwhile, could be mistaken for a cinema as it has 500 seats.

Image credit: Vĩnh Phúc Specialist High School

There are also 5 computer rooms with modern machines for computer classes.

Image credit: Vĩnh Phúc’s Department of Education

Netizens say the school look straight out of a Korean drama

Pictures of the luxurious high school were shared by Facebook user Minh Châu on Trường Người Ta, a forum where Vietnamese students share interesting school-related stories, and quickly attracted tons of attention. Thousands of netizens have flocked to the post to express their amazement.

“I legit thought this was a resort,” netizen Nguyen Minh Hieu wrote.

Image credit: Minh Châu

Another commenter, Trương Huyền Nhã, said, “I want this to be the backdrop for my wedding photo.”

Image credit: Vĩnh Phúc Specialist High School

Many others, such as Facebook user Thương Phạm, are also saying that the school looks straight out of the Korean drama series “The Heirs”, which was a phenomenon in Vietnam back in 2014.

“Anyone else thinks this looks like the Shinhwa School from The Heirs?”

Image credit: Minh Châu

Luxurious Vietnamese high school wows netizens

A lot of netizens are saying that they wouldn’t have skipped so many classes if their high schools had looked this fancy.

While they are of course joking, Vĩnh Phúc Specialist High School will no doubt become a motivation for middle school students in the province to study hard in the years to come. After all, who doesn’t want to study in such an environment?

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Cover image adapted from Vĩnh Phúc Specialist High School and Vĩnh Phúc’s Department of Education

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