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Vietnam Locks Down Entire Hamlets Where New COVID-19 Patients Live, Responding Quickly To The Pandemic

Hanoi hamlets locked down due to residents testing positive for COVID-19

Vietnam’s success in containing the COVID-19 pandemic has been praised worldwide. So far, the country has recorded only 251 COVID-19 cases, of whom 122 have made full recoveries.

This impressive result is thanks in no small part to the Vietnamese government’s quick and decisive responses to new developments. It has locked down 2 hamlets with thousands of residents in the capital city of Hanoi and the northern province of Hà Nam after new COVID-19 cases were discovered in these locations.

Hamlets are locked down and being monitored

The Hạ Lôi Hamlet is currently under lockdown
Image credit: Hà Nội Mới

The Hạ Lôi Hamlet in the Mê Linh District of Hanoi, home to nearly 11,000 citizens, has been completely locked down after one of its residents tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday.

The new case, a 47-year-old man known as Patient 243, had visited the Bạch Mai Hospital, currently the biggest COVID-19 cluster in Vietnam, on 12th March. On 30th March, upon hearing from the media that all who visited the Bạch Mai Hospital between 10th and 28th of March must report their health condition, he reported to a local medical facility to comply with the call. 

However, as it had been over 14 days since he had visited the hospital, he was not quarantined and was only told to exert caution.

The entire hamlet was sprayed with disinfectant
Image credit: Hà Nội Mới

Between 12th March and 6th April, the patient came into contact with many people in the Hạ Lôi hamlet and also visited several locations in Hanoi, including 2 hospitals. This has caused major concern among people living in the area. Hundreds of people associated with him have been taken to quarantine facilities, and one of his neighbors has already been confirmed positive.

Responding quickly to the situation, Hanoi authorities have issued a lockdown order to isolate the entire of Hạ Lôi hamlet for 28 days, from today until 5th May.

Another new case prompts an emergency meeting

The Hà Nam General Hospital was immediately disinfected after a patient there was confirmed positive for COVID-19
(Photo for illustration purposes only)
Image credit: Bệnh viện đa khoa tỉnh Hà Nam

In a related development, another COVID-19 case was reported at the Hà Nam General Hospital in Hà Nam Province yesterday. This patient, a 64-year-old man, had been in the hospital since 20th March to treat other health problems unrelated to COVID-19, and the cause of his infection is still unclear.

Local authorities called an emergency meeting immediately after the case was reported to decide the best cause of action. The entire hospital has been disinfected, and everyone associated with the patient, including his relatives and medical staff who have worked with him, is being monitored. The Ngô Khê Hamlet, where this patient lives, has been isolated as well.

The Vietnamese government’s efforts in the fight against COVID-19

It is reassuring to see that our government is fighting day and night to keep us safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. We ourselves must also be responsible and cooperate with them by staying at home as much as we can.

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Cover image adapted from Hà Nội Mới

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