Woman responds to the government’s call for donations

In response to the government’s call for everyone to join hands in the fight against coronavirus, on 31st March 2020, a 87-year-old woman in Ha Tinh walked to a quarantine facility nearby to make a donation.

She walked to the quarantine facility

87 year old woman making donation walking
Image credit: Noon Noon

As a person’s age shoots past 70, their muscles start to deteriorate, making even a walk around their home difficult. However, Mdm Nguyễn Thị Ba, against all odds, walked 200M to a quarantine facility in Ky Phong, Thach Dai, to respond to the government’s call for help.

87 year old woman making donation vegetable
5KG of rice contained in the yellow bag and herbs in the red bag
Image credit: Noon Noon

Her donations included 5KG of rice and a pack of homegrown herbs. She also revealed that her son was a soldier who died in the American War (also referred to as the Vietnam War of 1955-1975), so she wanted to support the country in any way possible.

87 year old woman making donation photograph
Image credit: Noon Noon

Netizens are touched

Image credit: Noon Noon

“You and your family have been responding to the country’s call since wartime until peacetime. I highly appreciate a beautiful soul like yours,” Facebook user Van Nat commented, ending with 3 Vietnamese flag emojis.

comment 2
Image credit: Noon Noon

“I’m moved to tears. I wish you a lot of health,” wrote Khong Tuong Tac, touched by the generosity of Mdm Ba.

Vietnamese everywhere are responding to the government’s call

Not only are businesses responding to the government’s call for donations with monetary and material contributions, but individuals across the country are also pulling their weight in their own ways.

102 year old woman making donation
Mdm Ha Thi Dan from Yen Bai Province donated VND1,000,000
Image credit: Mai Nguyễn‎

Recently, a 102-year-old woman in Yen Bai was photographed making a donation of VND1,000,000 (~USD42.31) in response to the government’s call.

Individuals and groups are also initiating their own campaigns to support those hit by the coronavirus, by handing out groceries or making monetary donations.

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Cover image adapted from: Noon Noon

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