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Dai Nam Wonderland – Vietnam’s Largest Cultural Theme Park With Free Entry Throughout 2021

Things to do in Dai Nam Wonderland

As the Lunar New Year holiday draws near, many of us around Saigon, especially those with families, are on the hunt for places where we can spend a whole day of meaningful activities.

A cultural theme park featuring scenic spiritual sites and recreational facilities, Dai Nam Wonderland is perfect for guests seeking adventure as well as a spiritual experience.  

Background of Dai Nam Wonderland

Image credit: Đại Nam Văn Hóa Du Lịch Thể Thao

Opened in 2008, Dai Nam Wonderland is situated in Binh Duong, a city 30KM away from Saigon’s city centerSpanning 711 hectares, it’s also the largest cultural theme park in Vietnam. 

Image credit: Đại Nam Văn Hóa Du Lịch Thể Thao

The park features scenic landscapes, man-made temples, recreational facilities, a racing stadium, and a zoo.

How to get there

From Ben Thanh in Saigon’s District 1, you can hop on Bus 61-6 for a 1-hour ride through 16 stops to the final drop-off point at the gate of the park. 

Bus ticket fare between the city center and Dai Nam Wonderland is around VND7,000-VND14,000 (~USD0.30-USD0.60) per ticket.

Entrance tickets to Dai Nam Wonderland

From now until 31st December 2021, all visitors can enter Dai Nam Wonderland Park for free – so this year is the perfect time to experience it if you’ve always meant to. 

How to navigate Dai Nam Wonderland

Image credit: Đại Nam Văn Hóa Du Lịch Thể Thao

You can travel around Dai Nam Wonderland on foot, or hop on the free electric tram to move around with convenience.

Things to do

Watch car and horse racing matches

Image credit: Truong Dua Dai Nam

Spanning 600 hectares and seating over 18,000 people, Dai Nang Racecourse is the first in Vietnam to include 3 racing venues.

Image credit: Truong Dua Dai Nam

These include 1 for horse racing, which is 1.6KM long, 1 for dog racing, which is 500M long, and another for motor & kart racing, measuring 2.2KM in length.

Image credit: Truong Dua Dai Nam

At Dai Nam’s racing games, visitors can watch and wager on live racing. 

Image credit: Đại Nam Văn Hóa Du Lịch Thể Thao

The racecourse also includes a 10,000 sqm pool, where visitors can catch mesmerizing jet skiing and flyboarding shows in which performers spin around and fly over the water.

Image credit: Đại Nam Văn Hóa Du Lịch Thể Thao

Dai Nam Zoo – open-concept animal exhibits

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

Fun awaits visitors at Dai Nam Zoo, where you’ll marvel at the wonders of nature, enjoy feeding sessions with giraffes as well as plentiful photo opportunities.

Dai Nam Zoo comprises 63 endangered animals across over 600 species, such as the Indochinese tiger, Eld’s deer, red-naped ibises, and white-headed langurs.

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

At Dai Nam Zoo, Vietnam’s first zoo to adopt an open concept, the animals are not fenced from viewers in cages.

Instead, they are kept at a distance from visitors by scenic barriers such as rivers, streams, or lotus ponds so that visitors can directly view the live scene in a natural setting.

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

Dai Nam Temple – majestic traditional architecture

Image credit: Đại Nam Văn Hóa Du Lịch Thể Thao

Covering 5,000 sqm, Dai Nam Temple, or Kim Dien, is modelled after traditional Vietnamese architecture – Hue’s imperial style, in particular.

Made of solid wood, it’s topped with meticulously decorated two-tiered roofs made of glazed tiles. 

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

At the outer court, visitors will see two golden statues featuring folk story hero Thanh Giong and Vietnamese general Ly Thuong Kiet riding a horse.

Image credit: Dai Nam Wonderland

Stepping inside to the central court, visitors will find statues of the Buddha, the founding father of the nation Emperor Hung, and the Emperor Tran Nhan Tong, flanked by the statues of General Tran Hung Dao, Au Co, and Ho Chi Minh, which are made of gold.

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

The sides of the doors are inscribed with phrases about Vietnamese mythology and folklore. 

Stepping out of the spacious temple entryway, you’ll face the gates of Dai Nam Wonderland and see the park square. On festive occasions such as Vesak Day on 5th May or Independence Day on 2nd September, you can catch performances, shows, and firework displays here. 

Marble Mountains – a replica of Da Nang’s Marble Mountains

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

Adjacent to the temple is the Marble Mountains, a majestic structure inspired by nature’s beauty. It is also a replica of the real marble mountains called Ngu Hanh Son in Da Nang.

Consisting of 5 peaks representing 5 elements of metal, wood, water, water, fire, and earth. These mountains are also home to thousands of swallows.

Image credit: Dai Nam Wonderland

The central peak of the mountains is 65.8M high, surrounding a tower of worship. Featuring 9 levels, the tower is used to commemorate Vietnamese historical heroes, war warriors, and the Buddha.

After ascending to level 9, visitors can catch a panoramic view of the entire park.    

Dai Nam Ocean – surrounded by coconut trees and lush islands

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

Families with kids should not miss a trip to Dai Nam Ocean, surrounded by small islands and coconut trees.

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

Spanning 21.6 hectares with a capacity of 30,000 guests, Dai Nam Ocean actually consists of 2 separate pools, 1 made of saltwater and another made of freshwater.

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

You can either splash about in the refreshing water, whiz down the water slides, or hop on a canoe for an exhilarating ride.

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

Watch shows and performances

Image credit: Dai Nam Wonderland

Set against Dai Nam Ocean, the frequent outdoor music and fashion shows complemented with mesmerizing effects will thrill you. 

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

Game zones – fit for the young and young at heart

Image credit: Đại Nam Văn Hóa Du Lịch Thể Thao

The young and young at heart will not feel out of place in Dai Nam Wonderland, which is packed with adventurous rides and shows for both adults and kids. 

Featuring 40 rides and activities, Dai Nam Wonderland can keep you and your family entertained all day long. 

Image credit: Đại Nam Văn Hóa Du Lịch Thể Thao

To get your adrenaline pumping, opt for exhilarating roller coaster rides where you’ll zoom up and down turns and slopes.

For an equally thrilling ride, check out the scrambler, a ride where you sit in cars and spin around a rotating frame. 

Image credit: Đại Nam Văn Hóa Du Lịch Thể Thao

 If carousel rides make you excited rather than dizzy, go for swing rides, which run clockwise at a faster speed and let you go higher.

High ropes course – for thrill-seeking fitness junkies

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

Fitness junkies in Dai Nam Wonderland can check out the high ropes course, which is a well-loved adventurous sport in Dalat.

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

Users will be given safety gear, such as belay equipment and friction devices, and taught basic climbing and belaying skills before starting.

When you’re ready, you’ll navigate your way from low to high elements built on poles.

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

At the end of the journey, you’ll zipline across a short distance to your final destination.

For this activity, visitors will pay additional fees. Tickets are priced at VND100,000 (~USD4.33) for children and VND200,000 (~USD8.67)  for adults. 

As an extra precaution, people with a fear of heights or any medical concerns are not advised to participate in this game. 

Crab Farm – educational experience for kids

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

To keep your kids entertained on a day-long visit, take them to Nong Trai Cang Cua, or the Crab Farm, a recreational agricultural zone for kids.

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

With lush gardens full of verdant plants and fruits as well as rustic landscapes reminiscent of rural Vietnam, there’s a myriad of things to see and do here.

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

At the farm, kids will be guided by real farmers and pick up basic gardening techniques, from sowing seeds to taking cuttings. 

After learning these newbie-friendly farming skills, the kids can have a thrilling time in the water sailing in basket boats.

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

Not only is basket boat sailing a fun sport to enjoy, but it also teaches the kids about Vietnamese history. During the French colonial era, basket boats were a means of transportation made from bamboo used by Southern Vietnamese farmers and fishermen to evade exorbitant taxes on regular boat use. 

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

Snow house – skiing on snow-filled tracks

Image credit: Đại Nam Văn Hóa Du Lịch Thể Thao

To cool off after a fun-filled day in the sun, visit the Snow House. In this place, you’ll travel to the park’s closest answer to Dalat or Sapa, with freezing temperatures and thick snow. 

Image credit: Đại Nam Văn Hóa Du Lịch Thể Thao

You can ski on the snow or create stunning snapshots with snow-studded backdrops.

Places to eat at Dai Nam Wonderland

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

Along the beach of Dai Nam Ocean, you’ll find a wide variety of eateries and restaurants serving hearty Vietnamese and Western cuisine.

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

After ordering your food, you can dine on the breezy beach amid a rustic and laid-back outdoor setting. 

Unlike most beaches where you’ll be charged a rental fee for seating, Dai Nam Wonderland lets you use their beach tables and chairs for free. 

Accommodation at Dai Nam Wonderland

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

For those who want to spend more time exploring this giant park or are too exhausted to drive home on the same day, Dai Nam Wonderland also offers accommodation services.

Image credit: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

From neat hotel rooms to spacious ocean-view villas, Dai Nam Wonderland has a lot to offer.

From VND600,000 (~USD26.01) per night, you can rent a twin room with a size of 25 sqm. If you’re with family or a group, you can rent a 154 sqm-large villa at VND4,300,000 (~USD186.39) per night.

Dai Nam Wonderland – an entertaining weekend escape for the family

Situated in Binh Duong, Dai Nam Wonderland is a great spring holiday destination for you and your loved ones. 

At the park, you can discover a broad array of land animals at the open zoo, stroll along verdant gardens surrounding majestic temples, and have fun splashing in the cool blue waters – all in one family-friendly place.

Address: Hiep An, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
Opening hours: Wed – Fri, 8AM-5PM, Sat – Sun, 8AM-6PM | Closed Mon & Tue
Telephone: 02743 845 878 I 02743 845 845


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Cover image adapted from: Khu Du Lich Dai Nam, Khu Du Lich Dai Nam, Đại Nam Văn Hóa Du Lịch Thể Thao, and Khu Du Lich Dai Nam

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