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Saigon Outcast Guide: From Shopping At Artistic Flea Markets To Indoor Rock Climbing

Things to do at Saigon Outcast

Saigon Outcast, a eye-catching recreational facility in District 2, has become one of Saigon’s most popular spots where people gather for unique cultural activities – and once you visit, it’s easy to understand why.

For the fashion-forward crowd looking for quirky clothes and handmade crafts, the weekend flea markets here are a shopping haven. For budding designers and aspiring entrepreneurs, this place is a platform where they can showcase their work and interact with the masses. And for local residents on the lookout for a vibrant atmosphere to unwind, this is probably the most festive youth culture spot in Saigon. Here’s what you can find at Saigon Outcast.

Quirky, colorful design and atmosphere

Tucked away just off Nguyen Van Huong Street in District 2’s Thao Dien, Saigon Outcast has quickly gained popularity among local residents, most of whom are expats, thanks to its unique concept.  

Saigon Outcast was established in 2012 when the idea of alfresco dining amid a group of activewear-clad folks climbing a wall and thrill-chasers performing backflips in a skateboarding ring was unimaginable.    

While multi-purpose facilities are no longer a strange sight in Saigon these days, it was Saigon Outcast which successfully introduced the concept to the city’s entertainment scene and ever since inspired the creation of similar places in town. 

With an urban, relaxed ambience with plenty of outdoor seating near the restaurants and on elevated balcony spaces, Saigon Outcast is perfect for both group visitors as well as couples.

It also has a giant retractable roof that covers the whole seating area, so visitors won’t have to worry about sudden rainfall or strong sun. 

Diners have over 30 dishes and a wide variety of tipples to choose from

Image credit: Saigon Outcast

Diners will be spoiled for choice here with over 30 dishes from various restaurants to fill their stomachs with, such as the moist and flavorful Beefsteak (VND300,000,~USD12.94), best served with a glass of rich and ripe Shiraz (VND140,000,~USD6.04).

New Wave Carbonara
Image credit: Saigon Outcast

For something crispy with a subtle hint of lemon, get the creamy New Wave Pasta Carbonara (VND135,000,~USD5.82) topped with a gooey poached egg, paired with a glass of Trebbiano wine (VND160,000,~USD6.90)

If nothing calls out to you from its Western food selection, stick to the local classics such as Bun Moc (VND80,000,~USD3.45), a noodle dish served with pork and banh mi.

Image adapted from: Saigon Outcast

To cap your meal off on a boozy note, move to the bar or the rooftop area for a change of scenery and order from over 30 tipples available. 

A refreshing combination of rum, apple, mints, lime juice, and sugar in an Apple Mojito (VND150,000,~USD6.47) is not a bad choice for a hot summer night. Meanwhile, a Express-oh Martini (VND150,000,~USD6.47), a unique mix between Vietnamese coffee’s dark flavor and espresso-flavored vodka, packs a punch and is best drunk after a full dinner. 

Non-drinkers will not feel out of place here, as you will have a wide variety of juices and smoothies to stay hydrated with.

Drop by the venue during the Happy Hour between 4PM and 7PM to enjoy 40% off all beverages. 

Stunning view from Rogue Saigon
Image credit: Rogue Saigon

If beers are your thing, you might want to drop by Rogue Saigon, a rooftop beer bar owned by Saigon Outcast in District 1. The bar serves 20 beers on tap and a wide array of cocktails and shooters. 

Image credit: Soma Saigon

Those looking for a hangout spot with a relaxed atmosphere to sip on cocktails while in-house DJs blast catchy tunes, hit up Soma Saigon, a cocktail bar under the umbrella of Saigon Outcast in Thao Dien.

Movie night
Image adpated from: Tripadvisor

For a romantic date with your partner, come by any Thursday night at 8PM, where different classics are screened outdoors.

Sports and games at Saigon Outcast

Food and drinks aside, Saigon Outcast is also a fun place to build strength and conquer new heights with its indoor rock climbing walls. 

You can sign in at the table to buy an entrance pass at VND50,000 (~USD2.16) per person, as well as rent climbing equipment such as ropes and harnesses. 

Those who are keen to level up your climbing and belaying skills can take up lessons here with professional trainers, who’ll teach you proper climbing techniques

There’s also a skate bowl here – open to all for free – for skaters to get your grind on.

But if these sports are not exciting enough, there’s another one that can surely get your adrenaline pumping – simulation race driving. 

Image adapted from: Saigon Outcast

There’s no spot in Saigon where you can legally drift or hurl your car into the air in a Fast & Furious manner, but this is the place where you can grab a steering wheel and join a thrilling competition with fellow players.  

Since there are only 4 seats available in the racing room, you might want to register for a slot in advance. Regular players can sign up for membership packages here, which start from VND800,000 (~USD34.52) for 3 hours per week. 

Cultural events at Saigon Outcast

Kashew Cheese Deli at Vegan Fest

Ever since its inception, Saigon Outcast has consistently kept visitors to the constantly changing Thao Dien area entertained by hosting regular cultural events such as twice-a-month flea markets, and festivals of all sorts. 

Native Routes at Vegan Fest

Check in any time over the weekends, and you’ll probably run into a themed flea market where homegrown designers showcase one-of-a-kind clothing and unique handcrafts.

Fashion-themed flea market
Image credit: @saigonoutcast

A variety of food and beverage fests, such as Burger Fest, Beer Fest, and Vegan Fest, are also hosted here from time to time, gathering local chefs who showcase their culinary creations. 

Bep Vo Kitchen at Vegan Fest

These events are always packed, as residents from all parts of District 2 as well as neighboring districts turn up to mingle, soak in the festive atmosphere, or simply sneak a peek of the latest lifestyle trends. 

Salad bowl from SaladStop! and plant-based kimbap from Happy Nấm

“Our events are categorized into 3 scales. The small-scale events include movie nights and ladies’ nights, the medium-scale ones showcase flea markets and art classes, while the large-scale ones feature food and drink festivals, rock festivals, skating days, and tattoo days,” said Nhi Le, Saigon Outcast’s Event Coordinator. 

Beer Fest
Image adapted from: Saigon Outcast

“We are trying to host more art events to help connect local artists,” she added. With creatives and businesses large and small gathering in this space, it’s become a home for new entertainment and lifestyle offerings for curious Saigon residents.

Image adapted from: Saigon Outcast

Guide to Saigon Outcast

Not only is Saigon Outcast a wholesome entertainment spot where local residents can relax and have fun, but it’s also a place where the works of aspiring entrepreneurs and designers are showcased for audiences to discover. 

Come by Saigon Outcast over any weekend to get some tasty food and drinks, browse through an ever-changing selection of trendy fashion for sale, and recharge in the festive atmosphere. 

Saigon Outcast

Address: 188/1 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Opening hours: 10AM-11PM, Daily
Telephone: 0902 365 7 80


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Cover image adapted from: The Smart Local Vietnam and Saigon Outcast

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