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Suoi Tien Theme Park Guide: Things To Do From Cooling Off In A Water Park To Touring A Hogwarts-Style Castle

Things to do in Suoi Tien theme park

Playing host to a myriad of water rides and spiral slides enjoyable to visitors of all ages, Suoi Tien Theme Park is a popular destination for Saigon residents looking to spend hours of fun splashing in the sun.

From fishing to aquarium browsing, here are things to bookmark before planning your trip to this fun-filled play area

How to get to Suoi Tien Theme Park

Situated in District 9 and 19KM away from Saigon city center, visitors can go here by multiple means of transports, including motorbikes, buses, and cars. 

By bus

From the 23/9 Park bus pickup point or the Ham Nghi Street pickup point in District 1, you can hop on Bus 19, 76, 56, 30, or 53 for a 1-hour ride through 9 stops to the final drop-off point, where you can walk for 2 minutes to Suoi Tien theme park. 

Ticket fare: VND7,000-VND14,000 (~USD0.30-USD0.60) per ticket.

By motorbike or car

From the city center in District 1, head to District 2’s Saigon Bridge. After crossing the bridge, ride on Hanoi Expressway for about 20 minutes until you see a big sign that says “Suoi Tien Theme Park”. The parking fare is from VND2,000-VND5,000 (~USD0.086-USD0.22) per motorbike, and VND15,000-VN20,000 (~USD0.65-USD0.86) per car.

Things to do at Suoi Tien Theme Park

1. Tien Dong Ngoc Nu Wave pool

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

Vietnam’s first man-made wave pool Tien Dong Ngoc Nu is towered over by a 70 meter-tall mountain mirroring the face of Lac Long Quan, Vietnam’s founding father.

Surrounding the pool are the mountains of Au Co – Lac Long Quan’s wife, Bong Lai, Hoang Khuong, Ngu Chau, and numerous caves. 

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

Because of its striking visuals that can be spotted from outside the park, Tien Dong Ngoc Nu wave pool is the most checked-in place by visitors.

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

Here, you can swim or splash about in the cooling water or whiz down spiral water slides if you’re more adventurous.

2. Visiting Crocodile Kingdom

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

A trip to Crocodile Kingdom is an essential part of every visitor’s trip here, which exhibits over 15,000 crocodiles, as well as monkeys and dogs. 

Within a close yet safe distance from a roofed bridge, you can watch these trained crocodiles swimming around, feed them, or even fish them with bait attached to hookless and harmless fishing rods.

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

The zoo area also has a souvenir shop, where you can buy different types of crocodile-themed crafts. 

Suoi Tien Theme Park’s zoo contributes to the protection of crocodiles, wildlife research, and initiatives to combat the illegal wildlife trade.

3. Visiting the aquarium

Image adapted from: CUỘC SỐNG TV

For a meaningful and educational bonding time with your family, visit the more tranquil and magical Suoi Tien Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in Saigon.

Suoi Tien Aquarium is home to over 100 marine animals, with over 40 types of sea anemones, coral reefs, and numerous fish species to see.

Fishes imported from Japan
Image adapted from: CUỘC SỐNG TV

4. Visiting pagodas and folklore-inspired statues

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

Inspired by Vietnam’s history, religion, and culture, the park is home to recreations of historical landmarks and folklore.

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

From the Heavenly King of Phu Dong to General Tran Hung Dao to the Trung sisters, visitors will find plenty of statues and attractions here that are designed to homage to Vietnam’s rich historical and cultural heritage.

Image credit: @pham.dnt

Holding a reputation for its Buddhist-themed attractions, the park also has several worshipping areas that honor the Vietnamese Goddess of Hell (Dia Mau), Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara with One Thousand Hands and One Thousand Eyes (Quan The Am Thien Phu Thien Nhan), and the flying lions (Ky Lan Cung).

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

5. Watching stage shows and joining competitions

Image adapted from: Suoi Tien Theme Park

Over the weekends and on special occasions, the park hosts various types of performances on its central stage.

From cultural performances to themed concerts that blast out catchy tunes to rave to, the park has much to offer music fans.

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

It also hosts frequent fun and friendly competitions, where families and kids can join to show off their knowledge and skills and win prizes.

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

6. Tour the Wine Palace

Image credit: Shopmebill

If you think that theme parks are usually meant for kids, you’re in for a big surprise when visiting the Âm Cung Đệ nhất Cung Đình Tửu, or the Wine Palace here.

Built in the shape of a crescent moon with towering pots containing wine lining the entrance, this place is a museum where the winemaking techniques used to create wine for Vietnamese emperors are recreated. Visitors will also get to sample a variety of wine, which has been studied for 15 years, tested, and approved by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science & Technology before being put on sale at the Wine Palace.

This wine is made from golden flower glutinous rice, then mixed with medicinal herbs from eastern Vietnam. After going through 20 stages of fermenting, toxic elements are eliminated from the wine and it becomes drinkable. It is also believed to have benefits for the liver and bones.

For a sum of VND2,000,000 to VND3,000,000 (~USD86.29-USD129.44) you can bring home a bottle of wine similar to the kind our emperors used to drink. 

7. Watching movies

Image credit: Phim 8D Suối Tiên

Movie fans will be treated to a variety of theatre quality in this park, which include the 4D, 8D, 9D, and 12D Turbo Ride theatres.

While 4D theaters feature sensor-equipped motion seats and sound effects that hit you right in the feels, 8D theaters let you interact with objects on the screen which respond in real-time, and 9D theaters let viewers wear VR glasses and immerse themselves in cinematic sounds and visuals. 

The 12D Turbo Ride theater is equipped with a huge screen, simulation seats, as well as special sound effects. 

Visitors in all these theaters will enjoy an interactive cinematic experience, as they’ll be seated on a rotating platform and given individual immersive glasses to feel up close and personal with what’s on the big screen.

8. Enjoying themed castles, water parks, and a shooting range

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

Families with kids or fans of cold weather will not want to miss out on the Snow Castle, where you will space travel to the North Pole in temperatures of -5°C to -15°C. You can also ski on the snow-studded steep tracks, watch snowflakes fall, and appreciate snow-made crafts.

Image credit: @kazuking_13 

No proper fans of Harry Potter should leave this place without a visit to this Harry Potter-themed castle, which mimics the architectural style of Hogwarts School. 

Spoiler alert: this is actually a haunted house that spans across 4,000 square meters, so don’t walk in expecting to be welcomed by wizards clad in black robes holding magic wands. Instead of a friendly Hogwarts welcome, you’ll be chased around by elves and other creatures with dark forces. 

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

If you’re not ready to confront Lord Voldemort and his death eaters, switch direction and hop on a small boat for a relaxing water ride. 

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

For a team-building activity that helps you let off some steam, go for shooting games. 

9. Embarking on adventurous rides

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

Thrill-seekers surely will not feel out of place in here, which is dolloped with adventurous rides for both adults and kids.

With over 90 rides and activities, Suoi Tien Theme Park can keep you and your family entertained all day long. Visitors can pay an extra charge of VND15,000 to VND50,000 (~USD0.65-USD2.16) for each ride. 

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

To get a natural high, go on roller coasters, which have separate platforms for adults and kids.

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

Those who are looking for both romance and excitement combined in a ride can go for the Ferris Wheel. You can have a private and comforting moment up here while enjoying the stunning views of District 9.

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

Laughter-filled, unpredictable, yet safe, bumper car rides are well-loved among both grown-ups and children. If you’re one of those who are turned on by competition or the sight of people knocking their cars into each other, you’ll enjoy this activity to the fullest.

10. Riding cable cars

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

After an exhausting day swimming and walking, you can finally sightsee the entire park from a sky-high vantage point.

Visitors can embark on a scenic and peaceful cable train ride in one of the park’s over 30 cable trains, where you can have panoramic views of the area and watch sunsets.

Where to eat at Suoi Tien Theme Park

Image credit: Suoi Tien Theme Park

Situated inside the park, Phu Dong Thien Vuong Restaurant has ample seating arrangements and is able to host over 100 guests. 

Image credit: Nhà Hàng Phù Đổng Suối Tiên

From crab noodles to broken rice with grilled pork to hotpot, you can get your grub here after finishing your trip and recharge before leaving.

Entrance fee: VND50,000 (~USD2.16) for children, VND100,000 (~USD4.55) for adults
Address: 120 Hanoi Expressway, Tan Phu Ward, District 9
Opening hours: Tue-Sun, 5.30AM-6PM


Guide to Suoi Tien Theme Park in Saigon

In a city with year-round hot weather like Saigon, nothing beats a laughter-filled weekend spent in the cooling water of a mega theme park. Families can have bonding time exploring marine life in a large aquarium and watching live performances, while friends can have fun riding roller coasters and watching movies

Full of family-friendly activities and pulsating rides, Suoi Tien Theme Park has all it takes for an exhilarating timeout from your work and studies.

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