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20 Best Camping Sites In Vietnam For A Breathtaking Escape From The City Hubbub

Camping sites in Vietnam

Not only is camping an effective way to bond with nature, it also offers us a much-needed break from the hubbub of city life.

From a charming night camping under the stars or a breezy BBQ brunch by the river, you can enjoy your well-deserved escape into nature to the fullest while at these 20 camping sites in Vietnam.

Northern Vietnam

1. Ham Lon – the highest mountain near Hanoi

Image adapted from: @yhao.ngm 

Located in Soc Son Town and only 40KM away from Hanoi’s city center, Ham Lon Mountain is an ideal place to revel in the wonders of the outdoors. 

At 462M tall, Ham Lon Mountain is nicknamed “the roof of Hanoi” because it’s the highest mountain near Hanoi. 

Image credit: @gialong1312 

Campers can pitch their tents by the streams or Nui Bau Lake, situated right at the foot of the mountain.

Those looking for challenges can hike to the peak of the mountain, which takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. You’ll be rewarded with gorgeous views of lush pine forests, milky green streams, and picturesque villages.

Image credit: @tracydinh103

You can rent a campsite spot here at the price of VND50,000-VND280,000 (~USD2.16-USD12.08). Camping tools are also available for rent at about VND400,000 (~USD17.25) per tent.

How to get there:

From Hanoi’s city center, ride towards National Route 2 intersection. Turn left and ride in the direction of Vinh Phuc Province, keep riding until you see a sign that reads Viet Phu Thanh Chuong and Xom Nui.

Turn right and keep riding for another 7KM until you see a sign that shows the direction to Viet Phu, then keep riding straight ahead until you reach Ham Lon mountain.

Difficulty level: Easy

2. Son Tinh Camp – glamping with convenient amenities

Image credit: Sơn Tinh Camp – Team Building

If you’re keen to go camping but are not ready to deal with hiking, cooking in nature, or carrying loads of camping gear, opt for Son Tinh Camp near Hanoi where everything is provided for you.

Image adapted from: Son Tinh Camp

Fitted with restaurants, team building game zones, tents, and bungalows for rent (VND200,000-VND600,000, ~USD8.62-USD25.87), Son Tinh Camp is suitable for families or group travellers looking for convenience amid nature.

Image credit: Sơn Tinh Camp – Team Building

There are many spots here where you can pitch your tents, from the scenic river banks to the lush hills that offer breathtaking views over the surrounding mountains. 

Image credit: Sơn Tinh Camp 

You can rent a BBQ grill and cooking tools (VND250,000,~USD10.78) or dine at the restaurants here where a variety of grilled dishes are served, such as grilled chicken wings (VND180,000,~USD7.76), grilled beef (VND160,000,~USD6.90), and fried tofu (VND50,000,~USD2.16).

How to get there:

Situated in Dong Mo Tourism Zone, Son Tinh Camp is 40KM away from Hanoi’s city center.

Ride along Thang Long Expressway past Hoa Lac crossroad for another 7KM until you see a sign that says Vietnam Ethnic Cultural Village.

Enter the village, ride past an orange bridge and you’ll see a crossroad. Turn left and keep riding until you see a sign that says Son Tinh Camp.

Difficulty level: Easy

3. Ba Vi National Park – plenty of attractions inside the park to explore

Image credit: @lupe_gomez_melis

Boasting a breezy climate and postcard-worthy scenery, Ba Vi National Park provides a calm getaway from the hubbub of Hanoi with three peaks over 1,000M tall each.

Image credit: @aviv.v.v 

While camping here, you can explore plenty of scenic attractions such as an abandoned Catholic church, a photogenic cactus greenhouse, and Thuong Temple.

Image credit: @n.hong28_20 

Register with the management office at a fee of VND50,000 (~USD 2.15) per person to camp overnight, and bring lots of winter garments to keep warm.

How to get there:

If you travel by motorbike or car, you can follow these routes:

  • Route 1: From Thang Long avenue, ride towards Vietnam’s ethnic cultural village, through Yen Bai ward, Van Hoa ward, Ba Vi Agricultural Farm, and you’ll see the park.
  • Route 2: From national road 32, ride towards Son Tay ward and past Xuan Khanh.

If you go by bus, take bus No. 92 to Tay Dang, Ba Vi. From there, find yourself a cab or a Grabbike, ride another 30 minutes and you’ll reach the park. 

Difficulty level: Moderate

4. Ta Nang – Phan Dung – challenging route with meadow camping

Image credit: Huỳnh Quốc Huy

Known as one of Vietnam’s most scenic yet strenuous trekking routes, the Ta Nang – Phan Dung trekking route is a candidate for the country’s most challenging camping spots.

A trekking journey across the 50KM Ta Nang – Phan Dung route usually takes 2 days and 1 night, so you can spend the night camping on a lush meadow under the stars. 

Image credit: Lê Xuân Cường

Physically demanding and dangerous, the trek to this camping spot is not for everybody. Trekkers will each have to carry at least 5KG of food, warm clothes, and a tarpaulin on their back while ascending steep hills and wading through streams.

Image credit: Nguyễn Thành Trường

Due to the intricacies of the terrain, trekkers are strongly recommended to travel with the assistance of a local tour guide. Depending on the weather, the guide will pick the most suitable point to camp, possibly a hill where you can catch sight of the sun dropping below mountain crests at dusk. 

For a safe trek and camping experience, trekkers can check out the tours provided by, costing VND1,850,000 (~USD79.82) or those by Bitour, which are priced at VND2,590,000 (~USD111.74) per hiker.

Difficulty level: Hard

5. Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park – UNESCO-recognized natural wonder

Image credit: Le Luu Dung

No seasoned and passionate camper would turn down the chance to camp inside Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, home to Vietnam’s largest caves. 

Camping by Tra Ang river in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National park
Image adapted from: Le Luu Dung

Surrounded by lush jungles and primitive rivers, Phong Nha Ke Bang is home to scenic and serene campgrounds, such as Tiger Cave and Pigmy Cave. 

Due to the complicated terrain of these sites, campers are strongly encouraged to embark on camping tours with a licensed agency in the area, such as Jungle Boss.

Camping by Pigmy Cave in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National park
Image credit: Le Luu Dung

Since camping is only a part of visiting this park, which also involves long and strenuous trekking, make sure you have the stamina for the trip before registering.

Difficulty level: Hard

Central Vietnam

6. Tuyen Lam Lake – close to Da Lat city center yet tranquil

Image credit: Mai Vinh

Quiet, picturesque, and clean, Tuyen Lam Lake in Da Lat makes for a splendid retreat from the madding crowds. 

Image credit: Mai Vinh

Tuyen Lam Lake is enormous and surrounded by lush hills, and you can pitch your tent anywhere you deem fit.

Image credit: Mai Vinh

From Tuyen Lam Lake, you can walk or ride motorbikes to the nearby Truc Lam Zen Monastery on Phung Hoang Mountain, one of Vietnam’s largest monasteries.

Datanla Waterfall in Datanla Tourism Zone
Image credit: @leestaggereigengrau

After a 15-minute tour around the monastery, you can walk for 5 minutes to a cable car station nearby, which ferries passengers to Datanla Tourism Zone, home to a variety of adrenaline-packed adventure sports. 

Hop on the cable car for a 15-minute scenic ride above a seemingly endless jungle of evergreen pine forests. 


How to get there:

Tuyen Lam Lake is 6KM away from Da Lat’s city center to the South, right next to Truc Lam Pagoda. For a more remote lakeside spot to pitch a tent, you can rent a boat at the port to go further onto the lake. 

Difficulty level: Easy

7. Hon Bo Mountain in Da Lat – breathtaking view over Thai Phien flower village

Image credit: Minh Hạnh Phan

Sitting at an altitude of 1,079 meters above sea level, Hon Bo Mountain offers a panoramic view over the colorful Thai Phien flower village and verdant glens. The best time to visit the place is in the spring, around February, when the flowers are in full bloom.

Image credit: Minh Hạnh Phan

In the early morning, campers will wake up to the picturesque sight of the town of Da Lat and a wide range of velvety-green pine trees being steeped in a thick coat of mist. On less windy days, you can even catch sight of a sea of white clouds floating within your reach.

Image adapted from: Minh Hạnh Phan

In the evening, you’ll be treated to a stunning feast of lights from a sea of farmhouses in the valley, which has become an iconic Da Lat scene To cook on the mountain, you can bring from home a camp stove, a kettle, camping lighters, reusable dinnerware, and a lamp. Meanwhile, you can buy fresh ingredients such as vegetables and meat in Da Lat Market.

Do remember to bring warm clothes as the temperature on the mountain can drop to 10°C.


How to get there:

From Da Lat Market, rent motorbikes or travel by cab for 8.7KM via National Route 27C to Hon Bo Mountain. 

The tracks are quite flat so traveling will not be too difficult.

Difficulty level: Easy

8. Co Tien Mountain in Nha Trang – panoramic view over the beach

Image adapted from: @ngocanh_109 

If fancy rooftop dinners with views over the ocean aren’t in your budget, camping offers an equally relaxing view at a much more affordable cost with more privacy.

Situated at the northwest side of Nha Trang City, Co Tien Mountain rises to 400 meters and is viewable from all corners of the city. 

Image adapted from: @jonnyrouse7 

From Co Tien Mountain, campers will enjoy a million-dollar view over the center of Nha Trang City that glistens at night, and the beach.

Image credit: @gowithnature_

How to get there:

Ride on Tran Phu Street, head north, and ride past Chong Mountain. Turn right onto a path that will lead you to a parking spot, park your vehicles, and walk until you see a fenced narrow road. That’s the entryway leading to the mountain.

Co Tien Mountain is not too high but is dolloped with thorny bushes and a slippery flight of stairs. A walk from the foot to the mountaintop might take about 1 hour. 

Difficulty level: Easy

9. Da Phu Hill – a cloud-hunting spot near Da Lat city center

The morning view from Da Phu Hill near Da Lat
Image credit: Phan Văn Cương

In recent years, cloud-hunting has rapidly gained popularity as one of the most essential activities in a Da Lat trip – and you can do just that on Da Phu Hill

A couple viewing clouds from the peak of the hill
Image credit: Phan Văn Cương

To do this, visitors will need to be at the peak of the hill at dawn, where they can be treated to a fabulous sight of white clouds floating within their reach.

There are many cloud-hunting spots in Da Lat, but most of them are located at least 20KM away from the city center and can be difficult to navigate to during the rainy season.

Da Phu Hill, on the other hand, is only 12KM away from the city center and is ideal for a hassle-free cloud hunting trip. 

Image credit: Phan Văn Cương

From Da Phu Hill, campers will enjoy panoramic views over the picturesque town of Da Lat, and see flower valleys and pine tree forests amidst the clouds.

Remember to bring warm clothes and umbrellas along with your camping gear as Da Lat’s temperatures can drop to as low as 16°C in the evening, and rain is common during the second half of the year. 


How to get there:

From Thanh Thuy Restaurant at No.2 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, head northeast to Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Street. Keep riding for another 1.5KM until you hit a roundabout, then turn to Nguyen Cong Tru Street. 

Upon reaching the next roundabout, turn to Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street. Ride for another 3KM and turn left onto Ankroet Street. Ride for another 1KM and you’ll spot Da Phu Hill.

Difficulty level: Moderate

10. Ta Dung Nature Reserve – Central Highlands’ answer to Ha Long Bay

Image adapted from: Luân Lavender

Spanning across 20,000 hectares, Ta Dung Natural Reserve emerges like a bay in the middle of forests. Made up of over 36 islands lying close to one another, Ta Dung Nature Reserve is fondly dubbed the “Ha Long Bay” of The Central Highlands. 

Image credit: Luân Lavender

Campers here can enjoy the best of both worlds with stunning views over a vast lake as well as magnificent mountains.

Image credit: Luân Lavender 

Aside from warming yourself beside a campfire over a cup of coffee, you can have a short trek around the area or splash around in the water. You can also rent a boat to explore the lake at the price of VND100,000 (~USD4.31) per hour. 


How to get there:

From Gia Nghia Ward in Dak Nong Province, ride on National Route 28 in the direction of Quang Khe Ward and you’ll reach Ta Dung Nature Reserve. The entire traveling time by bike takes about 4 hours. 

Difficulty level: Moderate

11. Lang Biang Mountain – the highest point in Lam Dong Province

Image credit: @tintinadvs 

No trip to Da Lat is complete without a journey to Lang Biang Mountain, which is 12KM off the city center of Da Lat. From the peaks, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking sight of verdant pine valleys and mist-capped mountain ridges.

That’s why Lang Biang Mountain has also been rated by seasoned campers as one of Da Lat’s most scenic spots for camping, thanks to its peaks being the highest points in the entire province. 

Image credit: Viet Anh

Lang Biang Mountain has 3 peaks called Ra-dar, Hon Ba, and Hon Ong. Hon Ba Peak sits at an altitude of 2,176M above sea level, which makes the hike here pretty challenging for campers.

Image credit: @j.u.s.t_n.v 

If you don’t have enough stamina for a walk to the peaks, hop on a 15-minute-ride jeep at the entrance which will take you up.


How to get there:

From the center of Da Lat, you can reach the site of Lang Biang Mountain by motorbike, taxi, or bus.

Take a bus from Da Lat Bus Station near Da Lat Market, which departs between 5.30M-7PM every day to Xa Lat, Langbiang. Each bus ticket is priced at VND12,000 (~USD0.52) per person, and the travelling time can be up to an hour.

Difficulty level: Moderate

12. Phi Lieng – camping near waterfalls

Image credit: Tạ Thanh Sang

Situated 70KM away from Da Lat city center in a pristine natural setting, a camping trip to the majestic waterfall of Phi Lieng promises a stunning vista that can’t be found elsewhere in Da Lat.

Imagine waking up to the postcard-worthy view of a 70M-high waterfall cascading onto rock steps, complete with winding streams and fog-capped mountains. 

Image credit: Tạ Thanh Sang

You can pitch your tent by the waterfall on dry days, go fishing, or explore some other mini waterfalls nearby.

Image adapted from: Tạ Thanh Sang

To avoid the hazards of fluctuating water levels on rainy days, pitch your tent on a hill where you can still enjoy views of the waterfall, and refrain from swimming.

Image credit: Tạ Thanh Sang

The hiking trail to the waterfall can be rugged, but the views are worth the climb.


How to get there:

From Da Lat city center, ride in the direction of Van Thanh Flower Village. Ride on Ta Nung Pass for another 30KM until you see a crossroad. Turn right towards National Route 27 in the direction of Phi Lieng Ward in Dam Rong District. Keep riding until you reach the Phi Lieng Crossroad, turn right, ride straight ahead until you reach another crossroad, then turn left. 

The distance between Da Lat city center and Phi Lieng Waterfall is 85.9KM, while the traveling time is about 2 hours. 

Difficulty level: Hard

Southern Vietnam

13. Mui Yen – wild scenery and tranquility

Image adapted from: Bui Hoan My

A fascinating ride through the white sand deserts of Binh Thuan Province will lead you to Mui Yen, a secluded and mysterious promontory boasting rustic natural scenery.

Image adapted from: @tuan.minh.le

The only sights you’ll catch at this remote spot are grass-covered hills and cliffs stretching to the blue ocean, vast sand dunes glistening under the sun, and a few fishing boats quietly passing by. 

Above all, Mui Yen boasts so much tranquility that the only sounds you hear are the waves hitting the rocks. Sporty visitors can freely chill or play watersports here without disturbing anyone. 

Image adapted from: Bui Hoan My

Since the spot is about 15KM away from the nearest residential area and lacks internet reception, campers should bring enough food, water, and offline maps to stay prepared.


How to get there:

Mui Yen is situated in Hoa Thang Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province. From Saigon, board Cat Lai Ferry, ride on National Route 51 until you reach Hac Dich Toc Tien. Ride on Road 1 towards Binh Ba Da Bac and Suoi Rao until you reach Ho Coc Beach. Keep riding in the direction of Bau Trang Beach and you’ll reach Mui Yen.

Difficulty level: Hard

14. Dong Cuu Suoi Nghe – camp near sheep herds like in Mongolia

Image credit: Lê Trọng Nghĩa

Situated 70KM away from Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Cuu – Suoi Nghe pasture in Vung Tau looks straight out of a Mongolian travel documentary. Not only is this a popular spot for wedding photography, it’s also an Insta-worthy campground – imagine waking up in the morning and being surrounded by herds of sheep wandering about the lush pastures.

Image credit: Lê Trọng Nghĩa

The pasture fills up with visitors quickly from 8AM to 4PM, so adjust your camping hours carefully to avoid all the noise, perhaps from 5AM to 7PM or after 6PM. You can camp by a scenic stream, where you’ll be treated to the breathtaking sight of hundreds of sheep and mountain peaks stretching to the horizon.

Refrain from walking into the sheep herds to take photos, lest they get scared and run away. You can pay the shepherds here VND50,000 to VND100,000 (~USD2.16-USD4.31) as service fees to take photos with the sheep.

Image credit: Lê Trọng Nghĩa

As pristine as it looks, most of the byway here is a smooth road, so motorbike and car drivers will have no trouble accessing the area.


How to get there:

From Ho Chi Minh City Center, ride towards Cat Lai Ferry in the direction of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province. Turn right onto National Route 51, ride until you spot Tan Thanh Bus Station. 

When you see Phu My Town development, turn into that direction and ride another 10KM until you reach a crossroad. Turn right, ride until you reach another crossroad, turn left and keep riding until you see herds of sheep. 

Difficulty level: Easy

15. Dau Tieng Reservoir – Vietnam’s largest man-made lake

Image credit: @chalyseo_

Boasting an enormous surface area of 270 sq km spanning across Bình Dương, Bình Phước, and Tây Ninh with plenty of waterfront space for campgrounds, it’s no wonder Dau Tieng Reservoir welcomes many visitors. 

Image credit: Phan Tuấn

A 90KM drive from Saigon, Dau Tieng Reservoir is renowned for its gleaming views of the emerald waters on which fishing boats glide about, as well as the long-range mountains in the distance. 

Image credit: @phatdoan102

You can pitch a tent anywhere here, light a fire, grab a beer, and lounge on a fireside chair to watch the sunset.

While it’s hard for passionate cameramen to resist flying drones to capture photos of the entire area, do note that you’re not allowed to do so here due to security reasons. 


How to get there:

Dau Tieng Lake is 38KM away from Tay Ninh Ward to the East. From the center of Tay Ninh, ride on Cach Mang Thang Tam Road until you reach Duong Minh Chau Town. Turn right and keep riding until you see the lake. 

Difficulty level: Easy

16. Tri An Lake – scenic lakeside camping ground near Saigon

Image credit: Nguyễn Chí Bảo

Tri An Lake isn’t just a pristine lake with beautiful waters, but it’s also a tranquil spot for lakeside camping with various watersports just 80KM away from Saigon.

Image credit: Nguyễn Chí Bảo

Aside from chilling by the campfire and viewing the sunset, you can go fishing, paddle sailing, or simply swimming in the clean waters. 

Image credit: @hnghoa_ 

You can also spend a night camping anywhere by the lake here for a change of scenery – we suggest the Tri An Hydroelectric Power Plant or the ferry terminal. While you’re here, you can also spend half a day exploring the luxuriant jungles of Chim O Island, an off-the-beaten path gem inside Tri An Lake. 

From your camping area, ride in the direction of Tri An Hydroelectric Power Plant, continue on DT767 to Vinh An Ward to reach Dao O – Dong Truong Ferry. Buy a ferry ticket at VND20,000 (~USD0.90) per ticket to board the 45-minute ferry ride to Chim O Island. 


How to get there

From Saigon city center, ride along National Route 1A in the direction of Dong Nai River. Continue on Hanoi Expressway until you take a right turn to Dieu Xien Road. 

Keep riding for about 17.6KM before turning left to Road 767. At the roundabout, continue on Road 767 and keep riding another 17.9KM before hitting Road 761. Keep riding until you reach Tri An lake. 

Difficulty level: Easy

17. Ho Tram Beach – unwind on beautiful, soft sand

Image adapted from: Nguyễn Nhất Thiên

Most visitors associate Ho Tram with golden sands, a glistening ocean, and casuarina forests, and this camping spot on the pristine beach of Ho Tram will confirm that impression.

Image credit: Nguyễn Nhất Thiên

After pitching a tent on Ho Tram Beach, you can fire up your dinner on a BBQ grill and enjoy a glass of wine in the refreshing oceanside breeze. Small groups can bond over beach sports such as kayaking, surfing, or kite flying. 

You can bring your own swimming and sports gear, or rent surfing equipment from a shop in The Grand Ho Tram Strip Resort for VND126,000-VND252,000 (~USD5.40-USD10.80) per hour, or rent a kayak for VND252,000 (~USD10.80) per hour.

Image adapted from: Nguyễn Nhất Thiên

How to get there:

From Saigon’s District 9, Ride on National Route 51 towards Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, then turn towards National Route 55. Keep riding in the direction of Xuyen Moc Ward until you see a sign that reads Ho Tram – Ho Coc. 

Difficulty level: Easy

18. Ba Den Mountain – close to numerous pagodas

Image adapted from: @mrgreendatto 

Sitting on an altitude of 926M, Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh Province is the highest point of Vietnam’s Southeast region and a favorite spot among Saigonese hikers. 

Part of Ba Den Historical & Cultural Zone, Ba Den Mountain is home to religious attractions such as the Ha, Trung, Thuong, and Hang Pagodas.

Image credit: @james_tuan 

The trail is challenging and filled with rocks, so bring a walking stick and travel in groups unless you’re a seasoned climber.

Image credit: @mrgreendatto 

If you’re not much of a hiker, you can travel by cable car from the foot of the mountain to Nui Ba Pagoda, from which you can walk for about 15 minutes to the peak of the mountain.

Image credit: @tam_nguyen_dinh

As you reach the peak of Ba Den Mountain, you’ll be treated to an impressive view of fertile rice fields, spectacular caves, and the charming villages of Tay Ninh below.


How to get there:

Ba Den Mountain is 110KM away from Saigon and located in Tay Ninh Province. From Saigon city center, ride in the direction of Trang Bang crossroads. Make a left turn to ride towards Go Dau town, and make a right turn towards National Route 22B. Ride for another 60KM until you reach Tay Ninh Province.

Ride past Cao Dai temple on National Route 22B for another 14.9KM until you hit National Route 781. Keep riding until you see a sign that points to Xa Phan Nui Ba. Make a left turn, keep riding until you see a crossroad. Turn right onto Road DT790 and keep riding until you hit Khedol – Suoi Da Road. Turn left, ride for another 750M, and you’ll see Ba Den Mountain

Difficulty level: Easy

19. Thac Mai Tourism Zone – a primitive campground

Image adapted from: Thac Mai Trekking Race

Situated 110KM northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, Thac Mai Tourism Zone in Dong Nai Province still retains its primitive features.

Image credit: Quốc Hùng

Home to a tropical jungle featuring rich biodiversity and wildlife, it offers campers tree-lined trails populated with butterflies, majestic waterfalls, and rock formations. Set up your tent here to camp overnight, then watch the sun rising above misty canopies.

Image credit: Thac Mai Trekking Race

Campers can bring their own camping gear or rent a tent here, which is priced from VND150,000 to VND250,000 (~USD6.47-USD10.78) depending on its capacity. You are allowed to set camp anywhere you deem fit, but we recommend camping near the river where you can fish and enjoy the fresh breeze. 

Visitors will pay VND20,000 (~USD0.86) for an entrance ticket or VND35,000 (~USD1.51) for an overnight fee per person. To make the most of your trip here, you can employ local tour guides’ services. 

Image credit: Thac Mai Trekking Race

With Thac Mai Trekking Race, a local eco tour agency, visitors on a day trip will be guided on a cycling tour around the area, while those looking for more challenges can embark on a 2-day, 1-night trek.


How to get there:

From Saigon, ride towards Bien Hoa Province until you pass by Vung Tau crossroad to Dầu Giây. Turn left and ride on National Route 20 in the direction of Dinh Quan – Dong Nai. 

Ride on the National Route 20 for about 23KM until you reach Thac Mai. 

Difficulty level: Moderate

20. Tien Lake – hidden inside a forest

Image credit: Nha Khuu

Nestled inside La Ngau Forest in Binh Thuan Province, Tien Lake is a quiet getaway for adventurous trekkers seeking solitude.

Image adapted from: Nha Khuu

In order to reach the lake, trekkers will have to traverse 12.6KM of steep tracks, rock formations, and narrow paths lined with trees. Persevere and you’ll be rewarded with a serene waterfront campground surrounded with pleasant greenery.

Image adapted from: Nha Khuu

Once you reach the lake, you can pitch a tent on the flat rocks and dive into the clear waters to cool off. You can even start fishing and prepare a portable grill to make dinner.

How to get there:

From Saigon city center, ride in the direction of Dau Giay towards Long Khanh. Keep riding until you reach La Ngau Bridge, where you’ll see a parking slot for Tien Lake campers.

Difficulty level: Hard

Camping sites in Vietnam

When it comes to taking a break from city life to reset your batteries, there’s no alternative that’s more exhilarating and cost-effective than camping. There are plenty of campsites dotted throughout Vietnam where you can find a scenic spot to pitch your tent and enjoy a beer while catching the sunset. 

From golden sands to the rolling hills, Vietnam doesn’t lack good camping sites where you can bond with nature and have a time of your life.

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Cover image adapted from: Le Luu Dung

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