D.O.M – Coffee Capsule has private pods for a solitary coffee break

From decorative 60s-themed joints to open-air, greenery-filled venues, Saigon is home to an eclectic assortment of unique cafes. As mood-enhancing as nice cafes can be, most of them are not designed to offer you a solitary coffee break to read a book or have a quick nap.  

Nonetheless, if optimal privacy and comfort are what you’re craving for on a break or a romantic date without having to check into a hotel, check out D.O.M – Coffee Capsule.

Decked out with sleep pods fitted with plush mattresses and storage, this place looks straight out of a capsule hotel in Japan.

It’s located in Bình Thạnh District

Image credit: Anh Tuan To

D.O.M – Coffee Capsule is located in the buzzing Bình Thạnh District, home to a sprawl of apartment buildings, universities, and vehicles traversing narrow lanes 24/7.

In terms of entertainment, Bình Thạnh is not as popular as its high-culture neighbor District 1, a microcosm of Saigon as a whole, or District 2, home to Saigon’s trendiest dining establishments.   

However, if you look hard enough into the crisscrossing alleyways that are off the beaten path, you’ll find plenty of gems here, such as D.O.M – Coffee Capsule.

Image adapted from: D.O.M- Coffee Capsule

Situated inside a quiet alleyway just off busy Nguyễn Gia Trí Street, D.O.M – Coffee Capsule is a small but tasteful joint designed in Japanese style. The facade is flush with white and decked out with wooden doors and windows.

If you arrive at the venue by motorbike, you’ll be guided to a parking space that’s three houses away. 

It’s compact and designed like a capsule hotel

Image credit: Tùng Lê Hoàng Huy

The first level, which is tastefully designed and filled with ample natural lighting, features only a coffee counter where you can place your orders.

Image adapted from: D.O.M- Coffee Capsule

To dine, you’ll need to proceed upstairs where you’ll find a room with a double-stacked row of curtained bed-sized pods. The pods come with bamboo screens with translucent paper for a Japanese touch.

Image credit: Tùng Lê Hoàng Huy

Each pod is air-conditioned, fitted with a comfortable mattress, storage cabinets, power outlets to charge your devices, and a low table where you can put your drinks or a laptop on.  

Image adapted from: D.O.M- Coffee Capsule

Compact but clean and well-equipped, this area reminds us of capsule hotels in Japan and is perfect for a quick nap or a study session. 

Each pod can accommodate up to four guests and you can rent one at VND130,000 (~USD5.73) for two hours. 

Image adapted from: D.O.M- Coffee Capsule

You can also host a small and cozy birthday party inside a pod here at VND500,000 (~USD22.05), which comes with two drinks of your choice and an unlimited number of hours of usage. The cafe staff will help decorate your pod with a festoon, balloons, and rose petals. 

Image credit: D.O.M- Coffee Capsule

Albeit small, this area doesn’t feel overstuffed because it’s lined with large glass windows for ample natural lighting.

Image credit: D.O.M- Coffee Capsule

In case you’re not here for the pods or all of them have been rented out, you can enjoy your drinks at an open area. Equipped with short-legged tables and tatami mats, and decorated with a mural featuring The Great Wave off Kanagawa, this space looks like a Japanese tea house. 

A variety of fruit juice, smoothies, and pastries

Lychee tea, peach tea, and red velvet cake
Image credit: D.O.M- Coffee Capsule

To keep you hydrated and fully charged during your self-study or solitary work sessions here, the house offers a good selection of drinks and tasty treats.

Treat yourself to the sweet and refreshing flavors of Lychee Tea (VND50,000, ~USD2.20) or Peach Tea (VND50,000, ~USD2.20), which pairs well with a silky smooth slice of Red Velvet Cake (VND49,000, ~USD2.16).

Energy Boost
Image credit: D.O.M- Coffee Capsule

For a burst of creaminess and complex flavors in one glass, order Energy Boost (VND60,000, ~USD2.65). This smoothie features a hearty combination of blended banana, cheese, and milk. 

A glass of iced milk coffee (VND45,000, ~USD1.98) makes for an energizing drink to help with your concentration. 

Why you should visit D.O.M – Coffee Capsule

Compact but not cramped, D.O.M – Coffee Capsule offers well-equipped, enclosed spaces where you can sip on your drinks in privacy. If this place is close to your office or school, you can drop by for a quick nap or binge on your favorite movies in between work or classes.

With a decent supply of power points, reliable Wi-Fi, and cool air, D.O.M – Coffee Capsule also offers a productive environment to get your work done. 

Address: 213/23 Nguyễn Gia Trí, Ward 25, Bình Thạnh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone: 082 824 9966
Opening hours: 9AM-11PM, Daily


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Cover image adapted from: D.O.M- Coffee Capsule

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