Bonjour Cafe The Art – a red-painted cafe with dried flowers

In the middle of Thảo Điền ward lies Bonjour Cafe The Art, a colorful, French-inspired cafe filled with dried flowers and vintage decorations. 

If you’re looking for a romantic place to be with your date or a spot where you can take some stylish photos, then this place might be for you. 

Romantic flower cafe with vintage decorations and a red piano

Bonjour Cafe The Art_exteriorImage credit: Bonjour Cafe The Art 

Situated at a corner of a street, this small, delicate-looking, two-story cafe has become a beloved spot among lovers of the iconic Parisian aesthetic.

From the colorful red walls to the various flowers adorning the entire shop, even covering the ceiling – this cafe offers everything you need to make that perfect Instagram picture.

Bonjour Cafe The Art_flower wallImage credit: Bonjour Cafe The Art 

Inside the shop, you’ll find vintage knick-knacks that make for excellent backdrops, such as a coffee table made from a repurposed sewing machine with a signature Victorian-style foot pedal, or an old bicycle with flowers in its front basket. 

chairs and tablesImage credit: Bonjour Cafe The Art 

At the center of the cafe lies a red-painted piano that is, surprisingly, playable! If you’re looking for a dating spot where you can flex your musical skills, look no further than this establishment. 

pianoImage credit: Bonjour Cafe The Art 

While the shop does feel a bit cramped at first due to its small space and cluttered decorations, it will feel better once you settle in and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. 

Sipping on your drinks and chilling in a romantic vibe

menuImage credit: Bonjour Cafe The Art 

Of course, being a cafe, it has a variety of drinks, cakes, and pastries – nicely decorated for some exquisite food photos. Most drinks here range from VND40,000 to VND95,000 (~USD1.61-USD3.63).   

food and drinksImage credit: Bonjour Cafe The Art

We recommend the guava tea with white boba (VND75,000, ~USD3.02) a fruity and floral concoction, accompanied by the gentle chewiness of little white boba. 

Bonjour Cafe The Art – A French-inspired location for your romantic date or just a gorgeous shot

Bonjour Cafe The Art is a great place if you’re in the mood for something romantic, or want to do a Christmas-themed shot for celebrating a festive end-of-the-year.  

Please note that the cafe does not allow any cameras besides phone cameras, so check your photo-taking gear accordingly before you head out. 

Address: 42, Thảo Điền Street, Thảo Điền Ward, District 2, Hồ Chí Minh City
Opening hours: 7am-10pm, Daily
Contact: 038 738 4548 | Facebook page

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Cover image adapted from: Bonjour Cafe The Art


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