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Apothecary: Vintage Clinic-Themed Bar With Drinks Named After Famous Scientists

Apothecary: clinic-themed bar with an vintage vibe

Bars and clubs in Saigon may come in different forms and themes that may go beyond your expectations. That may be the case with Apothecary – a Saigon vintage club that looks like a medical clinic.

At this bar, you can relax in the dim light, enjoying drinks in a pleasant, and a bit eerie, atmosphere, or having a gentle chat with your friends.

It looks like a clinic

Apothecary Interior
The inside space of Apothecary looks like an old clinic.
Image credit: David Do

The name Apothecary, an archaic word for a chemist, is the apt name revealing what to expect from this bar. The whole space is quite dark with shadowy corners. On the shelves, you may spot lots of clinical equipment such as microscopes. anatomical charts, and lights commonly found in operating theatres.

Apothecary Artifacts
Some may find the decorations of Apothecary a bit eerie.
Image credit: Zen Chen

Moreover, the space inside is filled with a vintage ambience. In fact, the tiles and the furniture reflect 1970s modernist style in southern Vietnam, not to mention the old stained walls. So if you prefer a calm and pleasant space from many modern bars in Saigon, Apothecary is a great choice.

The drinks are named after famous scientists

Apothecary Counter
The dim light at Apothecary will help you relax.
Image credit:
Jed Nguyen

Another feature that you may find interesting at Apothecary is its drinks. As a bar, Apothecary gives you diverse options of cocktails from Sazerac to Margarita to Penicillin.

However, the signature drinks of this bar are no other than the special cocktails named after world famous scientists. For vodka lovers, you can go for Isaac Newton and Marie Curie. While the former combines vodka with coffee and cocoa, the latter mixes the liquor with tea and elderflower syrup.

Apothecary Drinks
The drinks are serves on a metal medical plate.
Image credit: Zen Chen

With Dmitri Mendeleev, white rum meets with tropical ingredients such as kumquat and pandan. In addition, Leonardo da Vinci is a twist on whiskey and bitters. Last but not least, the Charles Darwin is a combination of XO brandy, bitters, beetroot, and shiitake mushrooms.

It is situated in an old house

Apothecary Front
Apothecary as seen from the outside.
Image credit: David Do

Apothecary is not really a speakeasy bar, but rather a place to chill out. It is situated in a little old house on a small street in downtown Saigon.

One the one hand, it doesn’t take you a long time to get there. On the other hand, it gives you enough tranquillity to lay your hair down after a long day at work.

Apothecary Ostrich
Many come to Apothecary to take selfie with this ostrich model.
Image credit: 深迫直昭

Moreover, if you are a non-drinker, Apothecary still welcomes you in the daytime when it serves coffee and juices. For alcoholic drinks, the prices at Apothecary start from VND220,000 (~USD9.42).


Marked by its clinical theme, Apothecary is a unique bar in a small street in downtown Saigon. Here you can have a pleasant tranquil space to enjoy yourself, with great cocktails named after famous scientists. Apothecary will help you get away from all of your stress after work.

Address: 12 Phan Liêm Street, Đa Kao Ward, District 1, Hồ Chí Minh City
Opening hours: 5pm – 1am, Daily (Also open during daytime)
Telephone: 0898 530 447
Apothecary’s Facebook page

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Cover image adapted from David Do, David Do, and Zen Chen  

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