Shirtless hotpot restaurant 

The steamy soup and fresh meat at hotpot restaurants just hit different from our electric ones at home; maybe it’s the atmosphere or the fact that you don’t have to deal with the cleaning up afterwards. 

This restaurant in the Chinese city of Xi’an really takes steamboat to the next level, and puts the ‘hot’ in ‘hotpot’ with their topless waitstaff. 

Topless male models serve hotpot 

In the early 2000’s, teens – including myself – would flock to the nearest Abercrombie & Fitch for a photo with the shirtless model. This restaurant in the Shanxi province offers the same excitement but with steaming fresh cuts of meat – and shirtless models of course.

male models serve hotpot in china
Source: Ruptly

Mr. Ma Yu, the owner of the establishment stated that members of the waitstaff are all models – making them the utmost candidates for the job. He also hopes to “bring visual enjoyment and pleasant experience to all the customers,” according to Ruptly.


shirtless model in china
Source: Ruptly

The part-time employees make up to ฿1,878 (~USD61.97) every six hour shift. Yang Lei, a member of the staff, explained that this side-gig is the perfect opportunity for him to supplement his income as he used to be a model. 

Gender equality in the form of male models 

Netizens have criticised the restaurant’s business model – some claim that it is unhygienic while others state that this is sexist and is “materialising males”, according to South China Morning Post

shirtless hotpot restaurant
These shirtless hunks will even cook and serve you
Source: Ruptly

Citizens refuted the claim by likening the restaurant to widespread maid cafes. 

shirtless hotpot restaurantImage credit: Tokyo Weekender

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Featured image adapted from: Ruptly

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