Paing Takhon’s first meet and greet in Thailand

Images adapted from: @paing_takhon

After stealing Thai girls’ hearts recently, Paing Takhon is now paying Bangkok a visit. On 18th July 2019, the Myanmar internet sensation confirmed on his Instagram that he will host his first meet and greet with Thai fans in Bangkok. The event will be taking place at Grand Ballroom, Century Park Hotel Bangkok, on 3rd August 2019.

Myanmar model made waves in Thailand

In early July, Thai netizens were sharing pictures of the heartthrob. He was soon discovered to be a model named Paing Takhon from Myanmar, who was featured in advertisements as well as modeling shoots. Not only was the internet buzzing, but many television channels even covered him in their entertainment section.

paing standing model

Image credit: @paing_takhon

After learning he was being talked about in Thailand, Paing took it to social media and posted a video thanking his Thai fans, which received a lot of positive feedback. In the video, Paing also stated that he might be visiting Thailand soon.

One user commented: “Your Thai is very cute 😊comment about paing cuteness

Others just dropped “cute” bombs instead:comment about paing cuteness

Images adapted from: @paing_takhon

3 Fun facts about Paing

Paing owns 9 cats

It is not an overstatement to say that Paing is a cat person, as he owns 9 pet cats. And all of them are orange – he must have loved watching Garfield as a kid.

Paing hot boy with cats

Image credit: @paing_takhon

Paing loves spicy Thai food

Because his hometown is close to Thailand’s border, Paing had some experience with Thai food growing up. He says his favorite Thai dishes are spicy Tom Yum soup and Som Tum.

paing eats spicy tom yum

Image credit: @paing_takhon

Paing was featured in Buzzfeed’s Hottest South Asian Men list

Yep, you read that right. In 2018, Piang was featured in Buzzfeed’s “23 Stunning South Asian Men That Are Too Gorgeous For Words” Well, I would be more surprised if he wasn’t on the list.

paing model window

Image credit: @paing_takhon

Get a chance to meet him in Bangkok

Along with the date and location information, Paing posted a picture of the tickets chart. The prices are different, depending on the zones – Zone A (฿3500), Zone B (฿2000),  and Zone C (฿1000). The most expensive price automatically secures your place in all exclusive activities including fan signing, selfie taking, and a free hug to boot.ticket prices paing

Image credit: @paing_takhon

You can visit Ticketmelon’s website for more details.