Dog sleeps through staged robbery 

Large dogs with pointy ears and sharp features have a reputation of being fierce guard dogs – ‘Lucky’ the Siberian Husky proves that looks can be deceiving. 

Worawut Lomwanawong, Lucky’s owner, and a local Thai policeman simulated a robbery where Lucky remained peacefully asleep. 

Security test in Thailand 

Policemen in Thailand were conducting a test on security of jewellery stores in the area; they selected Mr. Lomwanawong’s store to stage a jewelry heist. To replicate a robbery, a local policeman dressed in plain clothes, brandished a fake gun and even demanded money from the store’s owner.

The owner posted the CCTV footage of the simulation onto Lucky’s facebook fan page Lovely Fake Dog. From the time the ‘robber’ entered the jewellery store to him exiting with a bag of money, Lucky was blissfully unaware and continued sleeping. 

Socially aware husky 

Within 3 days, the video of the “robbery” has reached over a million views and has been shared over 5000 times; Boredpanda reached out to Mr. Lomwanawong to learn more about the internet sensation.

Mr. Lomwanawong stated that Lucky’s decision to stay sleeping was due to the fact that she was familiar with the ‘robber’ – the policeman regularly visits his jewellery store as part of his daily patrol. 

Man’s best friend

Lucky’s name is “metaphorical” according to Boredpanda – her owner found her alone in front of a convenience store when he was going through a particularly rough time in his life, he named her ‘Lucky’ because he wanted her to live a “life full of luck”. 

It seems the two have such a deep understanding of each other and routines – everyone deserves to have a symbiotic relationship like that so, get a dog. 

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Featured images adapted from: LovelyFakeDog via BoredPanda

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