Astrology to be taught to prisoners

Ministry of Justice Somsak Thepsuthin
Image credit: Royal Thai Government

Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin, the Minister of Justice, reported during a 2020 annual performance summary meeting that sustainable opportunities should be available for prisoners to make progress toward society. One of the opportunities he suggested is astrology, as published on Prachachart.

Mr. Thepsuthin said that 35% of inmates wanted a job but have not been given one, while 15% simply do not want any jobs at all, as reported on Matichon Online. The Minister of Justice suggested that most inmates will come back to jail. He has observed that ex-convicts do not have proper social opportunities, while there are free meals and beds available in prison.

Better job investment for inmates

Thai Prisoners Convict Job
Image credit: Department of Skill Development

Mr. Thepsuthin explained that the right job investment is needed to avoid ex-cons returning to prisons.

“I am trying to give the inmates the right opportunity so that they could have a fair chance in society,” said Mr. Thepsuthin. “I suggest that the Department of Corrections should consider teaching astrology to inmates because the investment is very low. With only two ฿500 (~USD16.7) card decks, inmates can start a career easier than owning a grilled pork stroller.”

The Minister of Justice also suggested to the Department of Corrections that inmates should furthermore practice meditation and read astrology.

Full support from the International Astrological Association

Pinyo Pongcharoen The head of Thailand’s International Astrological Association
Image credit: Post Today

Thailand’s International Astrological Association also responded. According to an interview by News18, Mr. Pinyo Pongcharoen, the head of Thailand’s International Astrological Association, offers Mr. Somsak full support on the matter and is currently in the process of planning an in-prison curriculum. 

Astrology courses will be proposed to the government for approval in January 2021. Once the courses are approved, they will be rolled out to 4 Correctional Institutions and will be available in March 2021.

Featured image adapted from: Royal Thai Government, Matichon.

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