Thai volunteers help clean Chonburi beach

Enjoying the beach vibes and sea view is the best way to relieve stress, but what annoys us the most might be garbage along the shores. And we’ve seen volunteers take the time to keep our country clean – but how about a group of ancient warriors?

This group of friends decided to don traditional warrior costumes just to collect garbage on Chonburi beach. Their inspiring act quickly got the attention of both beachgoers and netizens.

Cleaned the beach for an hour

Thai volunteers clean the beachImage credit: Khaosod 

On 2nd August 2020, Khaosod shared pictures of some men wearing ancient Thai warrior costumes while walking around Chonburi beach with weapons and garbage bags. 

Those shirtless guys look like they’ve just time travelled from the past, but the difference is that they didn’t fight in a war – just collecting trash on the beach to fight against littering instead. 

Thai volunteers clean the beach
Image credit: Khaosod 

Aside from being role models, their costumes also surprised people in the area. Many travellers came up to them for photos too. 

Netizens praised them for their behaviour

After spending around an hour keeping the beach clean, they mysteriously disappeared and left with a tidy beach. 

We don’t know who these ancient warriors are, but we want to say thank you for their public consciousness. This inspiring story teaches us that it’s not that hard to do good, and that we can have fun while doing so!

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Featured image from: Khaosod 

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