Best tom yum restaurants in Bangkok

One can never visit Thailand without slurping down on some hot and sour Tom Yum soup, putting it on the top spot of many’s must-eat lists.

But with so many stalls and restaurants in Bangkok offering this dish, how would you know which to visit? Here are 7 of the best tom yum spots in the big city as recommended by locals.

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1. Jeh O Chula – giant MAMA noodles 

mama oho jeh o chula

BKK experts will tell you that Jeh O Chula isn’t a supper spot to miss. Passed down through generations, this family-run business has been around the Chula-Samyan area for decades and is known for its giant bowl of MAMA tom yum noodles.

There’s no need to read the menu here – just go straight for the MAMA Oho (฿120-฿800). This big boy is a gigantic hot pot of bubbling tom yum soup and MAMA noodles, packed with seafood, eggs, and meat, depending on the price.

For ฿250, you’ll get prawns, squid, meatballs, and crispy pork as your protein. But if you’re not here to play, try the MAMA OHO with Full Toppings and Crab (฿800) for an extra topping of fresh crab meat.

This supper favourite is only available after 11pm, so you’ll have the entire day to get ready for it.

jeh o chula crispy pork

You can also fill your tummy gap with sides like Jeh O Crispy Pork (฿100) that comes with soybean sauce, and Sweet and Sour Prawns And Tofu (฿200).

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Jeh O Khao Tom Ped (Jeh O Chula)
Address: 113 Soi Charatmeang, Rong Muang, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330
Opening Hours: 5:30PM-1AM, Daily
Telephone: +66 081 682 8816
Nearest Train Stations: Samyan MRT and National Stadium BTS

2. Jay Fai – one Michelin star street food

aunty jay fai
Image credit: @josephuangting

Aunty Jay Fai has a special superpower – she’s a wok hero. Her quirky cooking style and delicious food has since earned her one Michelin star and even a feature on Netflix’s documentary Street Food.

jay fai tom yum
Image credit: @yuchiehlou 

Her stall sees some of the longest queues in Bangkok, but don’t let that deter you from trying her Tom Yum Kung (฿600). The soup is hot and spicy with a hint of herbs and comes with seafood like prawns, fish, squid, and mussels.

jay fai omelette
Image credit: @jong_jongjourney 

If you want to order something else with the tom yum, her Crab Omelette is a big hit among customers. At ฿1,000, it is rather pricey considering it’s still street food, but the omelette is stuffed with tonnes of juicy crab meat, making it worth getting.

Plus, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are big fans of Jay Fai too!

Jay Fai
Address: 327, Mahachai Rd., Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200
Opening Hours: Wed-Sun: 10AM-10PM (Closed Mon-Tue)
Telephone: +66 92 724 9633

3. Pe Aor – XXL lobster noodles

pe aor giant lobster tom yum
Image credit: @myfoodlady 

Located between Phayathai and Ratchathewi BTS stations, Pe Aor is where Bangkokians go to for giant lobster noodles and irresistible tom yum soup.

pe aor lobster tom yum
The lobster is huge!
Image credit: ทำเลขายของ

While here, the must-try is the  Ruk Sud Rit Pi Chit Mang Khon (฿1,200), which seems to have the entire ocean in a single bowl. From the super-sized lobster and a variety of other seafood like mussels, salmon, and crab, you will also get egg tofu, veggies, and a sprinkling of salted egg yolk to tie everything together.

tom yum soup pe aor
Image credit: @kkkatyng 

If you are not looking for something that big, you can just pick basic menu items like Tom Yum Kung Ramen (฿89) – shrimp noodles served with egg, mushrooms, and minced meat in a rich and creamy soup 

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Pe Aor Tom Yum Kung Noodle
Address: 68 51 Phetchaburi Rd, Thung Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun: 10AM-9PM (close on Mondays)
Telephone: +66 2 612 9013
Nearest Train Stations: Phayathai BTS and Ratchathewi BTS

4. The Place 168 – huge portions near Pratunam

the place 168

Pratunam is a neighbourhood where you can roam around shopping malls, and also is home to the famous Go-Ang Chicken Rice and other street food stores.

Pop by Petchaburi Soi 19 and visit The Place 168, which hops on the giant food trend and serves a big bowl of Mama Noodles in Tom Yum Soup at an affordable price of ฿195

The dish comes with springy mama noodles, fresh seafood, egg yolks, crispy pork, and slices of lime to cut the spiciness of the soup and add some tang. The prawns and squid are really fresh, adding a nice chewiness to each bite.

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The Place 168
Address: 19/1 Petchaburi Soi 19, Petchaburi Rd., Phayathai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400
Opening Hours: 10.30AM – 9.30PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 2 657 0880
Nearest train station: Ratchathewi BTS

5. Tom Yum Kung – chill bar in Khao San

tom yum kung bar khaosan
Image credit: Tom Yum Kung Restaurant

Tucked inside the famous Khaosan Road, Tom Yum Kung is a bar and restaurant that serves up a variety of classic Thai dishes and alcoholic beverages. Unlike most street stalls, this eatery has a chill atmosphere and spacious seating area.

tom yum kung bar
Image credit: @lemikegao 

If the name hasn’t already told you enough, their signature dish is obviously their flavourful Tom Yum Kung (฿350) with king prawns. Open until 2am, this is the perfect post-party supper spot to visit.

Plus, foodies who cannot stop eating can also try more spicy seafood like Pla Muk Nung Ma-Now (฿350) – steamed squid with lime and chilli dressing.

Tom Yum Kung
Address: 9 Khaosan Rd., Taladyod, Phra Nakorn, Bangkok 10200
Opening Hours: 3PM-2AM, Daily
Telephone: +66 84 361 7746

6. Tiew Yak – tom yum with cheese

tom yum seafood
Image credit: Iklech Tiew Yak

Nestled in Bangkok’s outskirts, Iklech Tiew Yak is a humble noodle shop selling tom yum soup with a spicy kick with seafood toppings like mussels, squids, and prawn and a chewy marinated hunk of  pork. Don’t leave without trying their signature dish, the Kuay Tiew Tom Yum Talay Ruam Mitr (฿90).

tom yum fish soup
Fish tom yum noodles come with bouncy fishballs
Image credit: @tshirt_modyim

Aside from the signature, you can also choose basic tom yum noodles like Kuay Tiew Moo Tom Yum (฿40), tom yum noodles served with marinated pork hunk and pork balls, or Kuay Tiew Pla Tom Yum (฿70),  noodles in tom yum soup with chunks of fresh fish and fish balls.

Tiew Yak offers 5 levels of spice depending on how much you can handle. Cheese lovers can look forward to trying something pretty unique too – the store offers mozzarella cheese (฿30) as a topping for your tom yum. This gives it a creamy and slightly salty touch and is something special to try!

Tiew Yak
Address: 113 Prachauthit Soi 76, Prachauthit Rd, Thung Khru, Bangkok 10140
Opening Hours: 11AM-8PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 82 193 6636

7. Tom Yum Kung Bang Lamphu – locals’ all-time favourite

If you prefer the charm of a classic street food store, Tom Yum Kung Bang Lamphu is the place to be.

tom yum soup in bangkok
Image credit: wongnai

Order their original tom yum recipe Tom Yum Kung Yod Maphrao Orn (฿150). Besides the flavourful soup, the soup has added texture from the addition of crispy young coconut shoots and straw mushrooms, which is especially delicious when paired with a bowl of warm steamed rice.

shrimp in garlic pepper tom yum kung banglamphu
Image credit: @ken_srisutraporn 

To cut the sour and spicy flavour of tom yum, seafood fans can also opt for another signature item like Stir-fried Shrimps with Garlic Pepper (฿200) or the Stir-fried Clams with Spicy Paste (฿100) which is another customer favourite.

Locals suggest that newcomers should avoid dropping by during lunchtime as it might take half an hour to get a table as locals from around the area flock here for a meal. Drop by before lunch or in the late afternoon instead!

Tom Yum Kung Banglamphu
Address: 85, Soi Kraisi, Talat Yot, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun: 9AM-8PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: +66 86 883 7676

Don’t leave Thailand without trying tom yum

Tom yum is a quintessential Thai dish and something locals grow up eating. So the next time you’re in Bangkok, head to one of these recommended restaurants for a meal to sizzle your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

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Featured images adapted from: @myfoodlady, ทำเลขายของ

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