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From 31st March to 2nd April, W Singapore Sentosa Cove will play host to Masterchef Sergi Arola for the World Gourmet Summit (WGS). The 2-star Michelin Chef Sergi joins SKIRT’S hosting chefs Matthew Woolford and Andrew Nocente who have prepared a special WGS menu for three nights only. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the dishes.


WGC Epicurean Delight @ SKIRT




“Arola Classic Appetizer Set”

  • Gazpacho Sphere
  • Patatas Bravas
  • Barceloneta Bomb
  • Calamari Sandwich
  • Tortilla de Patatas

I was kinda embarrassed here because I had trouble identifying some of these dishes. Most of us did, actually! The Arola classic appetizer carries flavours from Sergi’s Barcelona Kitchen which specialises in modern European Cuisine.

It was nice to see a touch of molecular gastronomy right from the start, my favourite being the Gazpacho Sphere that burst with flavours the moment you put it into your mouth. The Barceloneta Bomb was amazing too.



“Smoke Beetroot Ravioli with celery Dashi and Truffle”



I did not enjoy the Ravioli because of the Beetroot and celery, two vegetables that really scare me because of their overpowering taste. Chloe however enjoyed it so it really depends on your preference towards these vegetables.


“Revisted Tuna “BLANQUETTE” With Vegetables”




“Iberian Pork Cheeks, Spiced Mango Berries and Pickles”



I thoroughly enjoyed the Tuna “Blanquette” and was surprised when Sergi himself came over to pour the creamy white sauce. The Iberian Pork Cheeks was another highlight of the menu.


“Arola Sweet Moment”



To start the dessert was the Catalan creme brulee with mandarine sorbet and cookies mousse, served in shot glass with the sorbetproviding an interesting composition. It was served together on a tray with chocloate topped with a wafer thin slice of bread and Pineapple “Brave” Style. I felt the dessert was good but could not top their mains which were on a level of their own.

Chloe with hosting Chef Matthew and Masterchef Sergi.

Although it’s hosted at SKIRT, note this WGS menu has very strong Spanish and European flavours and tastes very different from the usual SKIRT fare. It’s basically the Sergi show here, I mean just look at how the menu is named! With this menu, you can expect to experience a world of exquisite flavours in Singapore which you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to.

The WGS Epicurean Delight is priced at $288+ per person.


Other World Gourmet Summit Events at W Singapore


At the point of writing this, there is just one night left in their WGS Epicurean Delight event. However, you can still look forward to these WGS events in the upcoming days. The latter two feature special menus prepared by Master Sergi Arola and Hosting Chefs Matthew Woolford and Andrew Nocente.


2nd April – WGS Gourmet Golf Experience


Held on the 2nd of April from 1pm to 6pm at the Singapore Island Country Club with menu items served hors d’oeuvres style.


3rd April – WGS Telmo Rodriguez Wine Dinner


Meet Telmo Rodriguez in a 6 course Spanish wine dinner from 6pm – 7.30pm.


4th April – WGS Charity Dinner


Held from 7pm to 11pm, profits from ticket sales will be donated to the community chest of Singapore.


Reservations and more Information


For more details, please head over to the official World Gourmet Summit page and or SKIRT.

Reservations: 6808 7278
W Singapore Address: 21 Ocean Way, Singapore, 098374

Disclosure: Media Invitation.