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Woo Bar, W Singapore – Singapore’s Place To See & Be Seen

WOOBAR Singapore

The WOOBAR at W Singapore has just announced a new range of bespoke cocktails, nibbles, music and packages. Here is what to expect at your next visit to WOOBAR.

But before we go into their new menu, also note you can treat yourself to a glamorous afternoon-tea experience from 3 pm to 5 pm daily!

Afternoon Tea at WOOBAR

Walk-ins are fine on weekdays but reservations on weekends are an absolute must. Their afternoon tea features a selection of Dilmah’ s finest tea and savory delights served up in a silver bird cage.

Prices start at $58++ for two and their reservation number is 6808 7258.

Cocktail culture comes to life

It was fun to see all the new items on the menu, from the gigantic cocktail bombs to their exciting take on the Pina Colada. Made from premium Koko Kanu rum and a mixture of imported Sarawak Pinapple juice and coconut bits, this drink is the absolute must order.

A tiny dried baby Brazilian coconut serves as an entrée. While the dried chewy bits are still swirling in your mouth, take a sip of the Pina Colada and for a heavenly mix of cream, coconut bits and alcohol.

At the end of our trip, we even found out they’ve started their own herb garden for the WOOBAR just below, near the swimming pool ! Here’s a look at some of the other items on their menu.

Truffled Chunky Cut Chips with Saffron Aioli and Chloe holding up her Char-Grilled Chorizo!

Their Pina Colada was our favourite! That lollipop-looking thing on the left is the Brazilian coconut.

Mixologist Mike serves the Cocktail Bomb.

Their version of Fish and Chips was Sashmi and Wasabi on Lotus Chips!

Adam Segar from Chicago infuses his cocktail with grapefruit in the middle for that extra oomph.

Check out the full press release below.



W Singapore – Sentosa Cove flirts with your senses with the reinvention of the hotel bar. Sip, indulge and be wowed by WOOBAR, bringing mixology, music, design and fashion together.

SINGAPORE – August 1, 2013 – WOOBAR brings the future of cocktail culture to life through its innovative mixology and its dedication to the expression of style through playful concoctions. Infusing our passion points of music, fashion and design, WOOBAR distills these elements to put a new twist on classical sips such as Cove Royale and the delightful Sexy Jaunty.

Leading this molecular innovation is head Mixologist Byron Tan, who was a finalist at the Diageo World Class Competition here in Singapore. Byron takes the notion of a cocktail and turns it inside out, experimenting with new ingredients, mind blowing combinations and remixing the very idea of the evening tipple. Largely self-trained, with an intuitive sense for energetic flavours and mind blowing combinations, Byron’s adventurous spirit is in tuned with WOOBAR’s verve for pushing the boundaries.

Just for this mix it up session, we have Adam Seger, our consulting Mixologist from Chicago to pump things up. Adam’s mixing style has put him on an international stage, being the first American to present cocktails to The Russian Cocktail Club in Moscow as well as giving along with the illustrious Francesco LaFranconi the first ever Mixology Master Class to The International Association of Culinary Professionals.

Innovative programming and events have always been part of W Singapore’s ethos and WOOBAR provides this with nightly events such as W Singapore’s version of Ladies night – HEEL BEFORE ME – which takes place every Wednesday. Ladies who purchase 1 glass of champagne receive free flow of the delightfully bubbly till 9pm, 50% off other drinks and free chocolates and strawberry treats all night long. We also have WOOBAR’s daily high tea – DROP THE T² – which combines the finest Dilmah tea with modern interpretations of cakes, sandwiches and scones. And for the party people, SPIN CLASS HEROES, which features a guest DJ dropping beats once a month.

Newly created packages for corporate events, girls nights out, birthday celebrations and other such affairs compliment the party mood of WOOBAR setting a scene of anticipation for the night to unfold, mingling scene makers with fashionistas to create that most potent cocktail of all, the ultimate night out.

For Drop the T², party reservations and any other information visit, email or call 6808 7258.

More Information & Directions

Address: W Singapore Sentosa Cove, 21 Ocean Way, Singapore 098374

You may also want to check out the feature we did over here during our staycation at W Singapore. It offers a fresh out-of-Singapore feeling and we highly recommend W as the hotel to go to for staycations.

W Singapore Video Highlights



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