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Purehan Has CNY Deals Like Up To $1.1K Off Water Dispensers & Free $10 Angbaos When You Visit Their Showroom

Purehan water dispenser

It’s the time of the year to stuff your face with bak kwa, pineapple tarts, and love letters. But one thing we might forget is to drink water to quell all this heatiness from your body. Now, there’s no excuse to pick sugary soft drinks over water when there’s Purehan.

This CNY, Purehan is offering up to $1,100 off its water dispensers and giving out $10 angbaos too. Here’s how you can snag these deals:

Score up to $1,100 off water dispensers for CNY

Image credit: Purehan

The taps in your home probably only come in 1 setting: Lukewarm. But if you’re particular about the temperature of your drinking water, then you might want to give the Purehan Super Cooling All in One a shot.

This water dispenser has 8 temperature settings, going from as low as 2˚C to as high as 85˚C. So yes, you can quench your thirst with icy cold water for a sibeh hot day or brew a piping hot cup of coffee on a rainy day all from the same machine.

Plus, it uses a tankless system, so there’s no need to top it up with water. The dispenser connects directly to pipes, so you can have an endless stream with just a push of a button.

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There’s no need to worry about the water being unsafe to drink either. Singapore’s tap water is potable but if you’re the kind who boils it to ensure it’s clean, this dispenser has a triple hygiene care system that ensures the water is triple-confirm pure.

The water pipes are automatically sterilised via electrolysis sterilisation every 5 days and the faucet every 2 hours via UV sterilisation. The faucet tip is also detachable so you can clean or replace it with ease.

You can also manually adjust how often the pipes and faucet are sterilised depending on the frequency of usage. As the machinery is made of stainless steel, there is no need to worry about it rusting and contaminating your water down the road.

Right now, Purehan is offering $900 off the usual price of $2,488. But you can get an extra $200 discount when you spin the lucky wheel at the showroom from 28th-31st January 2023.

Get a $10 angbao when you visit the Purehan showroom

If you need a bit more convincing, you can check the Super Cooling All in One for yourself at Purehan’s showroom for live demos.

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While you’re at it, here’s your chance to bag a $10 angbao during this festive period. The first 50 customers to show up from 28th-31st January to bai nian with 2 oranges get to take home a cash-filled angbao and freebies such as shower filters. Up to 5 members within a family can claim the angbao so make a pitstop here during your rounds of visitations.

Exchange your oranges with a staff member, snap a photo, then upload it onto Instagram as a post or story. Follow and tag @purehansg in order to claim your gifts. You can also like and follow the Purehan Facebook page to get your angbao.

Check out Purehan water dispensers

As you keep old water under the bridge during reunion dinners, bring in fresh, clean water with water dispensers from Purehan. Such appliances can be quite an investment, so take this opportunity to get it at a discounted rate.

Find out more about Purehan water dispensers

81 Ubi Avenue 4, #01-19, UB One, Singapore 408830
Opening Hours: 11am-7pm, Daily
Contact: 8783 1212 | Purehan website

This post was brought to you by Purehan.
Cover image adapted from: Purehan

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