14 Water Dispensers In Singapore For Instant Hot & Cold Water At Home, With Alkaline & Filtered Options

Water dispensers in Singapore

It’s common knowledge that we’re supposed to down at least 8 cups of water a day, but with everyone at home drinking up, even the best kettles can struggle to keep up. To help you stay hydrated in our humid Singapore weather, a water dispenser is your best bet for clean and fresh water on demand.

For convenience, you might pick a variable temperature dispenser for hot or cold water at a push of a button. There are also options with filtration and disinfection features and even ones that provide alkaline water for added health benefits. To fit your specific needs, here’s a rundown on water dispensers in Singapore.

1. Cosmo Quantum – Purified water with 99.9% filtration accuracy

For those of us working with a kettle, H2O often comes in the form of either room temperature or piping-hot 100ºC water. Cosmo Quantum, however, provides the nifty function of having 3 temperature options at all times which you can customise for green tea brewing, formula milk making, or disinfecting.

Compact tankless design from Germany
Image credit: Cosmo

But what’ll probably impress the picky among us is the thorough 6-step filtration system fitted with the Cosmo Ultra Precision Filter – an ultra-fine membrane that, with an accuracy of 0.0001 microns, removes 99.9% of impurities including bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals. Anything that passes through is also sterilised by an inbuilt UV LED so the water that comes out is purified through and through.

Touch screen with digital clock display
Image credit: Cosmo Quantum

For everything else you might need in a water dispenser, this also comes with other nifty function such as:

  • Filter change indicator
  • Energy-saving mode & 3-second reheating system
  • Quantity control to dispense specific volumes of water
  • Alkaline filter with antioxidant properties (optional)

Capacity: Unlimited – connected to water source
Temperature options: 5-10ºC, 30-45ºC, 89-97ºC (customisable)
Price: $1,599 (U.P. $2,298)

Get the Cosmo Quantum

2. Livingcare Jewel Series – Tankless & motorless for hygiene & power savings

Livingcare Jewel Series dispensers are only 13
cm wide and can fit smaller kitchen counters.
Image credit: Livingcare

If you’re one who values convenience over all else, then the Livingcare Jewel Series is the water dispenser to pick. In addition to regular room-temperature water, it dispenses water at 7 different temperatures to suit your needs – whether it’s a piping hot cup of tea or hot but not scalding infant formula.

The dispenser also churns out alkaline water for a health boost for all at home, with its antioxidant and antibacterial qualities that eliminate 99% of bacteria and germs. This makes it perfect for households with users of all ages – especially children and the elderly. 

Models come in
5 colours.
Image credit: Livingcare

Best of all, it’s motorless and tankless, which makes for a quiet and energy-efficient addition to your kitchen that dispenses fresh water. As a bonus, the Livingcare Jewel Series also sports a feature that automatically cleans its built-in filter to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Capacity: Unlimited – connected to water source
Temperature options: Room temperature, 7ºC, 9ºC, 11ºC, 45ºC, 70ºC, 90ºC
Price: $588–$2,788

Get the Livingcare Jewel Series

3. Sterra Tankless Water Dispenser – Automatic nozzle sterilisation

Image credit: Sterra

Those who are always on-the-go would appreciate never having to wait for water to boil or cool before fixing their beverage of choice. With the Sterra Tankless Water Dispenser, not only can you get unlimited filtered, ice-cold water, but you can instantly get 3 other temperature settings at your every whim: room temperature, warm, and hot.

As for its filtration capabilities, the water dispenser uses a 4-stage filtration system to remove harmful sediments like dust, rust, and sand. It also eliminates microscopic particles like chlorine and bacteria from your drinking water. 

The dispenser will remind you when it’s time to change its filter bottles, and you can easily do it without the help of a technician.

Image credit: Sterra

To keep up with your busy lifestyle, this dispenser takes the bacteria build-up into account, using UV light to automatically sterilise the nozzle with just a push of a button. Better yet, the water dispenser also uses electrolytic sterilisation to keep the internal water pipes clean so you can always get clean and pure water without any manual maintenance on your part.

Capacity: Unlimited – connected to water source
Temperature options: 4ºC, 25ºC, 40ºC, 87ºC 
Price: $1,799 (U.P $2,199)

Get the Sterra Tankless Water Dispenser

4. Waterlogic Firewall Cube – Unique UV purification with 4 water temperatures

The Firewall Cube chassis is coated with an antimicrobial layer to keep the dispensing area bacteria-free.

Image credit: GFS Innovation

While Singapore’s tap water is potable, those who want to take extra precautions can opt for the Waterlogic Firewall Cube

Your cold and room-temperature water is run through a series of spiral tubes called the Firewall that uses UVC light to purify the water all the way to the dispensing nozzle. Independent researchers have also tested and discovered that this unique tech can remove Covid-19 from your drinking water.

The sleek dispenser has separate cold and hot water tanks that can store up to 1.4l and 1.3l respectively, so you don’t have to worry about waiting around just to fill up your cup. It also has 4 temperature options: cold, ambient, hot, and extra hot – the last for those who prefer their morning coffee steaming for extra feels

Capacity: 1.4l for cold water | 1.3l for hot water | Unlimited for ambient water
Temperature options: Cold (from 5ºC-15ºC), ambient, hot, extra hot (from 87ºC-95ºC)
Price: $1,900

Get the Waterlogic Firewall Cube

5. Wells The One – Sleek & small design with self-sterilising function

Looks like a professional bar
Image credit: Wells Singapore

Water dispensers don’t have to be bulky appliances sitting on your kitchen top. Case in point: Wells The One, a sleek water purifier that divides the dispenser and filtration system so your counter will look clean and aesthetically-pleasing. The self-sterilisation feature automatically cleans the water pipes every 3 days so you can install it in a hidden spot with no worry.

You also don’t have to trouble yourself with replacing any pipes, as The One uses a special water repellent material instead of stainless steel for its pipes.

The One comes in
3 colours – white, dark brown, and red.
Image credit: Wells Singapore

Beyond the usual temperature options of cold and hot, there is also a handy milk formula option of 50ºC to make the lives of parents a lot easier. And fret not if you’re worried about the cleanliness of the water – the system has 2 filters which takes your tap water through a 9-step filtration process to rid it of residual chlorine and 35 types of harmful microorganisms such as norovirus. 

Now you can impress your friends with an atas-looking kitchen counter – almost like a bar – even though it’s just dispensing a cool glass of water.

Capacity: Unlimited – connected to water source
Temperature options: Cold water (6ºC), Room temperature (27ºC), Body temperature (36.5ºC), Milk formula (50ºC), Tea (70ºC), Coffee (85ºC)
Price: From $2,680*

*There are various models available and price varies accordingly.

Get the Wells The One

6. Raslok HCM-T1 – Self-sterilising & energy saving

Image credit: Raslok

The fast advancement of technology has undoubtedly brought us tons of advantages – including time-efficiency and energy-saving benefits. The Raslok HCM-T1 Tankless Water Dispenser uses top-notch tech such as smart sensors so you can conserve energy while cutting on electrical costs. 

Image credit: Raslok

For the busy bees, no time is wasted on waiting for your water to boil as it also has preset settings that instantly dispenses cold, ambient, lukewarm and hot water with a touch of a button. Despite its compact build, the dispenser does not compromise on functions as it has a 6-stage filtration process, plus a built-in UV sterilisation system to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. 

And if you happen to find any manufacturing defects within the warranty period, don’t scramble to find a replacement just yet as Raslok will come over to your place to assess and fix the damage, FOC. Raslok is currently running a promotion where you can get the HCM-T1 at $999 (U.P $1,619)

Capacity: Unlimited – connected to water source
Temperature options: Cold (3°C-10°C), Ambient, Lukewarm, Hot (45°C-96°C)
Price: $999 (U.P $1,619), while stocks last 

Get the Raslok Water Dispenser

7. Aqua Kent Slim+UV Tankless – 5-stage filtration process

Water connoisseurs who can distinguish between tap water and bottled water will appreciate the Aqua Kent Slim+UV Tankless dispenser that has been designed and manufactured in South Korea. It has UV sterilisation and 5 filtration stages to eliminate any odd tastes.

The tankless dispenser only takes up 18cm in width of counter space.

Image credit: Aqua Kent

Each stage of the filtration process uses a combination of activated carbon and nano membranes. They work to effectively clean water of muck like sediments, bacteria, viruses, excess chlorine, and even odours. As an additional safety measure, the water is run under UV light as well to kill off up to 99.9% of viruses and any last germy remnants.

It’s also dispensed in 1 of 4 temperatures, which includes settings for milk formula, brewing tea or coffee, ice water, and instant noodles.

The water dispenser bundle also comes with a tabletop HEPA air purifier.

Image credit: Aqua Kent

Each purchase comes with free delivery and installation. It also comes with these freebies:

  • 2 years warranty
  • 3 filter replacement services
  • HEPA air purifier
  • Shower filters

This bundle is now available at $1,588 (U.P. $2,188), and you’ll be able to split payments into 12 interest-free monthly credit card instalments. Otherwise, 3-part debit card payments are available through Atome and 4-part payments via PayLater by Grab.

Capacity: Unlimited – connected to water source
Temperature options: 4ºC, 27ºC, 45ºC, 85ºC
Price: $1,588

Get the Aqua Kent Slim+UV Tankless dispenser

8. Purehan Super Cooling – 8 temperature settings, as low as 1ºC

The adjustable tray can be stowed to accommodate taller cups and bottles.
Image credit: Purehan

Nobody has time to manually scroll through temperature ranges every time they need a sip, or make some hot bevvies. Purehan‘s Super Cooling has 8 preset temperatures ready to go, from as low as 1ºC so you can cool down in Singapore’s sweltering heat. Other settings have been calibrated based on the ideal temperature to prepare milk formula, coffee, or tea with.

The slim model and simple design won’t take up much space, and will fit in well with minimalist home aesthetics.
Image credit: Purehan

Germs? Purehan doesn’t know her. With its built-in auto-sterilisation, bacteria and microorganisms are eliminated first in the water pipes via electrolysis sterilisation, then again at the faucet via UV sterilisation. For further reading into how the science works, explore the Purehan Instagram or Purehan website, or visit their showroom at UB One to see it in action. 

Capacity: Unlimited – connects to water source | 5 output options – 120ml, 250ml, 550ml, 1l, continuous discharge
Temperature options: Super cold (1˚C), Cold (4˚C), Mild Cold (10˚C), Ambient (27ºC), Body temperature (36.5˚C), Baby milk powder (50˚C), Tea (70˚C), Coffee (85˚C)
Price: $1,888 (U.P. $2,488)

Get the Purehan Super Cooling

9. TOYOMI Filtered Water Dispenser- Removable water tank


Many water dispensers connect to a water source, but if you need one for your room or home office, then one with a fillable water tank would be more ideal. Enter TOYOMI Filtered Water Dispenser, which comes with a 4.5l removable water tank.

Not only does it make it easy to fill up at any tap, it makes it easy to clean, so you can rest assured there aren’t any impurities in your drinking water. For peace of mind, this dispenser also has a 6-stage water filter that can remove pesticides, chlorine, and other contaminants.

Image credit: TOYOMI

After filling up the water tank, you can immediately get water in 5 temperature settings ranging from room to 100˚C. There’s no need to wait for the water to heat up thanks to the instant boil feature. Now you can make a cup of coffee or tea in seconds anywhere with this portable water dispenser.

Capacity: 4.5l
Temperature options: room, 50˚C, 70˚C, 85˚C, 100˚C
Price: $199 (U.P. $208)

Get the TOYOMI Filtered Water Dispenser

10. Xiaomi VIOMI hot water dispenser – Slim & beginner-friendly

Image credit: @ultratrade.ru via Instagram

During our busiest – or laziest – days cooped up in our rooms, the 20-odd steps to our kitchen might as well be a cross-country hike. To ensure you stay well-hydrated throughout the day, the slim Xiaomi Viomi 2l water dispenser fits neatly on a side table or shelf – only taking up about the same size as a small coffee machine.

It heats water to 4 selectable temperatures during dispensing, so you can have hot water to optimally brew various teas, infusions, and even baby formula. For safety, it automatically locks after 30 seconds of inactivity to prevent accidental scalding, and lets you opt to automatically dispense a preset 250ml portion.

For shared use in a common area, it also comes in a larger 4l version ($147.31, U.P. $171.29).

Capacity: 2l
Temperature options: 50ºC, 80ºC, 90ºC, 98ºC
Price: $65 (U.P. $79.90)

Get the Xiaomi Viomi

11. BluePro instant heating water dispenser – Antibacterial cleaning

Image credit:

In addition to offering a whopping 6 different temperatures to perfectly brew just about any beverage, the BluePro water dispenser is specifically designed to ensure cleanliness. As it dispenses water, it diverts scalding hot steam back up the nozzle to decontaminate its insides. The nozzle is also optimised to prevent dangerous drips and splashes.

Coupled with a quick 3-second heating cycle and nifty 150ml and 300ml preset volumes, the minimalist water dispenser is a handy tool to have around the house. Compact and silent and with a safety lock, it’s suitable for use even in a child’s room. 

Capacity: 2l
Temperature options: 25ºC, 45ºC, 50ºC, 55ºC, 85ºC, 99ºC
Price: $399 (U.P. $599)

Get the Bluepro water dispenser

12. Novita NP 6610 HydroPlus – With alkaline water filter

Image credit:

There’s still plenty of research needed before we have conclusive results, but there’s some evidence that alkaline water can have anti-aging, immune system-boosting, and detoxifying benefits. The Novita NP 6610 free-standing dispenser uses a unique HydroPlus filter to produce water at an alkaline level of pH 9.8, more than regular water’s average pH of 7.8.

The dispenser puts tap water through 6 steps of filtration including ceramic, silver activated carbon, and ion-exchange resin stages. The resulting alkaline water boasts a higher hydrogen content as compared to oxygen, meaning it also has improved antioxidant properties.

Capacity: 16l
Temperature options: None
Price: $302

Get the Novita NP 6610 Hydroplus Water Filter

13. Tomal Freshdew tankless water dispenser – Compact, extra slim design

The Tomal Freshdew’s minimalist design and touchscreen controls will fit a wide variety of kitchen layouts and themes

With our microwave oven, coffee machine, and a dozen other electronic appliances, limited kitchen counter space for additional gadgets comes at a premium. Measuring just 8cm wide, the Tomal Freshdew water dispenser can even be mounted to a wall for even greater space savings. 

Being tankless, the Tomal Freshdew avoids a buildup of germs and reduces the need for maintenance. The water dispenser comes with 2 filters that use sediment and activated carbon, but it can also be upgraded to up to 4 filters including one for alkaline water.

Capacity: Unlimited – connects to water source
Temperature options: Hot and cold
Price: From $1,999

Get the Tomal Freshdew water dispenser

14. Cuckoo Fusion Top water dispenser – With hot & cold taps

Image credit: waterdispenser.sg

With the tech in water dispensers rapidly advancing, they’ve amassed a whole host of functions, along with the buttons and switches to go with them. But if you’re one for simplicity, the Cuckoo Fusion Top allows you to easily dispense filtered water at the right temperature with 2 simple, separate taps for hot and cold water.

Ideal for use in a kitchen, its open design accommodates larger vessels like pots and bowls, and its 6-stage filtration system uses 4 different filters to rid drinking water from harmful chemicals and microbes.

Capacity: Unlimited – connects to water source
Temperature options: Hot and cold
Price: $1,699

Get the Cuckoo Fusion Top CP-FN601HW water dispenser

Water dispensers for instant cold or hot water

For a tool that everyone at home uses so often, picking the right water dispenser with the perfect features is essential for a long-lasting, satisfying purchase. With a whole range of filtration options for safety and peace of mind, along with convenient heating and cooling features, you’ll definitely find the right water dispenser to suit your unique needs.

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Original article published on 28th August 2020. Last updated by Renae Cheng on 6th December 2023.
The products have been ranked in terms of features and price from sources and reviews online.
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