Tomal’s Stylish New Water Dispensers Will Fit Right In The Smallest Of BTO Flats

Tomal Freshdew water dispenser

Even when our taps are running potable water, you won’t drink straight from it unless you’re really lazy. The easiest way to skip boiling your water and waiting for it to cool is to get yourself a water dispenser. Which by the way, will be able to dispense hot water at the same time for a piping hot coffee or tea – a win-win situation. 

But here’s the catch: water dispensers can be bulky and not all that pretty in a kitchen that you’ve invested thousands of bucks on during renovation. Cue the new Tomal Freshdew water dispenser – a sleek, space-saving appliance. This beauty will not only quench your thirst but also serves up quality, clean water and even has family-friendly features.

Super slim design to fit into your kitchen

Notice how kitchens get smaller with every new BTO launch. But that does not mean you can’t equip your home with a sleek water dispenser. Tomal’s Freshdew dispenser is just 8CM wide – even slimmer than the width of your regular Starbucks tumbler.

The magic behind this? It’s tankless. Which also means that there’ll be no bacteria buildup and that there’s minimal maintenance needed. And if you’re really tight on space, know that this particular dispenser is compact enough to be mounted onto the wall. That’s zero space used on your countertop.

Minimalist design in two colours

With a glitter-embellished casing and glass touchscreen panel, this water dispenser rakes up points in the aesthetics department. Better still, it comes in both rose gold and black tones to fit into any HDB look – be it Muji-like or darker contemporary styles. 

No complicated buttons here, either. Just use an intuitive touch panel to control the water dispenser. No more red or blue labelled taps bulging out for you to press or pull with effort – just a simple touch and down the water goes.

Save on electricity bills with its energy-saving switch

Convenience is key and so is design, but you don’t want your water dispenser to leave you with a hefty sum of electricity bills each month. Good news, the Tomal Freshdew water dispenser has an energy-saving feature. Instead of getting the machine to chill and boil water all the time, flip the side switch to get either a cold or hot drink.

Safety lock feature to prevent accidental spills

Simply tap the lock option to prevent the hot water from being dispensed

It’s automatic panic mode whenever your kid’s in the kitchen, opening every drawer he sees and touching every possible surface there is. The good thing about the Tomal water dispenser: a safety lock feature. Meaning no accidental spills of water or risk of scalding when your kid bumps into it. 

Anti-bacterial filter for cleaner drinking water

The Freshdew Water Dispenser will come with a 2-bullet filter. You can top up to customise with a 3-bullet or 4-bullet filter instead.

If you’re particular about your family drinking clean water, you can enjoy peace of mind. This water dispenser comes with a customisable filter. Here, you can choose up to 4 different filters with every filter added building onto the previous one. 

This means that if you choose a Tomal 4 bullet series, your water is the product of 4 different layers of filtration to remove ultra-fine particles including bacteria and parasites. Chlorine will also be filtered completely so your water will taste extra refreshing. 

That’s not all, in the last stage of the 4-bullet series, essential minerals will also be added back so you can still get the nutrients like that found in natural spring water.

Here’s another bonus: the bullet filters can last through a full year before needing a refill to get it back up and running like it’s brand new. That means you’re only spending $0.55/day for maintenance or $199/year.

New affordable Freshdew water dispenser from Tomal

If you’ve just moved into a new home or are looking quality water dispenser for your family, the Tomal Freshdew water dispenser is a solid contender with its compact size and sleek look. No worries about not having enough space to give this dispenser a home or it not matching with your home’s aesthetics.

This water dispenser decked with a set of bullet filters and NSF certified drinking tap is retailing from $1999 – a bargain considering all its sleek features. On top of that, enjoy $200 off when you use the code “TSL200”.

Other products you can enjoy the discount with include the:

  • CPure® Series RO Alkaline Filter System – for a countertop alternative
  • RO Spring® Alkaline Filters – for a 5-filter system for even more purified water
  • TOMAL® Custom Bullet Filters – when you’re picking out which filter to equip your dispenser with

Find out more about the FreshDew®+ Hot & Cool Dispensers here

This post was brought to you by Tomal Global.
Photography by Gabriel Seow & Theodore Ang.

Syuhada Suri

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