Lenskart Is Giving Free Spectacle Frames To All Customers & You Can Pair Them With Lens From Just $98

Lenskart free spectacle frames 2019

As someone who’s had to resign to a four-eyed fate since young, I’m all too familiar with the struggle of finding affordable, quality glasses without looking like a giant nerd. Investing in a pair of spectacles forces you to choose between fashionable frames which inevitably burn a hole in your wallet, or budget-friendly models that force you to compromise on the quality and style factor. 

Fellow bespectacled members of society can now rejoice because Lenskart is offering free spectacle frames to all customers, all you have to do is purchase the lens from $98 onwards. 

Affordable frames, lenses and sunglasses at Lenskart

Back when I was a student, a budget of $98 to get a pair of specs fitted probably meant an utterly basic, low-key hideous design that my vain self would dread wearing in the public eye. Setting foot within Lenskart, you’ll quickly realise that the pool of free spectacle frames you can choose from are nothing short of top-tier, fashion-forward pieces for both men and women.

The promotion is simple, with no hidden costs and dodgy fine print. Choose any design you want from the Vincent Chase selection, and you can get it absolutely free after purchasing the accompanying lens.

Basic lens cost just 98 bucks, but heavy-duty electronics users (a.k.a everybody) can opt for the Premium Anti-Glare lenses for $128. These thin lenses are crack-resistant and offer UV400 protection, water and dust repellent and anti-glare capabilities on both sides of the lens. 

For $148, your spanking new frames can be fitted with Lenskart’s BLU Smartphone Lenses. Besides boasting of all the attributes that the Premium Anti-Glare lenses possess, these cutting-age best-sellers are also able to block out a whopping 99% of blue light from your electronics.

When you’re staring at computers, mobile and tablet surfaces all day, every day, anti-glare and blue light protection can make a world of difference not only to your comfort levels but your overall eye health in the long run.

Speaking of protection, shield your precious peepers from the sun’s harmful rays with Lenskart’s extensive range of sunglasses.

Check out these clip-on polarised lenses which allow you to instantly transform regular spectacles into sunglasses!

If you find yourself damaging specs regularly ‘cause of rough treatment, try these Air Flex frames on for size. Ultra light-weight and flexible, they’re able to withstand high weight and impact.

For the true-blue trendsetters and fashionistas, splash an additional $100 to top-up your frames to any model from the John Jacobs collection. The exquisite pieces are the work of Italian design house, Mazzucchelli, and are sure to add a dose of sophistication and pizzazz to your daily ensembles.

On top of the free frames promo, sign up for a Gold Membership at Lenskart for just $30 to enjoy upgraded perks, such as unlimited Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals for an entire year. This promo can even be shared among your family and friends, taking “sharing is caring” to a whole new cost-saving level. 

*Discount will be applied on the pair which costs lower value.

Free Lenskart services – prescription tests, eye massages & spectacle cleaning

Lenskart also offers a range of complimentary services for optical health, comfort and style. The great thing about these services is that anyone is welcome to pop by at their own convenience, with zero obligations or appointments necessary.

For starters, all visitors get to treat themselves to this high-tech eye massage session. I was initially sceptical, but the massage mask perfectly fits to your eye contours and does a fabulous job of kneading the fatigue away. It’s even equipped with a speaker that plays soft, cheerful music complete with birds chirping. 

Whether you’re getting your first-ever prescription or doing a routine check to see whether your degree has progressed over time, Lenskart conducts free eye checks with no appointment needed and no strings attached. 

Unlike other optometrists who might withhold your test results till you buy specs from them, Lenskart actually gives you your full prescription results for you to run wild and free with that information.

It can be a bit tedious to roam through the store and try on literal thousands of designs one after the other, which is where the 3D Try On technology comes in. Simply scan your face through the in-store device and you can see how each design looks on your face.

The 3D Try On service is also available online, meaning you can snap a quick selfie and browse through endless frames in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Try it out here.

Last but not least, bring your spectacles for a thorough “car wash-style” cleaning session with the store’s state-of-the-art machine, absolutely free to use. 

Your specs don’t even have to be from Lenskart. Just pop them in and they’ll be squeaky clean within less than a minute.

Stylish and quality spectacles from $98

Offering visually stunning, high-quality and comfortable frames at absolutely no charge is practically unheard of. Even after popping in durable lenses that will serve you well over ages to come, you’ll be hard pressed to find a deal as unbeatable as just $98 to $148. 

Lenskart is conveniently located all around the island with stores in the North, East, West and Central, making it a breeze for you to swing by and get your free frames fitted wherever you may be. Click here for their full list of outlets and contact details.

Find out ​more about Lenskart here

This post was brought to you by Lenskart.
Photography by Clement Sim.

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