Western Australia tour packages

Western Australia tour packages

Image adapted from: @taosichen8626, @giuliabrunasso, and @georige_carey

We all have different ideas of Australia in our mind: for some, pristine beaches with blue skies overhead, while for others, kangaroos and koalas freely roaming about the bush. All true, but with Jetabout Holidays’ coach tour packages around Western Australia, you’ll see that the land Down Under isn’t just about beaches and wildlife.

They’re even throwing in a rental car along with a suggested day-to-day itinerary for self-drive packages – so all you’ve got to do is get behind the wheel to explore Western Australia. Vibrantly pink lakes, sunset desert camel rides, and sky-high treetop walks – remember to bring your cameras because WA sure is a photographer’s dream come true.


1. Perth (4D3N) – scenic helicopter ride & Rottnest Island


Enjoy a scenic helicopter ride over Perth city


Scenic helicopter ride over Perth

Image credit: Corsaire Aviation

This scenic helicopter ride is one of the most breathtaking ways to see Perth city all at once – for 10 full minutes, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the entire city skyline. You’ll be eagerly leaning against the window the entire time to spot iconic spots like Kings Park, Elizabeth Quay, and the Swan River.

This typically costs $150/person but luckily, is included in Jetabout Holidays’ itinerary for free


Make a day trip to Rottnest Island


Rottnest Island

Image credit: Cindy Loo

Since Rottnest Island is just an hour and a half by away by ferry from the city, it’s an absolute must. The tour comes with a 90-minute guided drive where you’ll get a brief  run-through of its heritage and wildlife. Don’t worry: you’ll also have some free time – relax by the beach or go looking for some friendly quokkas.

Rottnest Island - quokkas

Image credit: @jesskearney_

These little critters are typically known as the world’s happiest animals – with cheeky grins and a permanently happy disposition, these quokkas are bound to be the highlight of your trip to Rottnest Island.

Lunch is provided at Rottnest Karma Lodge.


Go sandboarding over sand dunes


Lancelin - sandboarding

Image credit: @giuliabrunasso

To get to Lancelin’s white sand dunes, you’ll be taking a thrilling 4 wheel drive ride through – but it’s not half as thrilling as sandboarding down. The slopes are constantly shifting, but even if you take a sudden tumble, the sand is powdery soft and will cushion your fall.

Lancelin - sandboarding

Image credit: @grafyea

4D3N Perth Discovery [Free Heli Ride Promo]
Price: From $495/person
Travel dates: 1st April to 31st March 2020
Includes: Hotel Stay, Return Airport Transfers, Scenic Heli Ride  and Choice of 1 Full Day Tour 

Click here for full tour package details.


2. Coral Coast & Desert Drive (8D7N) – pink lake & dolphin watching


Admire the vibrant pink hues of Hutt Lagoon


Pink lake - Hutt Lagoon

Image credit: @taosichen8626

Hutt Lagoon is just a short 1 hour drive out of Geraldton – one of the country towns on the itinerary – and this pink lake is most certainly worth the stopover. Its hue is off the colour spectrum: there’s nothing subtle about the pink whatsoever, but it ranges from a hot pink to pastel lilac.

Pink lake - Hutt Lagoon

Image credit: Jensen Chua Photography

For those interested in the sciencey bits, the colour is all thanks to an algae called Dunaliella Salina – one that’s also found in food colouring. Lucky us: this lagoon just so happens to have the world’s largest production plant for this particular algae.

Tip: Remember to bring a hat and plenty of sunscreen – it’s an exposed space and the sun this part of the world gets harsh from noon onwards.


Feed dolphins at Monkey Mia


Monkey Mia - dolphins

Image credit: @northernnomad

Granted, there are plenty of dolphin tours around but this particular one gets you up close and personal with wild bottlenose dolphins at Monkey Mia. Since it’s part of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, only a select few visitors are allowed to feed these dolphins – to make sure that they stick to their regular dolphin regime of hunting for fish.

There’s an additional charge of A$12 (~$S11.50) per adult that goes straight to managing the Monkey Mia experience.


Enjoy a scenic bush walk through Kalbarri National Park


Kalbarri National Park

Nature’s Window @ Kalbarri National Park
Image credit: Jensen Chua Photography

When it comes to Kalbarri National Park, you’ve got to make a choice: a) take an easy 500m stroll to rock formation Nature’s Window or b) go full force ahead with a 9km roundtrip trail called The Loop. You’ll get great views with the latter, with rugged ridges, fields spring flowers, and sandy beaches.

Heads up: you’ll need to be reasonably fit to complete the trail – just remember you’ll get stunning panoramic views with either choice.


Walk through rugged rock formations at Nambung National Park


The Pinnacles at Nambung National Park

Image credit: Jensen Chua Photography

The Pinnacles at Nambung National Park: it’s a vast desertscape that’s filled with thousands of limestone structures – it almost looks like an intricate backdrop for a sci-fi film. Whether the weather forecast predicts sunny and clear or looming with stormy clouds, it’s worth heading down – viewing the Pinnacles is bound to be a memorable experience.

Lobster Shack

Image credit: @lobstershackwa

And if peckish, Lobster Shack is just an easy 20-minute drive away from the Pinnacles. It’s a lobster factory, but more importantly, it also serves up tasty lobster meals like Shack Roll (A$30, ~S$28.60) which comes with freshly steamed meat in a roll and Grilled Garlic BBQ’d Lobster (from A$$38,~S$36.30)

8D7N Coral Coast & Desert Drive 
Price: From $965/person
Travel dates: 1st April to 30th November 2019
Includes: Car Rental, Hotel Stay, and Day-to-Day Drive Itinerary

Click here for full tour package details.

This particular tour package is a self-drive itinerary so you’ve got the utter freedom to decide how long you’ll be spending at each place.


3. Broome (4D3N) – camel ride & 4WD national park day trip


Ride a camel at sunset along Cable Beach


Cable Beach - camel riding

Image credit: @galdamesjuanjose

Camel riding is an experience you’d expect from a desert – not so much Western Australia. But with this tour package to Broome, you’d get a sunset camel ride along Cable Beach, where you can gently pad along the white sand while basking in the sunset.


Cliff dive at Gantheaume Point


Gantheaume Point - cliff diving

Image credit: @georige_carey

While cliff diving is an activity in everyone’s bucket list, Gantheaume Point offers more than just that – you can appreciate the panoramic view from a safe point high above the cliffs. It’s perfect for an IG shot to show that you’re living the life in WA.


Enjoy the views from Cape Leveque


Cape Leveque

Image credit: @australia.inspiration

One of the most breathtaking lookout points in WA? Cape Leveque, with its sandy white beaches and crystal blue waters. These beaches are extremely remote – it’s unlikely you’ll see a stranger in sight – and are picturesque with rugged cliffs and turquoise waters.

4D3N Discover Broome
Price: From $1,125/person
Travel dates: 13, 17 & 20 June 2019
Includes: SilkAir Return Flights, Hotel Stay, Return Airport Transfers, Cape Leveque Tour OR Windjana Gorge Tunnel Creek Adventure Tour

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TSL Exclusive: Quote “TSL” and receive $100/couple if you book by 30 May.


Explore Western Australia with Jetabout Holidays


Western Australia - Jetabout Holidays

Image credit: Jetabout Holidays

Western Australia will offer you a respite from the fast-paced Singaporean hustle and bustle. With Jetabout Holidays, you’ll have fully-planned holiday itineraries to explore the best of WA: from wine tours to pink lakes – there’s plenty to do Down Under.

Some of these packages even include hotel accommodation and return flights – like the Discover Broome package, where you’ll even get $100 off per couple if you quote “TSL”.

Find out more about Jetabout Holidays’ tour packages to Western Australia here

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