33 Best Value Dollar Shop Deals That Are Confirm Cheaper Than Supermarket

Best Value Dollar Shop buys

No matter where you live in Singapore, you’re likely familiar with the “FIRE SALE!” signs silently screaming at the Value Dollar shop on the corner of your town centre. 

If you know what to buy, you could save some serious money on your grocery runs. To help you zoom straight to the cheapest deals, we’ve gone ahead and compiled some of these best bargains at the Value Dollar shop, along with how much you’ll save for each product. 

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1. Nescafe Gold soluble coffee

Image credit: Ian Ling

Great coffee doesn’t have to be expensive, and this purchase from the Value Dollar shop starts your day off with a solid 33% discount on convenient Nescafe Gold soluble coffee granules. If you want greater savings, you can also opt for a similarly-sized off-brand instant coffee like Power Cafe Gold at just $3.90.

Value Dollar: $9.90
Supermarket: $14.80
You save: 33%

2. Lipton Yellow Label Tea

Image credit: Ian Ling

If quality morning joe really isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll get a solid 20% off Lipton’s Yellow Label black tea. Likewise, off-brand alternatives start from $0.50 for 10 tea bags, or you could get your hands on atas Twinings tea at a discounted price too.

Value Dollar: $4.50
Supermarket: $5.65
You save: 20%

3. Nature Valley granola bars

Image credit: Ian Ling

Not all of us have the luxury of slathering kaya on toast every morning, though. For us working folk, Nature Valley’s breakfast granola bars are a pocketable fuel to jumpstart our busy days.

Value Dollar: $3.95
Supermarket: $5.85
You save: 32.5%

4. Nutella breakfast spread

Image credit: Ian Ling

Coffee and granola might be acceptable ways to kick off your day, but a 30% discount on this chocolatey morning essential can only mean one thing – your morning toast is about to be laden with a layer of Nutella that’s 30% thicker.

Value Dollar: $6.95
Supermarket: $9.95
You save: 30%  

Other Meals

5. Barilla spaghetti

Image credit: Ian Ling

Cooked in minutes and incredibly versatile in a wide variety of recipes, pasta is one of the top meal-prep ingredients.

How much better, then, if you can get your hands on Italy-made Barilla spaghetti, linguine and fusilli at a 41% discount? Go forth – shrimp scampi, pasta salad and carbonara beckon.

Value Dollar: $1.50
Supermarket: $2.55
You save: 41%

6. Del Monte Traditional Pasta Sauce

Image credit: Ian Ling

Preparing a pasta dish is easy, but ready-made pasta sauce makes it even easier. This can of Del Monte Traditional Pasta Sauce can be had for under $2 and should be enough for 8 servings. That’s less than half what we would pay for the cheapest pasta sauce found in a regular supermarket.

Value Dollar: $1.95 (680g)
Supermarket: $3 (500g)
You save: 52%

7. Del Monte Ketchup

Image credit: Ian Ling

Whether it’s with fries, nuggets or on your omelettes, ketchup is the true wonder-sauce. You’ll be able to snag this squeezy bottle of Del Monte Tomato Ketchup at a hearty 22% discount at the Value Dollar shop.  

Value Dollar: $1.95 (680g)
Supermarket: $1.25 (340g)
You save: 22%


8. Twisties

Image credit: Ian Ling

There’s no plot twist here, Value Dollar’s Twisties really are about 25% cheaper than what you might find elsewhere.

Value Dollar: $1.95
Supermarket: $2.65
You save: 26%

9. Lays Sour Cream and Onion

Image credit: Ian Ling

If you’re a true Value Dollar shop fan, you’d make a beeline for the snack section on your weekly pilgrimages. After all, where else can you snag a pack of Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion potato chips for about $1?

Value Dollar: $1.05
Supermarket: $4.75 (184g)
You save: 26%

10. Chipsmore cookies

Image credit: Ian Ling

Another unbeatable way to spend your dollar is on Chipsmore’s chocolate chip cookies, which can even be had in a hazelnut-laden version.

Value Dollar: $1.00
Supermarket: $1.60
You save: 38%

11. Kettle Brand Potato Chips

Image credit: Ian Ling

Are those grumbling boujee kids I hear in the back? No sweat, we’ve got you covered – with Kettle Brand Sour Cream and Onion chips. At $3.25, these bad boys are a third cheaper than if you got them at a regular supermarket. 

It’s only good news for SCO-lovers though – this is the only flavour we found at this particular Value Dollar joint we stalked.

Value Dollar: $3.25
Supermarket: $4.95
You save: 34%

Bonus: Boy Bawang Cornick corn snack

Image credit: Ian Ling

Here’s a tip only die-hard Value Dollar stans know: tucked in the snack aisle is the benign-looking Boy Bawang Cornick snack. For only 80 cents a bag, you can be spirited away into flavour-packed deep-fried corn heaven.

These delicious Filipino snacks aren’t commonly sold in supermarkets, and can only be found at Value Dollar outlets and other select stores.

Value Dollar: $0.80
Supermarket: not sold
Sweets and chocolates

12. Mentos

Image credit: Ian Ling

Those with an uncontrollable sweet tooth should avoid the $1 candy-laden wall at Value Dollar at all cost. Fox’s, Chupa Chups, Fruit Plus or Gula-Gula toffees – you name it, they’ve got it. 

Value Dollar: $1.00
Supermarket: $1.95
You save: 49% 

13. Mars, Snickers and Bounty bars

Image credit: Ian Ling 

If you think you just can’t get anything in Singapore at $0.50 anymore, you have another huge think coming. At Value Dollar, you can get your hands on caramel-filled Mars, peanut-laden Snickers and coconut-crammed Bounty chocolate bars – all for $0.50 a pop!

It’s nuts, but you could even save even more if you purchase a pack of 5 Mars bars for $2, which brings the price down to $0.40 per bar.

Value Dollar: $0.50
Supermarket: $1.50
You save: 67%

14. Toblerone

Image credit: Ian Ling

If your sweet tooth is also a picky one, Swiss-made Toblerone chocolates might be more up your alley. You’ll save up about 43% on these triangular treats at the Value Dollar shop.

Value Dollar: $1.35
Supermarket: $2.35
You save: 43%

15. Tim Tam

Image credit: Ian Ling

Another $1 deal at the Value Dollar shop is a venerable Australian institution – the Tim Tam. Enjoy as-is or as a Tim Tam Slam – nothing is sweeter than money saved! 

Value Dollar: $1.00
Supermarket: $3.90
You save: 74%

16. Orange Kit Kat

Image credit: Jessica Lai

Kit Kat is known for its assortment of unique flavours, but they can be pricey. Though the range can be limited, Value Dollar does allow you to get your hands on some relatively uncommon flavours like orange, dark chocolate and peanut butter at a discount.

Value Dollar: $2.90
Supermarket: $4.85 for flavoured Kit Kat options
You save: 40% 

17. Oreo cookies

Image credit: Ian Ling

Twist it, lick it, and dunk dollars off your grocery bill by opting for these budget Oreo cookies. For the same price, you’ll get more cookies for your buck, and even get convenient 3-packs for freshness and convenience.

Value Dollar: $1.95 (342g)
Supermarket: $1.95 (265g)
You save: 23% 

Health and hygiene

18. Colgate Advanced White

Image credit: Ian Ling

Before you head out with that huge money-saving grin on your face, grab a $1 tube of Colgate Advanced White toothpaste to ensure your pearly whites are in tip-top condition.

Value Dollar: $1 (90g)
Supermarket: $5.85 (320g)
You save: 38%

19. Oral-B toothbrushes

Image credit: Ian Ling

Every Mario needs his Luigi, and every $1 tube of toothpaste is best paired with a $1 pack of Oral-B toothbrushes. At 86% off the price at a major supermarket, this purchase gives you some of the biggest savings on this list!

Value Dollar: $1.00
Supermarket: from $7.00
You save: 86%

20. Listerine mouthwash

Image credit: Ian Ling

To complete the oral hygiene trifecta, Value Dollar offers Listerine mouthwash at almost half the price as elsewhere.  

Value Dollar: $1.50 (150ml)
Supermarket: $4.70 (250ml)
You save: 47%

21. Hand Sanitizer

Image credit: Ian Ling

Losing your sanity trying to save money and stay healthy in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic? You can save up to 44% on hand sanitizers, with this 60ml bottle going for $1.

Value Dollar: $1/60ml
Supermarket: $1.80/60ml
You save: 44%

18. Wet wipes

Image credit: Ian Ling

If you’re a stickler for personal hygiene and insist on wiping down every surface you come into contact with, Value Dollar’s $1.50 pack of 80 wet wipes cleans out the competition by a healthy 43% margin.

Value Dollar: $1.50/80pcs
Supermarket: $2/60pcs
You save:  43%

22. Lifebuoy bar soap

Image credit: Ian Ling

Soaps and shampoos at Value Dollar are often much cheaper than elsewhere – with choices like this Lifebuoy soap that costs $0.50. If you prefer liquid soaps, the store also carries $1 Dove-branded body wash that would cost $2 elsewhere. 

Value Dollar: $0.50
Supermarket: $1.10
You save: 55%

23. Salonpas Pain Relief Patch

Image credit: Ian Ling

Costing only $1, this pack of Salonpas Pain Relief Patches costs about half of what it would elsewhere, and still contains more sheets.

Value Dollar: $1 (12 pieces)
Supermarket: $1.95 (10 pieces)
You save: 57%

24. Hansaplast Universal Plasters

Image credit: Ian Ling

Plasters are a must-have in any first aid box, so it’s a good thing you can get them for cheap – at just $1 for 20 strips for this box of Hansaplast Universal plasters.

Value Dollar: $1
Supermarket: $2.50
You save: 60%

Household and hardware

25. Airtight Food Storage Container

Image credit: Ian Ling

Advertised as being airtight and microwave-safe, this 300ML food storage container costs a whopping $0.80. For reference, the cheapest container we could find at a regular supermarket has half the capacity and costs more than three times as much.

If you’re looking for a larger option to dabao lunch to work, Value Dollar offers a 2.1L alternative at only $1.35.

Value Dollar: $0.80
Supermarket: $2.50
You save: 68%

26. Resealable bags

Image credit: Ian Ling

Resealable bags are a nifty tool in the kitchen, whether you’re trying to keep your refrigerator neat or taking your sandwich to work. However, these off-brand options don’t have any disclaimers, so it’s best to keep them far away from microwaves and hot foods.

Value Dollar: $0.50/20 bags
Supermarket: $2.75/50 bags
You save: 64%

27. Plastic wrap

Image credit: Ian Ling

Whether you’re working on California rolls or are leaving your dough to proof in the fridge, plastic wrap is an important kitchen tool. Value Dollar’s plastic wrap might be a third of what it costs elsewhere, but it’s still food-safe and microwaveable.

Value Dollar: $0.80
Supermarket: $2.40
You save: 67%

28. Aluminium Foil

Image credit: Ian Ling

If you’re headed out for a BBQ, this $0.50 roll of aluminium foil (25 sqft) has got you covered when it comes to your sambal stingray and corn – simply wrap up your ingredients and chuck it into the coals. 

Value Dollar: $0.50
Supermarket: $2.20
You save: 77%

29. GP AA Batteries

Image credit: Ian Ling

There aren’t many electronics that still use AA batteries, but to power the random tiny gadgets around your house that still do, Value Dollar sells 10 GP AA batteries for a mind-boggling $1.

Value Dollar: $1/10
Supermarket: $10/20
You save:  80%

30. Kitchen knife

Image credit: Jessica Lai

If you’re the furthest thing from domesticated and the only thing you’d use a kitchen knife for is to open your nightly pack of instant noodles, this $1 kitchen knife is right up your alley.

Value Dollar: $1
Supermarket: $7.90
You save: 87%


31. Luggage

Image credit: Jessica Lai

Budget-conscious folks know all about budget flights and budget hotels, but what about budget travel essentials?

Starting from $22.90, Value Dollar’s luggage selection offers all sorts of features: an expandable main section, spinner wheels and side handles – convenient additions for that perfect carry-on suitcase

Value Dollar: from $22.90
Supermarket: from $45
You save: 49%

32. Luggage padlock

Image credit: Jessica Lai

You’ve got your budget luggage – it’s now time to get a budget padlock. Of course, when it comes to security, it pays to invest in a more reputable brand, but this $1 is certainly better than nothing.

Value Dollar: $1
Supermarket: $15.90
You save: 94%

33. Travel adapter

Image credit: Jessica Lai

As you hurriedly pack and move from hotel to hotel, one of the most often-misplaced items whilst on holiday is the humble travel adapter. The Value Dollar shop’s $1 power adapter won’t stop you from losing anything, but will certainly ease your heartbreak when the inevitable happens.

Value Dollar: $1
Supermarket: $3.90
You save: 74%

Best Value Dollar shop buys

By opting to purchase some of your groceries and necessities from Value Dollar instead of your regular supermarket, you can rack up serious savings in the long term. Just remember to check the expiration dates and country of origin before purchasing!

Original article published on 30th Mar 2020. Last updated by Ian Ling on 28th May 2021.

Ian Ling

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