9 Multi-Purpose Products For Travellers Who Only Want To Bring Their Cabin Luggage

Multi-functional travel products

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If there’s one thing most Singaporeans are guilty of when travelling, it’s over-packing. Whether it’s bringing way too many clothes, or packing every possible gizmo that might “come in handy”, it’s never a good feeling to have no space left in your luggage, especially after a massive shopping spree.

So, for all you loud and proud hoarders, here are 9 multi-purpose travel products that will help you bring more while bringing less:

1. Cat Nap Blanket – to stay comfy during long-haul flights

For: The exhausted traveller

Travellers with many layovers or on long haul flights would know that trying to catch some Zzz’s in the airport or on a plane might just be the most frustrating thing ever – seems like you can never get comfortable enough.

Snuggle your toes into the feet pockets attached to the Cat Nap Blanket and pillow hybrid ($28.80), which lets you comfortably catch a snooze at the airport or on a flight. Tangled earphone wires will no longer be problem either since you can toss them into the front zip pocket. Roll up the blanket and you’ll get a mini pillow to carry along during long rides too.

Get it here.

2. Shaver with built-in gel bar

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For: The practical traveller

Every hairy person would appreciate a pause button for their growing hair during vacations. But since Mother Nature doesn’t take breaks, having to bring along a shaver and shaving gel during trips seems to be inevitable.

The Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor ($14.90) has a built in gel bar which saves you from the hassle of bringing a separate container of shaving gel. Simply wet it in the shower to activate the gel lubricant to prevent any cuts or scratches on your skin. You won’t even have to worry about any troublesome leakages in your bag since the gel bar dries on its own when unused.

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3. 5-in-1 multi-purpose Argan Oil

For: The beauty-guru traveller

Although we usually pack our beauty products and toiletries in mini bottles, we realise that the culmination of these small containers can actually take up a lot of space in our bags. That’s why multi-functional toiletries are the way to go for travellers.

Given its many uses, it’s no surprise that ANIA’s 30ml Argan Oil ($39) is highly coveted by travellers. Don’t belittle its small size, because not only can it be used to moisturise your face, body, and hair, it’s also a cuticle oil and a makeup primer. That’s essentially five items in one bottle so you’ll have more space for your other beauty faves in your makeup bag.

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4. Toner pads – cotton swabs pre-soaked with toner

For: The no-frills traveller

Ladies, we all know the frustration of transferring toner into smaller bottles to bring on trips. Why do the nozzles have to be so small? Here’s a hack: instead of dealing with the hassle of packing your toner and bringing along extra cotton pads, swap to a convenient alternative by using toner pads, which can easily be found in beauty stores like Sephora.

Image credit: The Happy Sloths

These compact containers have cotton swabs in them that are pre-soaked with the toning liquid, so it’s an all-in-one and fuss-free option for travelling. Each sheet is already infused with the perfect amount of product so you won’t have to worry about accidentally spilling too much of your toner or using too little during your makeup routine.

Get it here.

5. All Terrain Money Belt – fanny-pack dupe to hide your money

For: The paranoid traveller

A top travel concern has got to be pickpocketing, given that we’re so used to Singapore’s safety. And no one wants to look like an unsuspecting tourist, conspicuously carrying big bags, or even worse, a fanny pack that screams “I’m a tourist”, especially in a crowded marketplace overseas.

This Money Belt looks like any other modest and unassuming belt, helping to keep scheming predators at bay.
Image credit: Eagle Creek

Instead of resorting to weird tactics like stuffing cash in your socks or even bras, you can roll up some bills and slot them into the compartments on the underside of this All Terrain Money Belt ($30.40). Wear it like how you would a normal belt and you’ll have cash on you at all times, convenient for a fuss-free travel.

Get it here.

6. Wallet Ninja Multi-Tool – 18 tools in 1 metal sheet

For: The outdoorsy traveller 

Swiss Army knives are known as the ideal all-in-one tool for every situation you may encounter during your travels, from a loose nail dangling off your finger to trying to open a can of food that just won’t budge. But, these useful devices are also not allowed in cabin luggages.

Image credit: @ivmarketing

This odd looking contraption, dubbed the Wallet Ninja ($13.30), functions as a Swiss Army knife alternative with no actual blades so you can pack it in a carry-on. It comprises of 18 tools such as a bottle and can opener, all within one compact thin steel sheet that’ll fit perfectly into your wallet.

Get it here.

7. Multi-purpose travel bag – switch between 3 types of pouches by adjusting straps

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For: The indecisive traveller

Different bags are needed for different occasions, period. But packing that extra crossbody, wristlet and tote in your cabin luggage might just make you lament about how bulky and “space-consuming” it is.

Save the hassle of bringing extra pouches for miscellaneous items along on your trips with this all-in-one convertible crossbody ($128). Switch around the straps and you can alternate between having a wallet, a convenient wristlet, or a no-frills crossbody bag for a day out.

Get it here.

8. Cash Stash Keychain Capsule – waterproof capsule to store emergency cash


For: The forgetful traveller

Emergency cash is always a must-have when you travel, especially if you’re one who’s likely to leave your wallet in the hotel room. This Cash Stash Keychain Capsule ($10) lets you store rolled bills for times when you need some money pronto. It’s also waterproof to keep your dollars safe and sound.

Get it here.

9. 3-in-1 Hand-warming Flashlight Phone Charger

Image credit: Cool Material

For: The clumsy hands traveller

It’s not a rare sight to see Singaporeans packing tons of Daiso heat packs before visiting a cold country. As effective as these little sachets are, they may take up more space than we’d like and have us struggling to carry them in our hands along with our phones, chargers, wallets etc.

This compact device is a rechargeable aluminium hand-warmer ($47.80) that’ll save you the trouble of stuffing multiple heat packs in your carry-on. It even triples up as a portable phone charger and flashlight, probably the dream combo you never thought you’d need. Bid goodbye to fumbling while juggling multiple items in your hands when you’re out and about.

Get it here.

All-in-one travel companions

Packing less is never easy because you’ll have to live with all the “what-if”s swimming in your mind throughout your trip. These multi-purpose products are every worry wart’s friend because they combine numerous tools into one – think of it as the cheatsheet to minimalist packing since they let you bring more though you appear to be bringing less.

ANIA’s multi-functional Argan Oils

Packing beauty products into your carry-on no longer has to be about numerous containers clanking against each other in your luggage. ANIA’s organic Argan Oil is meant to be that all-in-one beauty product that’s light and easy to bring along on your travels, so that you won’t have to squeeze more than one item into your bag.

Run the Argan Oil through your hair for shiny and healthy locks 

Its multi-purpose nature means that it replaces your everyday hair oil, cuticle oil and moisturiser, leaving you with one fuss-free product that’s ideal for light travellers. If you’re going to colder and drier regions, Argan Oil’s hydrating properties will keep those cracks at bay.

ANIA’s Argan Oil comes in 30ml and 60ml bottles, small and compact enough to slot into your carry-on where liquids are limited to 100ml on flights.

It can also be used as a cuticle oil to get rid of dead skin around your finger beds

ANIA’s newly launched, cruelty-free Argan Oil Light is an alternative for travellers visiting more humid countries. For someone who hates that greasy feel after applying sunblock, ANIA’s Argan Oil Light is super fast-absorbing and didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky or gross. In fact, it can even replace your everyday makeup primer, making that one less product to pack.

Whether you’re braving the cold or embracing the heat on your next vacay, ANIA’s multi-purpose oils are bound to come in handy. So the next time you’re in a rut deciding which beauty products to bring along, choose one where you know you’ll be getting more out of it for less.

Find out more about ANIA Skincare here!

This post was brought to you by ANIA Skincare.

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